Difference between Uber and Lyft, Complete Startup Guide

Difference between Uber and Lyft

On the comparison side, both Lyft and Uber fare prices are about the same, which make logic because they are trying to be a focus for more riders, and they are challenging after all. The drivers and riders apps are easily downloaded to your smart phone and they are user friendly. The cashless system is part of their culture, and so payments are taken from the credit card saved on file. The rides from both rideshare companies are usually minutes away. Uber and Lyft drivers have good cars to provide the rideshare service. Passengers can decide whether or not to sit up front or in the back seat.

Difference between Uber and Lyft

Difference between Uber and Lyft


The fare prices for both Uber and Lyft are about the same, but Lyft pay their drivers a higher percentage. Uber take a higher cut from their drivers; as a result their drivers end up with less money.  Uber has consistently driven the price of rides down.  Most would agree that Lyft drivers are more polite and caring, it’s probably because they get to make a little bit more when driving for Lyft.  Also, Lyft allow, even encourage riders to tip drivers, but I can’t say the same for Uber.


Uber has more options available to the public

(Uber LUX) – Luxury cars such as BMWs and Mercedes.

Uber SUV – Premium SUV service with more upscale vehicles

Uber Black – High end town cars and professional cars

UberX – Low cost ride

UberXL – Up to 6 riders can be accommodated, obviously it’s a larger vehicle with more space.

Uber Taxi – Just similar to traditional taxi cabs, but can request it through the app instead of hailing for one in the street.

UberPool – Share the vehicle with other riders heading the same direction.

Lyft don’t have many options as of yet available to the public.

Lyft Plus – Six riders can accommodate when more space is needed

Lyft – The original ride that started it all

Lyft line – share the ride with other passengers going the same way

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