New Android Game ”Zombie Killer- Road Reaper” Download Game apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by GreatSimple

Zombie Killer- Road Reaper
by GreatSimple


Zombie Killer- Road Reaper is the best free zombie shooter game! Do not be scared, aim at those zombies with your gun, and make out a blood road from them! Complete tasks, get the game currency, buy and upgrade your weapons!


Zombie Killer Road Reaper android app

Zombie Killer Road Reaper android app



Game Features:
◆ Completely free, all game props can be purchased through the game currency;
◆ Stunning 3D zombie shooting screen;
◆ Super boss challenge, every time you can challenge a level of 10 boss;
◆ Anytime, anywhere without networking can also play;
◆ Intense zombie escape experience;
◆ Shocking background music, enjoy the excitement of the zombie siege.



◆ A variety of mission system, each level has three kinds of star mission, completed to get a star;

◆ You must have enough stars to unlock the next level;

◆ Get a 3-point mark after a free sweepstakes chances, may get a lot of money and props;

◆ More stars can get more game currency.

Zombie Road Reaper has a super-realistic 3D scene, dazzling explosion effect, let you immersive experience zombie killing fun! For the future survival of mankind, use your way to defend the city!

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User Reviews :-

-The ads are so long that they make it unbearable for me to play.


-I like this zombie road killer game, I can smash the dead zombie with the speed car


-Have you ever see a zombie with a flexible action to jump on the car!!!


-Those road zombies are all bent ones


-Had an ad within the first 30 seconds


-Ok though it is not so good but good game


-Good game


-Nice. One more.


-I love this game and I love that graphics

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