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Teespring campaign

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How Teespring Works ?

Just after creating an account on Teespring you can get started with it lets check out how below:

Launch Campaign: When you click “launch campaign” you will be landed to a different console where you can manage everything related to that campaign such as Title, design of tshirt, description, goal, price and other settings.

Create Design: It’s a tab under which you can upload your already created t-shirt/apparels design or you can also create a new design using the Teespring designer tool, its up to you.

Set Goal & Cost of your Design: Under this tab you can set your goal or number of shirts that you are planning to sell via your campaign, more shirts you sell more profit you get. They already declared their base cost for shirts suppose the base cost of each shirt is 9$ so you have to price your shirt accordingly keeping in mind about the profit and complete justice with the design price, suppose you price your design 19$ on each shirt then after subtracting the base cost you are left with 10$ so your profit on each sale would be 10$, if you make 200 sales and crosses your goal then your profit will come out as 200 x $10 = $2000. The minimum amount of shirts you can sell for you goal is 3, but the higher you set your goal the more money you are paid per sale.

Add Title and Description: This is so important to name your campaign and describe about your TEE, tell people the cause behind it and why they should buy it. And remember to use the best attractive title and description to drive more sales to your apparel quickly.

Set Campaign Length: You can set your campaign length and select the number of days in which you will complete your goal of Shirts. You can select any number 3 days, 5 days, 6 days, 10 days, 13 days and 20 Days from there.

Set Campaign url: You should copy paste the title of your campaign as it is in this, if you make your title your campaign url then there will be more chances to you to get traffic from google and search engines to your campaign which will lead to more sales eventually.

Sharing and Promotion of Campaign: Now the final part comes and the most important one is sharing. This one is to be done correctly, your sales depends on the traffic comes to your site if you get more traffic you get more sales so share your campaign to more people if possible. And also try to target niche specific audience, how can you do this? will tell you later in this blog.

Payouts: After successful run and end of Campaign you can collect your payments and Teespring pays via Paypal right after your campaign ends and shirts are printed. I always received my payments within a day or two of my campaign ending. If you don’t have a paypal account then create one and link your bank details to receive your funds.

Teespring doesn’t charge you even a penny to provide you such an amazing income opportunity and that’s what the title of this blog says “How to Make Money from Teespring without Spending a Penny!”and everything is free from launching campaigns to their payouts. To get most out of this article i would encourage you to read this article till end and also share some views & experiences by leaving a comment.

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