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SHAREit – Transfer & Share
By SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

SHAREit, the best sharing app with fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player, which helps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music.

SHAREit logo image

SHAREit logo image

► Fastest in the World
200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.
Transfer files without losing quality.

► Transfer All Types of Files
Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any other files.

► Infinite Online Videos
HD & Selective, Offline watching, Continuously updated

► Excellent Video Player
Support almost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience

► Discover Trending Music
Tens of millions of high quality songs, and thousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline

► Elegant Music Player
Powerful equalizer provides immersive experiences for you

►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers
Personalized, Funny, Download & Share


Note:SHAREit will not access permissions that are irrelevant to our functionality.
By accessing Location, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users. Plus, it is required by Android system to access this permission.
By accessing Bluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearby users more quickly so as to connect with Sender/Receiver more efficiently.



Direct Download SHAREit APK (12 MB Size)


Download SHAREit – Transfer & Share App from Play Store :-


User Reviews:-

-The app won’t connect to laptop’s personal hotspot even when the “prefer same wifi” option is turned off. Transfer speed has been really slow, less than 1 mbps. Please fix, don’t just focus on the unnecessary features…

-very helpfully and friendly share Or Transfer files and folders and apps..I love it.

-Today a charging lockscreen with random ads were added on top of my lockscreen by force. Never asked for permission. Didn’t even say which app did that. After going through the settings of many apps I discovered a “smart charging” option hidden away in the settings of shareit responsible for this. Will post on whatever forums I can. This is not the only app doing it. People should be informed.

-The recent update made me to uninstall this app. I’m a lover to share it, but recent higher authorisation requirement for sharing a file and requirements to open location service, wifi, hotspot, Bluetooth make me sick. Some makes an app with difficult steps and update with easier steps.but here you are in reverse order where made the app very easier and useful and updating the app with tons of procedure and battery draining activities. Make it simple team, or else we can use other apps or Bluetooth to share.

-Remove ads that’s popping up on the screen at whatever time it wants. I understand the ad inside the app. But seriously, popup ad on screen? Also, ehy there’s so much other things added in shareit. Make a ShareIt Lite, with one and only purpose should be file transfer and nothing more. If this is not fixed asap, I’m removing this app soon.

-To many adds tools that is not necessary and too many Add-on. sorry Lenovo, Miui phone is already hav all those features in one. All we just need is transfer files using shareit. By the way we also have mi-drop partnerd with iPhone drop that is better. Make the shareit like before that there is much addson in it.

-Hello! Developers pls help me as I can’t share or receive any type of files as the speed is just 1kb/s I have tried uninstalling and installing but anyhow it dosent worked. Pls help me I hope u will soon give me a solution. My device is LENOVO P1Ma40

-Your brand new amazing update was the worst in the history of this app. Still 3 stars because of the service it offered me in the past. If you continue to send this kind of unwanted notification then you will lose all of your customers. Update- Even after my email regarding the issue you haven’t done anything to fix the issue nor promised to do so. Hence after long years of usage I am migrating to another app. Good bye. You will lose more because of your irritating ads.

-People migrated to share it from Xender because xender developers filled the app with bloatware and unnecesaary features which made the app slow and sluggish. That is what now you are doing to your app. Application is way slower now than it was. Full of unnecessary features for a file sharing app. Better go back to xender or find some new app.

-The latest update make the app slower, full of spam, and with a spy like function on all the calls? Bring back the last version! My rating for last version was 5 stars. My last comment: Very convenient. Recommended to send files from mobile to mobile super fast.

-This app us useful when transferring big files.. but,this is app started to have junk,a lot of junks. First, advertisement overload. Second, unnecessary section,such as “popular videos” that’s need internet. Third, battery saver while charging. Fourth, News. Seriously,news?! Why u need to notify me about news if I have google?! Conclusion is you shouldn’t put these junks! It’s just waste of my space! And this app should be file transferring app not Mobogenie-like app!

-Sharing is great.. But why do you want a file sharing app to have all the music, video and other stuff.. It’s really annoying. Ads, I can accept . That’s your profit. But why do you want me to confirm to a pattern showing what people around me watch and listen. I don’t want all those things in a sharing app. Before that update shareit was great and now it’s not.

-Why this app always running in background and showing some video ad? Also so many unnecessary permission. Why not the app developer make this app simply for file sharing app? This app should be clean and remove all unnecessary permission. Also support the app permission feature because this app access all permission without user allow permission. Hope it will be considered for better improvement.. Thanks…

-Till few days back, it was my favorite app, but now it keeps on crashing. Even after repeated uninstall and reinstall and submitting crash reports, nothing has been done by developer’s team. Now searching for some really good alternate app.

-I wanted to give 5 star for making such an amazing app but I m giving 2 stars. Plz remove the QR code system from Android 7.1…. My phone neither can detect the code nor can accept the password to other phones. This app was created for file transfer but now I can’t transfer any file from my ONEPLUS ONE to other devices bcoz of its latest security restrictions. Hopefully u guys will work on it and make it user friendly again. Thank you.

-Latest update. JANUARY 3 2018, music player widget on homescreen is dead. For now i’m uding the “one tap play”. But unfortunatelyits a hassle to just looking at a app not the same as before music player of shareit is the best of all. Please fix the widget on homescreen that you can just pause/play. Next/forward/previous just right in your homescreen. Please fix it. Just encounter this right after i updated to the latest version. Other than that its awesome and i recommend this app in all of my friends specially music lovers. 👍👍🎶🎶

-It’s a cross platform app, I transfer files with my other os based devices. I love its all features but in time of selection for sending, there’s no option to re-send a canceled item! I need to make it again selected for that mistake. Hope that, on next update there should be a solution for that thing.

-It has become slow nowadays. I know you need money but you’re showing too many dumb videos. If you can please make the file transfer between android and windows 10 faster.

-Hello, I found the latest update too hard to connect with other phones.. Especially the ones with their shareit not updated to the latest version either it isnnot supported or they don’t want it. Would like to ask for help in how to connect with older versions of shareit

-I love to transfer files by “Share It” but Now I am going to Uninstall this.. the latest updation is so much annoying… So many Adds And crashing all time.. It is not working properly.. Now you have made this app the worst app in the name of security etc… Good Bye “Share It”

-Shareit used to be great but recent updates added lots of annoying ads and pop-ups! Just wondering why making the UX more complicated? Please revert back it was so simple and intuitive without the ads and pop-ups. I’m considering an alternative if you guys don’t revert back.

-I love it! Like it makes files transfer sooo easy peasy! But with the new update, the animation after either a transfer or after receiving something is just annoying. It takes time. Like, can we just see the file or close it immediately without us waiting for that animation to be over?

-No ShareiT!! Stop being “All in One” application. Please consider this review and other user reviews. Everyone is equally annoyed by Additional Music Player, Additional Video Player and Cleaner and other recently added features. **If you anyone want to keep this “Additional Features” in a ‘File Sharing app’, Then PLEASE PROVIDE A TOGGLE SWITCH AS WELL IN SETTINGS WHICH CAN DESABLE UNWANTED FEATURES. You wont loose users by this way!! Whoever need the ShareiT Music player, Video Player, Cleaner; they would keep it Enabled.!! Hope development team will take these comments positively..

-What’s with scanning the QR code, activating Bluetooth, integrated music player, video player and almost every other stuff?? Why can’t I clear history?? And if I really have to scan QR code, why is the scanning process so hard and tiresome?? What have you done??

-Shareit is best app for share. Currently feature so good. But we seen a problem. We connected to us pc and clicked play to and see this problem. Shareit is now full screen and status bar is only blue. So fix this problem.

-The new version .18 is to buggy. I am to able to send files from windows pc to phone. And some times mobile to mobile sharing is also fail. Try it different mobile same problem.

-This used to be one of the best file sharing app. But with recent updates, it doesn’t allow file sharing before making you go through multiple steps & authorisations, doesn’t work even after that. I don’t understand why they need all the additional accesses when it was working very well before. On top of that, there are ads which keep coming up throughout the day even while not using this app. This app has become a source of frustration then convenience.

-Sorry SHAREit, I had to revise my review of this app. It remains good in android to android transfer, but it’s bad in dealing with android to pc and vise versa which was OK for me, but the application becoming more complex and filled with things I don’t need, from my view point, it’s full of useless things. But the most annoying is the amount of ads and notifications I receive. Please keep simple and clean.

-This is a great app for sharing. I’ve been using this for years now in my community. After a couple of updates, things changed. Sure, I can try to work around some, but the ads are intrusive. Most of it can be turned off. Though, the Smart Charging pop-op appears when I plug my phone even when it’s switched off. Very annoying. If the app uses to much resources, I might consider an alternative or downgrade and not updating at all.

Just fantastic. Never been so easy to file transfer until now, l like all the features an this app. Who need Bluetooth anymore certainly not me for this is much faster than bluethoth by far.

-We need only file sharing app. You can include ads that’s fine. But unnecessarily there are multiple apps preloaded.every phone will have music,video player..then why we need on share it app separately

-Old version are working fine on my android tv. After the update tv getting hanged. Why are u forcing to update while sharing files from new version to old version. New version obtained from connected device. Please atleast dont make us force to update

-It’s a great app for sharing. Without all the bloatwares this is easily a 5 star app. Leaving a comment because it’s now taking over my lock screen with an ad even if i had notifications disabled.

-Nice and quite useful, but push adds notification are annoying. I don’t mind 1 or 2, but your adds notification is just too much and I consider it intrusive. It is useful for file transfers, but I have other options. So for now I’m uninstalling.

-Hello share it team, I have always been very happy with this application earlier, but now due to the updates that are not necessary for this application it’s really disappointing, This update of share it has been worst, Y do I have to on my Bluetooth, hotspot etc,just to share a file?? If you tell me that this update is for providing security for the data to be transferred then I must say that earlier also we could transfer the data in a securied and easy manner.. And move over users look up for application that are handy and easy to use, I kindly request you to take this update out,and make it a reliable application to share files/data in a easy manner. Looking forward for your positive response Thank you 😊

-Do not need video or audio player inside ShareIt. Remember that its a file transferring app & try to keep it simple. Notifications are also annoying.

-I dont like those hot videos and music. Just do me a favour by removing them. They make my mobile dead slow

-Too many ads, even on lockscreen also. Sometimes we got notification video that we don’t need it, and play automatically, sometime we can’t find receiver. We need simple shareit like old version.


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