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Tank Stars
by Playgendary

App Category:- Arcade

Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon from a simple missile to an atomic bomb, shoot with the right angle and hear an amazing clash of blitz while destroy your opponents in the war world.

?Make the right shot quickly, win the battle or die!
?– Loads of deadly weapons: everything for perfect annihilation
?– Online multiplayer to play with friends
?– Cool weapon upgrades to make your cannon really powerful
?– Epic graphic effects
?The world-famous Bowmasters in tanks format! Win the war in top battle simulation now!


Tank Stars

Tank Stars

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User Reviews :-

Paul Leonardo
Beautiful game, gameplay is good. Ads killed it though. The game has you watch an ad after every match, and then another ad to claim your reward for winning. That wouldn’t do for me so I coughed up the $4.49 for the “No-ads” option. As if $4.49 wasn’t expensive enough, the “No-ads” purchase turned out to be a “half ads” one. You’d still have to watch an adult to claim your “reward” for winning the match. There’s no point in buying the No-ads option. I wish I could get my money back.

App User
Love it. Simple, fun, all the tanks are balanced out so people that just started out can still compete. The only 2 things keeping me from 5 starring it are ads and hackers. You can barely play the online multiplayer because what happens most of the time is that as soon as you spawn you are greeted by your health bar being drained completely before the little cutscene where it zooms in on both of the tanks can even start. And the ads. I get that you need to earn money, but the amount of ads in this game is just over the top. Other than that, this game is really good.

Connor Boiskin
I’m giving it a three star because it looks cool, and the little bit I played was fun. But after the tutorial on aiming and moving your tank, the game stops working. I’ve tried about 7 or so times now, I’ve closed the app window and restarted it, and still the same story. I don’t know why this is happening or if you are able to fix it. But at this rate I’m uninstalling the game.

Karan Solanki

Tobi Young
Very fun for offline play. Online has a ton of ads. Online battles are awesome! IDEAS: Would love to see some new things, medical drops(To renew health mid-battle) AND special weapon drops. Option to battle multiple opponents, outside of tournaments. More chances for tank upgrades. Make the yaks explode when you run them over or shoot them. The game is great, but could use some more exciting changes!

App User
It was great at the beginning. I enjoyed the game. The controls are easy to handle and you can have a lot of fun strategically playing. The problem with this game is that there are just too many ads. You really don’t need to have an advertisement after every single match and another to open a chest. There is no way I’m going to pay money to remove ads. You can make it a pay you win game if you want. But the game is ruined when I spend more time watching ads instead of playing the game. I’m uninstalling. Simply because there are better games without all the ads.

Phishy B
It was good all the way up until physics no longer mattered. The power and angle trajectory all fine and slightly challenging, but then i watched A.I. DRIVE UP A 90 DEGREE ANGLE FLAWLESSLY!! Are you kidding me? Fail son!

Rico Duffeld
Kinda fun but I’ve been playing for maybe 15 minutes and already had to watch almost 20 ads. Not worth keeping. It also looks like they pay for good reviews. Must not pay much when you have like 15 people all saying the exact same thing.

Martin Clifford
The game it’s self is good, light hearted fun. Reminds of “Worms” but with Tanks. The eritaiting thing is (as MANY other people have said in reviews) is the ads, the fact that every create you open you have to watch an ad, every level you pass you watch yet another ad. Quite often the game crashs completely when in the middle of said ads. I don’t know if this is a tactic to pay to remove the ads or just very poor set up but I refuse to pay for a free game that can be easily uninstalled and forgotten about.

Justin Hafeman
The gameplay is great. The ads are absurd. Absolutely. Terrible. Even if you pay for no ads you still cant claim chests after winning stages without watching an ad. Its false advertising, dont fall for it. And the membership is stupid. $7.00 per week is outrageous, I’m glad I didnt pay or try that. If I could get my money back for no ads, I definitely would.

Nicole Hart
TOO MANY ADS! People won’t keep this game because of the ads! They pop up all over the place! It would be a decent game if ads weren’t forced to be watched after every damn game! And AFTER paying like 5 dollars for the ads to go away is useless! Your wasting your money. It doesn’t work! Fix your game to less ads! PLEASE!

Owen Maynard
Gameplay is fine, fundamentally. The flame tank’s fire-based attacks causes massive slowdown to the point of crashes. Online matches frequently end in the game pausing indefinitely after I hit the fire button, so I have to end the match, which results in me “loosing” my progress, apparently. Ads galore.

stephen phillipson
This is a good game, however I’ve just uninstalled it because there are just way to many adverts in it. In fact ive never seen so many adverts. There are more ads than game time I promise you will not believe it until you see it for yourself. Pitty

App User
Like everybody said, too many ads. This game is not even an original idea nor is it that special in terms of re-development that even paid, no ads option should make you watch 30s long ad videos. Its currently 7th grossing app on playstore because its developers are greedy a**holes. Uninstalling, and would suggest others the same.

Shawn Stewart
This reminds me of an old pc game. Only thing i do not enjoy is you can’t pick your loadout of weapons. You have to earn the loadout which is interesting but I still would love to pick a certain amount of ammo and use it strategically to win the game instead of using the same weapons over and over again just in different maps. Other than that it is a great game to kill time and get a little physics going

Joseph Morse
Very cool concept and very fun but there is MANY problems. Some examples are inappropriate ads, improper way of treating players, lacking replayability, and to many ads. Like I said, amazing concept, just needs to be better presented in a more enjoyable manner. I hope this game is changed in ways as the players subside rather than the money. Great game that needs work.

Tre Blinka
This game is really fun, but I expected to NOT HAVE ANY ADS AT ALL after paying for that. But, it appears you have to “subscribe” to their Diamond Membership for $6.99 per month to completely eliminate in-game ads. One thing is for sure, I won’t be spending ANYMORE money on this game. I will just continue to play it and deal with the ads.

Mike Shoemaker
Just paid 4.95 to have the ads removed. Which is a little steep but the gameplay is super fun. It removed the ad at the end of the match, but you still have to watch full ads to get ANYTHING to upgrade your stuff. For 5 bucks I want all the ads gone. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!

Michael Sapon
The game is pretty good, til bugs are out. Sometimes I shoot the bullet or the flare is falling down the map even tho there’s no hole, and sometimes when I shot the bullet either will fall and nothing happens or it’ll do nothing although it perfectly land on the enemy. pls fix this as soon as possible. And add more tanks its kinda boring sometimes the bug frequently occurs on multiplayer.

Matt Baer
A Lot of ads. Kind of sucks when you pay for the game to get rid of ads but you still need to watch an ad to get a chest. Also I have about 7 trillion coins that do nothing. I could upgrade all my tanks 6000 times and still have 6 trillion coins. This being said it is still fun and addictive

kskdkej jdjdhzd
July 22, 2018
Way to many ads, and to much membership stuff. The gameplay is fun, but it gets really repetitive. It is kind of hard to upgrade weapons/tanks, so I have a lot of money. The online pvp has a lot of bugs. It would be great if the gameplay was harder after a while, because if you get far in the game, it gets super easy.

Aaron Thompson
This game is pretty good overall, but the number of ads is absolutely ridiculous. And the fact that they want $7 a week for the premium version to get red of ads is completely unbelievable. I wouldn’t pay $7 a week for any game, especially not a Pocket Tanks ripoff.

E Clayton
Really fun game but 1 star for a company that thinks it’s okay to charge a membership to play or watch endless 15 second ads. It’s too bad they don’t charge a few bucks for the game. I would have bought it. Deleted!

Michael Patrick
Really great twist on a PC classic! Graphics are good, controls are easy to master and gameplay is very addicting. But, I do have to agree with the thousands; too many adds and a terrible “subscription to play” plan. After a few rounds, I eventually unistalled it. Bet you will too.

Brandon Lewis
I would rate 5 stars if this game didnt make me spend 30 coins on a game and then freeze all the time and make me loose the progress of it. I have to constantly restart my whole phone because it shuts down all the apps running in my phone and won’t even let The screen load

Tyler Flora
Okay can I get a refund please? I just paid $4 to remove ads and all you did was remove the ads at the bottom and continue playing videos after every match. $4 is already ridiculously priced, and to not completely remove the ads? Greed, greed, greed. Give me my money back or I will be contacting Google Play to get one from you.

Rusty Stephens
Total has potential, but coding sucks on any purchase. The buying “no-ads” is total bs and you’ll continue to see ads. They won’t refund your money for this issue and you accepting their conditions allows their advertisers your information. If you like an ad every 2 minutes and being ripped off, by all means play the game.

Abhishek Bhansali
Ads kills. And paying 300 for no ads is high enough.. also, multiplayer should have an option to play woh your friends on different phones via Bluetooth or network, else playing with different player is just ok. Automatically game ends up saying you lose or win for more than 3-5 times in one shot. Pathetic Guys. Despite a wonderful game, these cheap tricks will degrade your game

Gabriel Garcia
I have a Moto g 5 and the game lags like crazy. I don’t understand how that is possible when games with more stuff don’t lag at all. Please help and I will rate 5 star. Also less adds please. I am sick of watching an ad after I finish a game and then another to get a chest.

sea kow
This could be way better. When playing online me or the enemy will randomly die and then im forced to watch an ad after a mach i couldnt even play. The amount of ads are rediculous and waste so much of my time. More ads than gameplay…

Charlye L
Great game overall. Just needs more challenges, maybe a story mode. The 3 tournaments are quite easy to get through. So When that’s done, I got nothing left to do. As PvP, I’d like some sort ot record system, so I can try to get revenge on players who bettered me.

Michael Ammirati
The amount of ads is way over the top. Every time you play a10 second match you have to watch 2 30 seconds ads. There are ads everywhere, banner ads, pop up ads, text ads. It’s a good game but I won’t play it because the ads make it unplayable

Aubrey Lee
Why the hell would I pay for ads to be removed when the game still shows me adds wasted $4.50 on getting rid of the ads and 2 bucks and change for their starter pack only to uninstall the game half an hour later. Dont waste your time or money on the game.

Kunal Bansal
Could have been so much better. It’s impossible to make progress in the game without having to purchase premium currency. Cards are required to be able to upgrade the individual weapons and tanks and its impossible to get enough cards. I don’t get why developers have to complicate things so much nowadays. KEEP IT SIMPLE GUYS. I play games to de-stress and the last thing I want is to play a game that gets on your nerves so much! And for God’s sake reduce the ads will you!

Kenny Moore
First off, the game is great just need more content, I beat all the tournaments within a day. I have a data limit so I can’t waste data on multiplayer. So I have the pleasure of playing offline/single player. Second thing, the ads are kinda overwhelming at times, but I just turn off my mobile data when I’m not at home and I don’t see a single ad. So if you are concerned about all the ads just turn off your data or wifi. Third, the physics are not realistic in this game but what do you get out of a free arcade game. 8/10 worth the download.

Rit Sankar Ghosh
This game doesn’t have a Login ID, and it’s ridiculous. If your phone has been changed or new and all data you synced with Google, it’s save progress doesn’t load as this happened with me. All other things are super cool and so good singleplayer and multiplayer both.

Nick Perone
· Customer support is non existent. · Locks up often in tournament mode. Leading to a reboot. Which loses all progress. · I have close to 70k coins. Nothing to spend them on. · Fun, non complicated, stress relieving. · This game has so much potential. The developers should spend some time in a quality update.

My commute to and from work is about an hour each way. I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks now and only have a few 2 star upgrades. How long does the developer think people will dedicate this game before getting tired. I played for two weeks and not even close to experiencing max weapons.

Vaibhav Vaghani
When I open it, my phone was hanging up. And not working. The game respond after 5 min of waiting when clicked every time after starting it, also difficult to closing it due to phone hanging , my phone have 2 gb ram even pubg & freefire working well. Model: lenovo vibe k5 plus.

matthew jung
After you finish a match which takes about 1-2 mins you’re forced to watch a 30s ad. Then to open your chest which you get after every match, another 30s ad. Not worth playing if you’re gonna spend almost 50% of your time watching ads.

Darpan Chaudhary
A really good game with nice game play and cab play it for hours without getting bored. Just one aspect needs to updated.. During single player game the bots act too dumb and sometimes even commit suicide, difficulty of bot need to be increased, else single player game becomes boring.

Geroge Smith
Too many ads! I even played for the no ads (which is 5 bucks!) And the game still makes me watch a video to continue the game, really!? It’s a great fun addictive game but don’t waste your money! It’s a ripoff

App User
The game was good. But to much ads and sometime my phone got stuck when it show up. And when I choose diamond to revive from tournament mode for the last chance, it’s freeze. and all chest box have no diferent gift.

Joseph Alford
OMG the ads! I’m fine with a 30 second ad after every round. Folks have to get paid, I understand. But ANOTHER 30 second ad so you can actually collect your payout for that round? Ridiculous. Literally watching ads more time than I play.

Matthew Chambers
Alright game, good mechanics, I like the style. Very reminiscent of Worms. But unfortunately to many ads (I understand the dev has to make money) but a subscription service of £6 per week? And ads after ever game, upgrade is ridiculous.

Danny Hernandez
Was enjoying the game until I spent more time watching ads than playing the actual game. Too many ads makes this game unplayable. It’s also very unbalanced playing multiplayer. Gold ranking players are set to fight against Bronze players who have no upgrades. So you’ll die within 5 seconds & you’ll have to watch an ad that’s longer than the gameplay.

Jaeger Rokey
1. As you’ve probably seen already, the ads make this game virtually unplayable 2. Half the time when I enter a match, me or the other player instantly explodes 3. Really, just dont… this game isn’t worth your time

John Collins
Battles without a single shot are won and lost without either firing a shot. Also never any server availability. This game needs a lot of work before it can be considered as a fun game!! Like the idea of it hate the lagging game play

Fotis Manos
The actual game seems fun, but the harassment of ads is as ridiculous as the price to get rid of them. If that wasn’t enough, the game keeps crashing randomly, be it when I win, lose, shoot, land a hit, or watch a video to revive/get a free chest. This is silly, considering that the latest release notes tells us that all the bugs are fixed…

Robert Jon Hipolito
The coins are useless. I have 71000 coins and nowhere to use. Might as well forego the coins then just instantly upgrade tanks when you complete the cards. Also winning or losing doesn’t matter since the coins are useless anyway. Should change title from tank stars to TANKS AND ADS since only way to upgrade tanks is to watch ads

Joey Garcia
I just paid $4.49 to remove ads and it was useless. it literally did nothing. I get an ad after every play. UPDATE: it’s one of my new favorite games. I’ve uninstalled it. the ads are ridiculous and I wasted money. I hope you’re happy, Mr/Ms Developer.

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