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Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache


The Cache Enabler plugin creates static HTML files and stores them on the servers disk. The web server will deliver the static HTML file and avoids the resource intensive backend processes (core, plugins and database). This WordPress cache engine will improve the performance of your website.

Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache

Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache

Efficient and fast disk cache engine
Automated and/or manual clearing of the cache
Manually purge the cache of specific pages
Display of the actual cache size in your dashboard
Minification of HTML and inline JavaScript
WordPress multisite support
Custom Post Type support
Expiry Directive
Support of 304 Not Modified if the page has not modified since last cached
WebP Support (when combined with Optimus)
Supports responsive images via srcset since WP 4.4
Works perfectly with Autoptimize
HTTP/2 Focused

Cache Enabler is the first WP plugin to allow you to serve WebP images without JavaScript and also fully supports srcset since WP 4.4. WebP is a new image format that provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs.

This plugin requires minimal setup time and allows you to easily take advantage of the benefits that come from using WordPress caching.

The WordPress Cache Enabler has the ability to create 2 cached files. One is plain HTML and the other version is gzipped (gzip level These static files are then used to deliver content faster to your users without any database lookups or gzipping as the files are already pre-compressed.

When combined with Optimus, the WordPress Cache Enabler allows you to easily deliver WebP images. The plugin will check your upload directory for any JPG or PNG images that have an equivalent WebP file. If there is, the URI of these image will be cached in a WebP static file by Cache Enabler. It is not required for all images to be converted to WebP when the “Create an additional cached version for WebP image support” option is enabled. This will not break any images that are not in WebP format. The plugin will deliver images that do have a WebP equivalent and will fall back to the JPG or PNG format for images that don’t.

WordPress Cache Enabler – Documentation

PHP >=5.4
WordPress >=4.6

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the plugin on GitHub.
Please merge (squash) all your changes into a single commit before you open a pull request.


Inspired by Cachify.

Download Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache :-

Download Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache Plugin


User Reviews:-

Work well.

-Cache Enabler is awesome!
This plugin is super lightweight, requires very little setup, and makes a HUGE difference.

-I had been previously using nginx + fastcgi cache, but ran into some $_COOKIE issues so decided to give Cache Enabler a try. What an awesome plugin 🙂

-Keep up the great work, KeyCDN

-Couldn’t be happier!
I have several multisite setups, and KeyCDN’s plugins made it super easy and simple to manage all of them. Cache Enabler just needed a single checkbox to setup without any issues at all.

-They have enough tutorials and guides that helped me ensure a proper setup, which took barely any effort. I was worried I might’ve been missing something, but after contacting support, they quickly responded and verified my websites were loading correctly. Pretty easy!

-It feels great using easy tools. Definitely going to keep using these!

-The best plugin cache
It’s the fastest cache plugin. My suggestion is add .css minify

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