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Tankr io
by hotgames

App Category:- Action is an all new tank shooting and surviving game. The goal of this game is to defeat all of your competitors on the map and fight to the last one. Then you’ll survive and win! Battle against the cunning enemies now!

If you are a tank lover and looking for the stress reliever, is waiting for you! Try and enjoy the unique tank battle game!

How to play?
– Control your tank to move around by virtual control lever when your finger touches the screen.
– Fire and shoot your opponents when they show up and come close. Your tank will aim at your competitors automatically.
– Skillfully make the best use of the terrain and grass to attack
– Survive longer with many props and supplies appeared on the ground
– The more opponents you kill, the higher your ranking!
– Remember to upgrade your tank and make it more powerful.


Tankr io

Tankr io


Game Features:
– Real-time tank battle gameplay with simple & easy control
– Auto-targeting with just one click
– Variety of props assist you to fight!
– Highly optimized graphics and sounds
– 3D role and scene, gorgeous combat visual effects
– Cool skins and tanks for your choice. Make your own one!

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Download Tankr io App (53 MB)


User Reviews :-


App User

Iam Vikk
It got boring really quickly, you die almost instantly, impossible to survive. Requires no skill since you just spam the shoot button and it automatically shoots the enemies down. Quit the game after playing for 10 minutes :/

The game itself is ok, but much like everyone else been saying too many ads. Not to mention it feels like i’ve been playing against AI’s, most of them just run into walls and some “revived” more than once… its a good way to pass time but at the same time it isn’t. Oh and a couple maps where there aren’t many tight spots would be nice for those playing this.

Ankit Narwani
Can become a Blockbuster if modes and maps and other factors increases It’s quite short period for the timing base mode I would really appreciate if the user can select the Timing. Because the fun doesn’t last longer!

Eddy Gont
The game is decent…it lacks an unlimited playtime mode like in the real .io games and the most important part: IT DOESN’T HAVE A PVP MODE! It’s only versus AI and that kinda sucks

?????????? ????????
The game is fun, the problem is that is runs ads every 30 seconds and that is really annoying. The bigger problem is that if you pay to remove the ads, that will not happen. 0 stars.

Heath Holley
Loved it till i paid to get adds taken off and thought it didnt go though. Then found out inpaid twice and still have ads……dont try to take the ads off!!!

App User
I hate this game so much. Because there is an ad like EVERYTIME you die! Getting the no ads thing just makes the ads even worse!

Veloces Reptile
This game is awful the controls are in a stupid place i played it for 5 minutes and started to get cramp in my hand. The gameplay is garbage its not fun or unique in anyway. Wish i never spent the time to install it .

Matt Bordoni
I paid 2.99 to get coins and to remove ads. It did not remove ads. I should be refunded. Thats false advertising to scam people like that. Do NOT spend real money on this game!!

Bobby Kruse
One of the most worthless and broken apps I have ever downloaded. Would give 0 if possible.

Connor Gannon
This is a bad reskin of another game, the reskin (this game) is unbalanced, upgrading abilities does jack, and every one us a bot that’s named like actuall people to trick idiots into thinking they’re people

Grumpy Cat
Impossible to survive, get killed instantly, can’t get to a high level due to the large amount of tank, there is way too many. Tank 6 levels lower than you can kill you in one shot and the take 7 missle shot and heal every tank they kill,not every level up. Terrible.

Ephraim Solano
How come you poor people still dont know about the ads of the games? The more times the ads shows, the more the game profits from their sponsors. They need these sponsors for their game to keep running for us. So dont blame them. They just need funds for these games to be running worldwide. Kudos to the devs and haters gonna hate. Lmao!!

Adrianus Mulyadi
Well done in solving ads issues guys, even though we are still forced to watch ads but now we have skip button so i wanna give 5 stars, but wait! We have other problems that i found recently. In one of my match i reached max level 30 and then become invisible(no, not transparent, but there is no one can kill me and my kill reached 300++ until i decided to suicide because its become boring), my point is even though someone can reached max level but there is have to be 1 way(or more) to kill them because they become too overpowered, and the biggest problem is when i reached 300++ kills i can see clearly that my opponents is BOT because i keep killing them but they keep respawning with exactly same nickname, i dont know if premium players (do they exist in the 1st place?) have unlimited respawn, but normal player has 1 extra life only, and im pretty sure there is no way all of my enemies is a ‘premium player’ (or whatever they called and if they really exist), so thats must be BOT for sure. Sorry for my english

Phillipus Andre
Good gameplay Way too annoying video ads. Really? Waste time on ads > on game. Not fun

John Hester
This game is s#@t I can’t even play because it starts then It freezes with Japan writing. Do not download this app is bulls@$t.

Fejerick Torres
I hate, game is not fair.. You guys should kniw about fair play, lol on level 1 bots has powerful weapons

Daniel Karasik
I have bought the no ads, but I still have ads. No less at all, nothing changed! Scammers

Vince Peralta

not_your business
Bots only who have roughly a 85% chance to hit you have have godly attack speed while every time you die in your tiny imoveable tank there is a 30 second ad that has a tiny button to go back to playing

Ahmad AlMutawa
Nice game, but to much ads in away that make you feel weary and boring. So i uninstalled it after only 3 days.

App User
I loved the game, but I hated the ads, which, you had to watch before you respawn. I still give it 5-stars, though.

Eric Stran
My favorite io game. Love that you can make different builds and what not. Also the gems can be earned without money!!

Oryza Anggara
The playtime is less than the ad we had to watch, nvr ever i HATE a game so much in my life than this one. Disgusting

rodolfo Bonilla
It sucks, only bots, no functioning microtransactions and tons of ads

Gabriel Fisher
I love the game, I just think you should add things like multiplayer, ranks, or a battle Royale. It would reallyimprove the game and it’d be a little more popular ??

Yuri Fassio
Tanks being able to shoot while invulnerable on respawn is poorly thought and detracts from the game.

Rista Mitic
I have spent over $20, and the ads have not been removed, please refund me or remove my ads.

Verma Jewallers
This is the best game in the world love this game who make this game she or he is brilent I love you hot games this is only interesting game

Babita Sah
Very bad thing is that in starting the opponments are very powerful so make the opponent of aur lvl…… Thanks.

Cameron Towell
Awesome game but the concept lacks in difficulty. The game would bloom if multiply player was available, greater variety of tanks, lobbies and greater depth in gameplay. And remove the aim bot

David Ammiel V Tirol
Is there no restore purchase button? I was charged twice for a gem purchase that I did not receive. Don’t do any in app purchase until they fix this.

Scott Williams
Thumb ends up on the other side of the screen at times just to get away from other tanks. Level up perks dont really help. Someone can easily take you out in one shot. It’s difficult but has the potential to be fun. Also I cant support a game that cant use the proper grammar in its tutorials. It’s so unprofessional.

Aedan Castor
Another tanks game with shxt controls. How hard can it be? Auto-aim is a terrible idea when it can’t be interrupted. You find yourself unable to react to the most important threats because your gun is trained on someone retreating away from you while some heavily armed and armoured obvious pay-to-winner is paying to win your ass to the ‘Restart’ button. That’s of course if this game is even multiplayer. Can’t be too sure of any games now. Uninstalled. Not worth a download recommendation – the average review summary is highly over-rated and exaggerated.

Billy Productions Animation
DO NOT GET THIS GAME Terrible. I can not believe the level of rotten this game manages to go. Where do I even begin. I PAYED you 2 dollars to get rid of ads and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!! After the next game a five minute ad plays. I gave you money and you don’t even bother to get rid of the ads???? What a rotten piece of trash. Stay far away from this game. You and your worst enemies deserves better.

José Dias
I actually loved the game, however I’m having trouble removing the ads. I’ve paid for the removal which hasn’t happened so far. Please help fix it or refund me. I’ll change stars to five after being heard.

Jakob Thoms
The game is fun but I literally win every time and I am always on top of the leaderboards. All the other tanks are super passive and never go for powerups on the ground, which makes me wonder if this is even an online game or if I am playing against bots.

Joseph Thomas
The game is addictive and fun. Way to many ads and they don’t go away if you pay them. Wasted money for more time spent on ads than playing. If the ads were removed it’d be 5 stars.

AJ Boule
Move the double reward button from the same spot as the shoot button so I dont hit it and have to watch an ad EVERY TIME I DIE! Well placed button to force people to watch alot of ads but is stopping me from playing it anymore.

Bradley b.
My version can no longer do the add to receive 15 gems or 300 gold. It doesn’t allow me use the button and it is grayed out. It’s a fun and simple game. Ads are long but I’d you are willing it sister it’s worth the time. Hopefully it will have less ads. The game is good to balance out players so no one can KO new players

Colin Mcleod
Really like this game however I purchased the remove ads and it didn’t work yet I was charged.. so that’s cool I guess

Chris Reyes
It’s a great game, good graphics, and no lag. It would be better if you could upgrade the tank statistics instead of just the special power. Would y’all consider adding a TeamDeathmatch mode? It would be amazing if y’all add these request!!

Billy Soleiman
Is this game even pvp online, because all the tanks were having similar names and too passive. Im so confused ??

Vincent Cardenas
All I’m going to say is that this game sucks and it is a waste of should start putting better games.why don’t you make fortnite in the playstore

streaker assasan
Great game menu system sucks tho You need a picture guide for in game upgrades so you know which way you want to develop your tank

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