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Zombie Squad
by Play365

App Category:- Racing

Drive your way through a zombie apocalypse. Fire your guns and kill all zombies in your path. Avoid other cars and obstacles and get as far as you can. Zombie Squad allows you to choose your car and upgrade it. Personalize your car by changing its weapon or its armor. Also, you can buy new car models in the store.
Kill all zombies in your way, gather as many coins as you can, and upgrade your ride in this amazing game for android!

– Lots of zombie killing fun.
– Great cars and weapons.
– Excellent graphics.
– Amazing gameplay.


Zombie Squad

Zombie Squad

Download Zombie Squad App :-


Download Zombie Squad App


User Reviews :-


Greattt game i have ever played … 👌👌but it has just few missions… Good graphics backgroud music very realistic ,its fun to run when all zombies are running behind you…I enjoyed this game alot and accomplished all missions.. Dear, BoxItsoft please make zombie squad 2 😋

Alan McClelland Jr
I hate it so much worst game ive ever played and it’s a waste of my time so stupid

somya verma
It is a very good it is like two game I have played 1- earn to die and second traffic rider r

John Marino
Boring repetitive game play, low quality graphics, hit the back button and hit the green check and it still doesn’t close

Abayomi Oliyide
I love the game… Kept my out of boredom

I would like to give them six stars if i could

App User
Very very bad I’m going to play but if I clik the game not start very bad :

App User

Pawan Madne
All is good,, this game deserve 5 star but I have given it 4 star just because of frequent irritating adds

chhama sinha
It’s a great game. It is like a 3 D game

Usman Babu
Very interesting game because there is to kill the zombies and to change car and so many things best games . “ZOMBIE SQUAD.

malini jindal
It’s not too good.The graphics are not good

App User
No words for the game! OUTSTANDING!!

App User
It’s a fun game to play like it’s awesome

App User
Very very great game

this game is good it has diffrent versions u can play on . dont know why its 17 and up but its pretty good

App User
It’s a best game leàds to both zombies & I like it.

App User
It ‘s cool It’s too I like it he has so many Adventures games I like I like it

App User
The tanks , zombies and scene are amazing i think this is superb game 😊😊

It’s a great game but that harvester, what’s with the John Deere having two heads of a Deere

the_realkhan Official
Best game with good graphics and controls. It looks very challenging and the cars and guns are awesome and every time a get good shot, so put your butt on the bed and start playing this game coz it’s interesting, challenging, addictive, marvelous.

chee meng
good game …add a boss fight would be awesome..think about it 👍🐼

App User
Am all the zombie games i’ve ever played this one killed it KEEP.UP WITH THE SAME SPIRIT👍👍👍👍👍

App User
The game is awsome and graphics are also super .This is the game i ever wanted and marvelous .if. the. Game contains 10. Stars i would give full stars for it

App User
Super game and more leavls are there and controls are good and more to update

Brad Turner
Decentish game i guess tho the checkpoints dont seem to work on endless. First one appears but after that nowt. Annoyin cus checkpoints give cash so kinda losing cash on that point. Its playable but lose intrest eventually

Santosh DXD
Kinda hard to see there’s the zombies. The steering control doesn’t seem to work properly sometimes. Car get easily flip off by a small and simple obstacle.

Patrick McClure
Too many ads. I get stuck having to close the game just to play again. The controls need work.

James Rollison
It’s a great time burner if u got to wait. Has missions for long play, no story mode, and no descriptions of what guns or vehicle differences are. But has great vehicle collection, small but cool.

Fletch Hasues
It isn’t that the game is necessarily bad. It’s just that for this kind of interface, the graphics are too small. It’s hard to see upcoming zombies when they are so small on the screen. Also, it needs to have an interface change in having the banners moved to the bottom of the screen noting that area isn’t as important as being able to see clearly in front of you. The game needs physics improvements, too as the car tends to flip for no reason and that completely ends the game; nevermind the fact the car tends to be able to smash through barriers. Speaking of barriers, there are some that appear in the game that appear to take up the entire road and there is no apparent way to dodge them, but then in the game’s defense I cant’ see because it’s too small for me to know. Finally, the worst thing of this game is the annoying push event to tell me my daily gifts are available. STOP DOING THAT! I don’t want that stupid music blaring out to tell to play the game.

james crowley
An ad i clicked on by mistake signed me up for subscription service wivout my permission n charged me £3 a week,by time i realised they’d taken £15 from me,also the app used 301mb of data in 16 days,thats without updating the app

App,Controls, Gameplay,Graphics 1.(App) its okay I like it 2.(Controls) difficult but when I upgrade the cars its awesome 3.(Gameplay) I like the game but too many bugs please fix the bug in Ammo Bar and please fix the bug in checkpoints, add more Cars like Bugatti and Ferrari 4.(Graphics) the screenshots and the game didn’t match the Graphics

Mark Parkin
I would much rather play with a bag of dog turds than to play this game. I feel dirty just downloading it. Ads galore! Controls suck. Disappointed.

Ruben Swanevelder
I like this game because I played it before on my tablet but locked me out with some sort of password

Daboss 21
After a few minutes of endless, my steering controls dont work, which ends up in crashing. Please fix

Truck Mitchell
This a joke! RIDICULOUS ads no game💩💩😝😝💪kids don’t bother you’ll b wasting your data☝

mehedi orton
2 Achievements not registering and my daily reward reset today after day 5.

Olusegun Owolabi
The game is amazing I wish like even playing the game while I am on bed. most especially the endless part I love it so much.

overlord 2010
It is a awesome easy game and it passes time quick plz download if u love cars and guns and zombie’s.😀

Shyam lata Saxena
It is nice game because Jo bhi m game download karta hu vo game accha hi hota hai kyo m intelligent

Alex Fox
Fun cars & guns ^_^ just save to cloud before upgrading armor, may look stupid >_<

App User
It is Amazing but in this game can those zombies or goblins are only men not women

Rohit Thakur
Good 1 but they should give extra cash n this game don’t eat my battery 😀

Keedan Baldwin
I think the game is great the graphics aren’t the best but they’re good enough

Joseph Whiting
Addictive I absolutely love this game and I recommend that you should download it….it’s also a great and fun time killer

Anthony Bibbs
I like this game so much please make another game just like this thank you

Miren Higgins
It is a really great game but there could be some changes in the graphics and selection of wapons and cars

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