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Word Search
by Wordloco

App Category:- Word

In this Word Search game for free, you will play from easy 5 x 5 games up to bigger challenges as you advance!

★ Available in 16 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian and more.

★ Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) available so you can challenge your friends
★ Original help system for improved gameplay. While you search a word, the game will help you finding the rest of them.
★ 10 Achievements from Google Play Games
★ You will never get bored with this game! Endless levels!
★ You will never lose your current game, the game is automatically saved so you can continue right where you left off.
★ Available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch HD devices and small or low resolution devices!


Word Search

Word Search

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Download Word Search App (3.9 MB)



User Reviews :-

App User
Good, but uninstalling. I’ve used this for awhile in Spanish and it’s really good but recently the ads have changed & are 30 seconds long and are for games I will NEVER play and they CANNOT be dismissed. Uninstalling. Bummer because I do like it. ADDENDUM: This is all on my phone. I haven’t updated it in my tablet and it still seems OK. So, for now, I’ll keep it on my tablet

Zelda Kinniburgh
Super simple, nothing challenging but great way to spend some time seeing how fast you can find words. Sometimes I miss a word because I didn’t quite drag to the proper spot. But that’s probably just my fat fingers. The ads don’t bother me.

Tara Howell
Fun way to pass time. I’m playing today while my husband is watching a movie that I care nothing about watching (jack ryan-shawdow recruit) seen it several times. But all in all it’s a great way to pass time. Good job. Only thing I do not like is it doesn’t allow you to ‘find’ words 5hat aren’t 9n the list.

Mira Ismail
A challenging yet addictive game to pass the time. With only a matter of time mastering it, you will already fall in love with the game. The range of difficulty challenges you on how much you can do. Overall it is easy to play, relaxing, and works your mind. Doesn’t take up a lot of storage either, which is great if your device easily gets clogged up. stars!

App User
I love word search but you need th get rid of those invasive,loud, aggravating 15- second ads that are impossible to get out of w/o losing your place in game. WTH! And it happened AGAIN in the next level. Won’ t be forced to watch this nonsense. Uninstalled👎👎

App User
Hate it don’t play it is so boring and easy it is for or 3 years olds but my little sister likes it and so does my dog lives it as well. Love u game hope u like it and enjoy reading it just u my friend also my dog is awake and he is a guide dog that guards the gate all of the time hope u actually love my notes.

Hooria Sadia
In my opinion this game is just awesome I am in love with this game guys do u know when I depressed😠 then i play this game and then after ten or fifteen minutes I feel better so guys install this game and guys when you’re bored😩 then play this game at last I said that it is the best game ever I installed on my mobile. Thank u “wordloco” for making this awesome game.😍

App User
This word search transitions nicely between small and quick to large and more intense puzzles. The app highlights words very easy on the eyes and gives enough time before the “help find word” function kicks in (which is easy enough to ignore if determined to find words on your own without this function). 🙂

Larry Vander Schaaf
As soon as you begin playing, the stinking screen covers half the words list that you’re supposed to be looking for!!? What the heck?? No settings, so there’s no way to turn off the change. You can see the list fine until the first word you find. Then the play board expands at the top and covers half of the lower list words. Rookie programming fail.

Liza Jane Blackwell
Um, whomever created this app is a sick individual. I enjoy word searches and was excited to find this app, until I realized the words I was searching for… PULLOVER, PANTIES, INTENTION, STOP, POWER, BOYFRIEND, INSERTED, GIRL… I quit and deleted at level 5. I had no idea. What a creep.

Jennie Beswick
My rating is based on the ads. They are so long and annoying that I’m going to uninstall. It would be a great app with less ads

Nicole Sydney
Like the game. This game taught me how to go faster, like, I’m always catching myself trying to find another word before it gives me a hint. You can go as slow as you like, or as fast as you can, or like. Smooth game, with easy settings, to harder settings. Choice is the word for me on this game. If I’m waiting, but need to hear just in case, easy settings is good for me, and very relaxing. If I’m really into the game and can loose myself in it, then the harder settings are for me. Cool all around. Thanks you guys, you get it.

Dhananjahy Shukla
This is nice but there is a problem that the ads is very long of thirty seconds but the game is brilliant l will give 4 stars. Hey all download this game.You will enjoy it guys😊😊

App User
It is s art because it is challenging when I get every difficult word and can’t find one 3 letter word…😱, but I love the game. It helps my eye coordination and my mind.

Alia Howington
I like it well enough but I really wish there is a way to turn off the way it automatically shows you the answers if you take to long. I don’t like that it takes away from the fun.

Rosie Henegar
This game is amazing when I want to stimulate my mind, or if I’m upset it calms me down, or if am bored and want something to do. This game is amazing for all of that. Thank you!


Caroline Nicholas
Just started to play. Seems to be ok. Like that I can see the board. I have vision problems.

Lee Anne B
Challenging, breaks between easy & difficulty, adds more words as you play the games. BEST OF ALL- Ads aren’t annoying!!

Jenn Bassingthwaite
I think this app is really good, I loved it and it is addicting! One thing I would change is if each level got harder and there be more letters and words.

Kirti Gahlot
You know it is very nice games you should play this game it is very amazing game you know we were playing two peoples and we were enjoying so much for playing this game you know why you should play this game because it can make your mind fresh at all so I request you to please play this game at all so thank you for making this nice game amazing game and this much nice game with and adding two at 12:00 Google play thank you so much

Joyce M Kratochvil
Too many ads, not in the least challenging. I thought with a 4.7 rating it would be more sophisticated than a lot of the other word search apps. I love WS so I’ll keep on looking. To sum up, no settings choices, no info on the objective of the game i.e. level challenges (rewards for accomplishing). Gave it to level 12 then gave up. The screen changes from real big letters to smaller ones which I found very annoying. The game just goes on and on and on with no objective. Very boring. Uninstalling and recommending others not to waste their time.

App User
This is a great rehab game. I had a stroke a few years ago and this is helping me to use my mind more. Very easy, very addictive, very very cool app.

App User
If your bord … it its simple and easy to do no hardness you can do it in like 2 seconds even a 3 yr old could play it tho again the words are a bit babyish tho Xx

App User
This game is a very good time killing game! I’ve always loved word searchs and now I can just play anytime on my phone!

Zainab Ali
Good game. Not bothered about the adds . Good way 2 spend time if bored but I got kinda bored .It’s not challenging enough but yeah as I said good app personally I don’t know if you would like to install it…☺😃😑😐

App User
I think it’s great I Have fun playing against my grandaughters. I reccamend to all wordsearchers, I know you’ll love it,it’s challenging and fun at the same time . Hope you choose this game to play in your leisurely time.

Maritza Reyes
Entertaining but it needs to have a timer to beat the clock to make it more challenging. And it shouln’t allow to show where the word is if it can’t be found until the timer goes off.

toybonbon :p lol
Well I like it but ding is way to loud and annyoing but I lobe game and when it tells you the hints I hate it but the rest is alright npt good loke fortnite though.

Dianna Fetty
I enjoy this word search l give it a 5 star l do it to keep my mind active on words l have bad eyes but l can see your word search very good make more word search

Anthony Tickle
This is a great game. Better than the books. Great way to keep one’s mind sharp. Get it. Easy app to open, play and close. It remembers where you left off if mid game too!

Billie Kazerus
Sometimes the game won’t take the correct answer right away, especialy when a word ends on an outside edge letter, have to keep trying until you hit it just right… but everything else works great!

Pete Nelson
Is there anyone out there who hasn’t played a word search game before? Then why do you have to start with a 4×4 matrix and work your way up? This is more an insult than fun.

H. Mark Else
The games start very easy but progresses to more challenging word finds. Great mental stimulation for me. Also fast paced do I can do something for a couple minutes or a half hour. I like it.

abhi billore
Happy to help me with the new year and I am not a big fan and the body temperature of a few weeks and months of age and the body temperature of a few weeks and months of age and I will be a good time to time and money to pay for the first time

App User
I like the game a lot but it could be bigger so it would be hard to find the words I think other people should play the game they will have a lot of fun

App User
This game is fun but sure some of us can’t find all the words but we just have to look and try harder

OptimusCam 04
Great app!!! It’s challenging and I had tons of fun. I took a very long road trip to Florida and this entertained me more than half the way! this is why I give it 5 stars!

Ramesh Goel
Hello,I am Garvita this game is very good in this game we have to search words we can take the symbol of search and in one time it gives 5 words.please download this game

Tom G
Ads have become longer and longer. Cannot stop them even by closing the app Too much data used.

K.J. Nettles
Too many ads. Might pay a small amount to avoid the ads because it is fun. Ads mess up the flow

Kat Downing
I think it is free for longer than most games were eventually you can not win without using boost you buy with real money. I like it to just fill time on small devices

Amanda Evans
Nice! I like the controls and the word choices! The creators did good! 4/5 since it’s a bit plain.

App User
I like this game but not sure that this is a best ever after playing 2,3 times it likes boring and not so good this is only for kids 🙄

Vida Piedmont
Game was really good and fun to play with that has big letters so you can see the words really easily and and each word that you find you just have to tap you just have to drag your finger along the word and it will cross out the word for you in a different color each time but really bright colors this is a great great great great wonderful day and super fun on the plus side to

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