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Leverage Browser Caching
By Rinku Yadav

Leverage Browser Caching

Leverage Browser Caching

As it’s name, it will fix Leverage Browser Caching issues in your WordPress website. Also it improves page speed score in website testing tools like: Pingdom, GTmetrix, PageSpeed, Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow.


Leverage Browser Caching means storing static files of a website in visitor browser. And then retrieving them from browser quickly instead again from server. Actually it uses to speed up each page of a website.

When you visit a web page, your browser downloads all content of the particular page as well as common static files like css and js files. And when you visit other page of same website, your browser downloads them again. But if you have enabled Leverage Browser Caching, then all statics files will serve from your browser instead server. Now when you will visit any page of the particular website, it will only download unique contains of the page and static files will serve from your browser. in this way, it speed up each page of a website.

Primary benefit is speeding up website because static files will serve from your browser. it saves internet data of website visitor. it also saves bandwidth of website server and decrease load of server. Simply it decrease HTTP requests.

Download Leverage Browser Caching :- 


Download Leverage Browser Caching Plugin


User Reviews:-

This plugin adds caching rules in .htaccess file. Good for page speed score in website testing tools and websites speed.

-It’s works
I don’t know why someone have bad review it. It’s working perfect to me. Thanks

Perfect, no problems, fast and easy

-Great Plugin
I was hesitant to download this plugin because of the 2 bad reviews, but I decided to try it and very happy I did. I don’t think there is an overload of advertising at all, just an unobtrusive suggestion that can be dismissed, and with a single click my browser caching issues were fixed. Does exactly what it says, and was incredibly easy to use. Thanks for the great work!

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