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Varnish Caching
By Razvan Stanga

Varnish Caching

Varnish Caching

Complete WordPress Varnish Cache 3.x/4.x/5.x integration.

This plugin handles all integration with Varnish Cache. It was designed for high traffic websites.


Main features

admin interface, see screenshots
console for manual purges, supports regular expressions so you can purge an entire folder or just a single file
supports every type of Varnish Cache implementation, see screenshots for examples
unlimited number of Varnish Cache servers
use of custom headers when communicating with Varnish Cache does not interfere with other caching plugins, cloudflare, etc
Varnish Cache configuration generator
purge key method so you don’t need to setup ACLs
actively maintained

You can control the following from the Varnish Caching admin panel :

Enable/Disable caching
Homepage cache TTL
Cache TTL (for every other page)
IPs/Hosts to clear cache to support every type of Varnish Cache implementation
Override default TTL in posts/pages
Purge key based PURGE
Logged in cookie
Debugging option
console for precise manual purges

This plugin also auto purges Varnish Cache when your site is modified.

Varnish Caching sends a PURGE request to Varnish Cache when a page or post is modified. This occurs when editing, publishing, commenting or deleting an item, and when changing themes.
Not all pages are purged every time, depending on your Varnish configuration. When a post, page, or custom post type is edited, or a new comment is added, only the following pages will purge:

The front page
The post/page edited
Any categories or tags associated with the page

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. This plugin does not install Varnish for you, nor does it configure Varnish for WordPress. It’s expected you already did that on your own using the provided config files.

Download Varnish Caching :-

Download Varnish Caching Plugin


User Reviews:-

Great Simple Plugin that does the job!

Configuring Varnish is so hard and even if you get varnish to work usually it does not cache. Well, with this plugin, the nightmare is over.
Great work.
Thank you.

Just great plugin with rapid support

Works nicely from start
No more “Guru meditation” and integates nicely.

Excelent plugin!
Running the varnish 4!

Works very well with multi host varnish 4

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