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Street Shadow Fighting Champion

Street Shadow Fighting Champion brings the most original fun dripping arcade fighting experience!

Street Shadow Fighting Champion subversion of the traditional fighting style, using the latest 3D technology!


Street Shadow Fighting Champion android app

                                       Street Shadow Fighting Champion android app


Game Features:

◆ Fluency and fierce martial arts fighting: boxing, leg attack, escapement, wrestling, dodging, defense … both offensive and defensive, everything;
◆ As you win again and again, you will get a variety of powerful loot, but also there will be more brave to join your armor, fight for you!
◆ We will continue to update the game;
◆ 10 seasons, each season up to get a 15-star rating;
◆ If you get the characters you do not like, you can sell them or you can merge them;
◆ Each time you can challenge a level of 10 boss, the more checkpoints, boss more powerful.


◆ Street Shadow Fighting Champion has 2 kinds of coins: gold coins and precious stones, can be obtained in the game, but its function is different;
◆ Gold can be used to buy characters and combat consumables;
◆ Gems in addition to the function of gold can also be used to upgrade the role;
◆ Gold coins and precious stones can be used to draw rare equipment.



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User Reviwes :-

-The game is best I everything it’s like mix but less storage but u should not show fake pictures . But if he looking for a good game with good graphics then u need to download it


-Bro you are cheating by pics but excellent game


-This game is very super graphics and very much good 😎😎😎👍👍👍👍😎😎😎


-Game is good but the pictures are fake


-It is a street fighting game, not a shadow fighting game

-Don’t keep internet playing on this game


-I like street fighting game

-Nice game

-Street fighting fighting

-Its not the game shown in the screenshots but it is a good game.

-Friends your cheating shadow fight 2

-Like it I like this kind of fights

-anjing game ini kaya dolihat cakap tp di luar jelek koontol gaame ini

-Make original content.This game has potential.

-Planet HisPolabola Gorge furn face




-Loved it So……love it so best please download it

-Awesome game that i never played before 😍😍👌👌


-The best game ever


-Very superb game in this world


-I think it is a nice one

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