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Tasty Blast Solitaire Tripeaks
by Tapps Games

Tripeaks solitaire has never been this fun! Play your favorite card game for free, complete with fun twists like boosters and  traps, and explore worlds made of tasty food.If you like Pyramid, Freecell, Klondlike, Spider and other styles of solitaire, you’ll have a blast! Join the cutest alien friends in  the galaxy on an adventure in search for the best ingredients in the universe – it’s free!


Tasty Blast Solitaire Tripeaks android app

Tasty Blast Solitaire Tripeaks android app



🍭EASY to learn, HARD to master solitaire gameplay as you go on your tasty journey.

🍭PLAY classic tripeaks solitaire card puzzles, made even more fun by exciting specials, boosters and traps that can turn the  tide of matches in surprising and satisfying ways!

🍭HAVE a blast with endless awesome tripeaks solitaire challenges, with tasty additions coming over time!

🍭TRAVEL all over the galaxy in an exciting adventure that gets tastier and tastier as you beat more challenging tripeaks
solitaire levels!

🍭DISCOVER yummy worlds to explore! Start at the Candy Kingdom and fly over to juicy planets like the Pizza Planet,  Chocolate World and Cheese World! Lots of awesome special rewards to win!

🍭MEET cute alien friends that will accompany you on your journey!Get ready to blast off to tasty planets filled with the best tripeaks solitaire levels you can find in the galaxy! Lands made of
crusty pizza, asteroids born of molten chocolate, rivers of delicious cheese and all the tasty candy you can eat: a blast of delicious flavours is waiting for you!Each new world you visit provides new ingredients for you to find; beat the solitaire levels to gather as many delicious treats  as you can.Start this flavourful adventure and go on an addictive trip that will take you to incredibly tasty corners of the galaxy!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.


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User Reviews :-


-Yet another micro-transaction b.s. game (.99c for a wild card?). The buttons are placed so that you accidentally hit them to spend gold, and there is no confirmation prompt. The game was released with a “club” feature, but it does not work and locks the app in an endless search.


-Cute and enjoyable but keeps crashing halfway through a game without giving coins back. Not good for people who have bought coins!


-When it says I can get in the club all it dose not come in so I can can you please fix it


-I would like it more if you didn’t get kicked off and loose coins and if the levels didn’t cost so much.


-Really enjoy this game; but the extra cards moving towards the center bother me(Lol)


-Could be a great game, but in game currency requirements ruin it and greatly limits how much you can play a day


-Its cute but it keeps freezing up on my phone. So im deleting it. 🙁


-Crashes and lose coins but overall a nice game


-This is a great game


-I love this game before I even seen it on Facebook


-I love everything about this game!!!


-Gets more difficult to get three stars as the game progresses


-Overall it’s fun. But coin too little. Level keep increasing the coin amount.

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