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The X-Files: Deep State
by Creative Mobile

The Truth Is Out There – do you have what it takes to find it?

Delve into the unknown, investigate mysterious cases of the paranormal and unravel an international conspiracy in a thrilling, story-driven hidden object X-Files adventure game.


The X-Files Deep State android app

The X-Files Deep State android app


Welcome to The X-Files, Special Agent. The following intel is classified Top Secret / For Your Eyes Only. You and Agent Dale have been selected to investigate mysterious crime scenes that defy explanation.

• Embark on an odyssey through the X-Files universe

• Uncover clues, collect and process evidence, solve puzzles and help interrogate suspects

• Let your clever eye and cunning mind serve you to reach the top of the leaderboard

• Reveal the truth by discovering objects while investigating new cases every month

• Team up with other FBI Agents to solve challenging and perplexing X-Files cases

• Choose your own moral decisions, customize your appearance and unlock achievements


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User Reviews :-


-This is a super fun game with a really riveting storyline. I love the set up, and how you don’t need to pay to get further in the story. The biggest frustrations for this game are the wording and descriptions on some of the items (combs and brushes get swapped quite a bit as an example. So I’ll lose a round when I was looking for a brush, only to discover via hints that the picture was of a comb.) and hit-box size (I’ll go to click one item but not quite hit it and get penalized for it.) So while it’s not perfect and can still use some improvement, it’s a really great game. I highly recommend it if you like item search games and I can’t


-One of the best games I’ve ever played. My only issue is right now I can’t get the my next case to open… I did already email you but just in case I’d like to see if you can help me out with this. If it helps, I updated the game this morning.


-The progress fallback fix didn’t work. My case is still reset and 2 of the search games are classified, yet it doesnt say that the next case is locked although it does still not allow me to play it. Please fix and i will rate 5 stars because this is a good game and i dont want it to go to waste


-Criminal Case is the best detective game due to its popularity but X files will never disappoint you in any way. Proper investigation objects and description of the case allows you to relive that same kind of feelings and adventure that you want to get. I’ll having a amazing gameplay feeling and wow it’s awesome in many ways…..🤗😘😎


-Great game. The only thing is that I would rather be able to pay with in game money rather than seeing usd all over the place. I have 1000s of in game dollars that I earned, so why do I need to pay $2 to open a case that I also earned or to skip an amount of time?


-5star 4 sure. You guys are killing it. Never been so entertained by a point and click b4. Epic storyline yo. Y’all got to make more of this style game. P.s. The truth is out there, but I don’t want to know yet till I get the next


-This game is pretty awesome. I gave it a 2-star review because the game has made me start over from scratch 2 times in the last week. Very frustrating.


-The game is cool but as the game goes on gets to hard can not get stars 😣 update it 2 times now gone back 2 were I was just find it 2 hard gonna unstall when I rate a game never get a reply


-Yeah im sure this is fun for americans but not so much if you speak actual english.. perfect example i spent forever trying to find a item called dye or something like that only to find out what it wanted me to find were dice!!


-The only thing is that it has too many ads! Also I don’t like that you don’t get any free stars to help you start up playing the game!


-The story in this is great. I love that as a player you can make choices that effects the game. The characters are well developed and add to the experience. All around great game!


-Thr game is fun but the dialog is terrible. It’s not proper English at all. Needs to be fixed going forward.b


-Good dialogue; classic X-files; love the “believer” points. I also love how the game feels truly made for fans and isn’t about ads.


-This game fully embodies the original feeling of the tv show, that will make it a classic for as long as the app store is online.


-It has such a wonderful story and atmosphere! Energy regeneration is not too frustrating as well!


-I hope it’s possible to team up with Mulder and Scully in the upcoming cases (I’m on case 3)


-The game started me over and gave me items in an attempt to make it up to me. Then the game proceeded to be buggier than last time and restarted me a third time and after that made it so that I was unable to get past character customization. These officially licensed games need more testing instead of being rushed to market and fixed after the fact.


-Game is good i like to view more animations please add more animations and sounds


-Great graphics, awesome storylines and of course Mulder!!!!!!! Yay 😋😂 I definitely recommend!


-In certain cases and as you get to pro. Sometimes you can not find the item, purely because you are visually impaired


-I Love the tv show seen every episode so far and Love the game so far


-Hope we get more cases soon! I’m on the last available case!


-What’s do I spend my in-game money on?

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