How to make money online by ”Provide backup storage services offsite” complete guide to make money by internet.

How to Make Money Online by “Provide backup storage services offsite”

Disaster recovery planning and data recovery during disaster is very important for every company.

If you could set up or rent a server offsite and offer remote storage services for a company, then you could make a lot of money out of it.

All you would do is host their files so that in the worst case scenario, they would have a backup.

The more the storage space you offer, the more the money you could make.

To see an example of this, check here.

In order for you to make money with backup storage services, here are some steps you can take:

➢ Design an impressive website for yourself

➢ Set up or rent a server remotely

➢ Attract people to use your back up services by offering them attractive deals

➢ Market your services by approaching various companies which might use your services

➢ Provide day end back ups on day to day basis

➢ Ensure you have enough storage space to offer

How much can I make out of backup services?

➢ First, decide if you would like to charge a monthly rate orbased on the storage space utilized

➢ If the data stored is huge, then charging based on the utilized space will help you make a lot of money.

➢ You can earn anywhere from $5 a month to hundreds of dollars a month.

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