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Sweet Maker – DIY Match3 Mania

World’s First Match-3 Game with User-Generated Content!
World’s First Match-3 Game with Moving Platforms

Sweet Maker is a follow-up app to IGG global hits like Castle Clash and Lords Mobile for 2017. Embark on a journey in the world of Sweet Maker. Explore user-generated stages, and even create some of your own!

You are the Sweet Maker
The world’s first Match-3 game where you can create, play, and share your own custom levels using every type of Candy available.

A Selection of Boosters
Combine different types of Candies and create a variety of Boosters. Strategic use of Boosters and Items will allow you to clear even the toughest stages!

Not Just a Pretty Candy
Swipe Butterflies with other Boosters to create variations of Butterflies that are both more powerful and beautiful! Now everybody can clear Candies with ease and in style.

Sweet Maker - DIY Match3 Mania game image

Sweet Maker – DIY Match3 Mania game image

All-New Moving Platforms
Sweet Maker puts another spin on the Match-3 genre with the inclusion of moving platforms. These tricky platforms move your Candy at the end of each turn so recognizing their movement pattern will be key to clearing stages.

Unique Boss Battles
Battle a variety of Bosses while fending off pesky Gingerbread Men and Cotton Ghosts at the same time! When a Boss is present, blockers will land on the stage to impede your Candy swipes. Do you have what it takes to outwit, outmaneuver, and outlast the Boss?

Travel the World
Watch the scenery unfold before your very eyes as you progress through the stages. Discover the landmarks of Candypolis, and view a different scene with every swipe of the finger.
Sweet Maker is free to download and play, but in-app purchases are available.

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User Reviews:-

-I 💘 the new game. It’s fun and simple and easy to learn. I’m getting a SUGAR RUSH just thinking about it. You did such a wonderful SUGAR RUSH on this, development team. Happy New Year. Keep the SUGARS COMING. ‘Tis so sweet to see each challenge I defeat. What a great treat.

-Ummm ok I guess, but very disappointing that it forces u to use ur only power up when u don’t need it. And they don’t even give u more. Ugh and it takes a while to make ur own levels which is more upsetting. I’d rather make levels than play levels…but it’s ok I guess…😒

-So very addicting! Also I see wat u did there 🙂 You used one of the bases for Candle head from Wreck It Ralph when you finish a level and the lil girl shows up sometimes! Hehe, this game is sooooo CUTE X3333333

-My friends on facebook this is awesome game 🎮 that I play here call “Sweet Maker” so enjoy if you do get it? it will keep you going for hours non stop just incredible💜💛💙💚

-This game is amazing. Looks like a Candy Crush clone, but add in boss fights and a level editor, and this becomes something new. So far, I’d like to see more bosses. Other than that, it’s an amazing game.

-Well i think its lovely but cant you just add other players on your phone or tablet and ipad like 10 players on the device that actually play? I mean thats all i wish can be added to the devices of other players as well not only my device. But apart from anything its lovely ♡♡

-An obvious rip of that uber popular candy smashing game, but I find this one has much better graphics & more interesting gameplay. It’s also (so far) not nearly as frustrating and doesn’t make me feel like I HAVE to buy something to pass a level. Very well done.

-To soon to t tell. Not to level 20 yet. You don’t earn coins during play for special boosts which is a weakness.Looks like you have to pay to get coins. Very disappointed in what could be a great game if developers tried.

-I love the new game its like candy crush but FRUITS🍌🍎🍏🍊🍋🍉🍐🍈🍍🍓Can you do more of these in the future because its so fun but sometimes hard i love it so much!!💟💞💝💘💗💖💕💓💜💛💚💙❤

-It is really fun but more rated for someone younger. I’m sure my grandkids will be playing it when they get old enough too.

-I loved this game from the moment I played the first level. The graphics are great. No Offence Candy Crush (I do love your Soda Saga) but I have to say that this one is more entertaining.

-The great game seen after candy crush it looks like candy crush modern and upgrade version. Full of colourful game good controls and loved to play it . It is not any waste of time to download it guarantee u will love this game

-Great time killer but I gave to wait for the hearts to fill up and the stage maker is all the way at level 32. I was really looking forward too it after watching the ad.

-This game is like a candy Crush. But sad to say, that it forces you to use your power up. And didn’t give you another power booster.

-I dont get all the rules for most of these games, but this one is cute and is a nice and easy time filler. I might actually keep this one after deleting at least a dozen others.

-It would be perfect, if only you had instructions for each level to explain how to clear or what the obstacles are. I keep just trying to swipe anything in the screen to activate a move.

-This is just awesome it’s not boring you can play with different types of things you can even make your own levels

-It is a great game. The only thing I would do to make it better is: after every level we could make our own level. Other than that it is a pretty good game. Its a little like candy crush and stuff like that. It is a great game otherwise. That’s why I only rated this game 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟.

-Would have never thought this would be as kick back relaxing fun game as it has turned out to be. Love the graphics…

-The game is very easy and I don’t usually play games like this but I love this game the graphics are great and the controls are very easy

-I live it, it’s so sime. I would highly recommend it to anyone reading this comment. I have no idea how to write a review

-I’m really trying to reach stage 32 cause I wanna make something special for my mom and dad for valintines day I really don’t think I’ll even get there at all XD

-Well, it’s a good game but the fact you can’t build until you pass level 32 makes want to leave the app

-Bisa bikin stage sendiri dan adu kece sama pemain lain, saling nantang. Bener2 beda sama game sejenis. TOP!

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