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World of Tanks Blitz
by Wargaming Group

Meet the legendary tank shooter. Join more than 90 million players! Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, research and upgrade armored vehicles, try different tactics and win. Choose a tank and join the battle!


World of Tanks Blitz android app

World of Tanks Blitz android app



• A huge world of tanks. Witness historical vehicles and models from other popular universes face off on the battlefield. The game features more than 250 unique vehicles!
• Dynamic 7vs7 battles in different modes and in more than 20 game locations. Every battle is unpredictable: the outcome depends on you and your team.
• A well-developed progression system. Explore the full range of vehicles from Tier I light tanks to humongous Tier X heavies. Change guns, install equipment, apply camouflage—tune your vehicle to match your playstyle.
• Spectacular graphics that are automatically optimized for your device. Manual tuning helps find a balance between vibrant colors and high FPS.
• Team game. Create platoons with your friends or join a clan to fight with like-minded people, then participate in tournaments with prizes!

To install the game, you need at least 3 GB of free space and an internet connection.

Download World of Tanks Blitz from Play Store :-


Download World of Tanks Blitz From Play Store


User Reviews :-

-It would be nice to put the game on SD card to save space. Also games are getting shotty with people who don’t even care to win. I want to and play to win every time, playing with 6 other people who have no idea what they are doing or just don’t care is not a good game. ALSO! Many games I have played have been unmatched significantly. I have added up HP on tanks and they don’t match. Tank matching is unfair 100%. I know it’s hard but you can figure it out!

-Great game. Just there are some really useless guns and please remove them, when u have tier 6 tank and default gun cant penetrate even 90 armour .. dat sucks. Too many stuff to waist XP on, in conclusion really nice game.

-This game is very fun. I would highly recommend it if your into this type of game. However, there are a few problems I have with it. First and foremost, the most annoying issue. This game will EAT your storage. If you want to download it, either make sure you have LOTS of storage or an SD card, or wish half your apps goodbye. Otherwise, it’s a great time killer and an overall solid game.

-The ignorance you’ll find here like no other game. Dev team loves to modify your game experience all the time. So get used to nothing. Also, the silent revoking of chat abilities (even with clans members) is petty of your Dev team. People need to grow up. Simple.

-It is good, and also fun without paying for it. I do however think the interface can be a bit cleaner and I sometimes have issues shifting from driving mode to turn around mode, the controls stick in turn around mode.

-After 4.9 I’ve been facing a problem to log in… It stops at the title screen “connecting” and for sure nothing is wrong with my internet. Would really appreciate a solution.

-As i dont know where to complain about other players ill name and shame here instead.player named Kopekolduren in the clan ULUS sends abusive messages after a game. Very childish.

-why when i save game in sdcard everytime update must be download full size again? They say error loading game resources

-Great game tons of fun. Normally I get bored with games within a month, but I’ve been playing this game for almost a year and I still love it…

-IYou need to improve matching, LAG. Sense last update the game crashes every time I play. Fix and i will 5 star.

-Latest update 4.9.0 My Ping is 90, in a blink of an eye it became 9800 😂😂 i got a good internet connection. What happen WG?

-Amazing game and love it , becoming my favour game and ive done +17000 battle but im sure my phone can do more than 60fps with the mail-T880MP12 plz take a look into it.

-I decided to write a more professional review than my last vague one more than a year ago. First off, this is both a graphic-intense and internet-intense game. Make sure both your device and your internet meet the minimum requirements to enjoy the game. This game is very hard to play when you are running on low fps and rubber-banding constantly. The graphics speak for themselves; both the tanks and the landscapes are done really well. You can adjust the graphics to find your device’s limit to enjoy the details while experiencing smooth gameplay. The gameplay experience varies widely depending on the match. Some matches I get paired with a good team that communicates and works together to win, other matches my team acts like they forgot how to drive their tank. My biggest complaint about the gameplay is the matchmaking has been and still is iffy at random moments during the day, making some matches feel rigged, which is why it loses half a star. The game has frequent events that allow players to win prizes, including premium tanks, for “free”. This is where it loses another half a star; although you can win the tank for free, the game demands an immaculate performance in the best tank you have in every match if you want to stand a chance in meeting their requirements to get it, otherwise you have to use a good sum of premium currency (either rarely obtained during events or bought with real money) to make up the progress you didn’t reach in time. Overall the game is enjoyable when playing with good players on your team. Don’t get too invested in their events unless their rewards are easy to get. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself losing a lot. Everything boils down to how good you and your team did and learning how to improve.

-The game wont let me play, it wont let me log in either, my wifi is fine and theres nothing wrong with my phone but it wont let me pass the title screen

-Fix the match making system (overall 45wr team against 60-65wr team) and allow friendly damage in battles. Too many pushers and shot blockers!!!

-Wotb; hace tiempo me preguntaba, que podría hacer wotb para que me disgustara el juego? Bueno imponer una penalidad de tiempo en el juego es muy absurdo. Porque? Porque si algún jugador sin ética te impone una penalidad porque tienes mal ping, tienes alguna llamada, mala conexión, o un sin fin de factores que podrían llevarte a una penalidad. Fue malo wotb, mi tiempo es valioso y decido gastarlo en el juego, gasto dinero en el, y ustedes permiten que cualquier persona modifique mi juego y tiempo no está correcto. Atte. EZZRA Clan, ECWOT.

-Love this game but to many white wr player keep playing hight tier made this game not fun anymore

-I really like the game and I cat wait to see what it might do in the future but I have been seeing a lot of AFK but I have been playing it for like 3-6 hours a day and I really liked world of ducks you should turn it into a new game.

-Please fix the match up system, its unfair for light tanks to face 7 other mediums and heavy tanks which have thick armor that lights can not penatrate

-Amazing simply amazing. Only game I keep on my phone. The diversity of tanks and countries is astounding. The game play is very subversive and allows people to enjoy it for hours, I know I do. I can’t wait to see what all Wargaming has in store for us yet to come.

-It’s an excellent game I love playing it along with the other game warship blitz but could you please make the world warplanes

-It is a game of superb graphics and gameplay,whoever is playing will love it.

-This game is perfect amazing every fantastic word you can think of

-Very fun I have played for about a year and I like it so far

-Good game but new map should be add

-Great game ever

-Professional online game

-Awsome game

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