New Android Game ”Stone Giant” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by Naxeex Publishing

Stone Giant
by Naxeex Publishing

You got brand new magnificent character:

• Check his unique skills
• Find out all advantages of transmutation
• Explore the Big city
and smash all your enemies!


Stone Giant android app

Stone Giant android app


The rock gave you explosive super power. Now you are usual guy with unusual abilities and no one can’t stop you now! Neither the police, nor the army, nor the gangs, nor the rest.
Help or punish, become an evil destroyer or a mighty savior for citizens…
Just walk, run, jump, beat, buy, strike, steal, drive, crash, rage, turn, smash, throw, attack, explode, play and enjoy it.
Download the game and start maximum overdrive by your stone fists!


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User Reviews :-


Plzzz creat som more games like tbis with wwe super star roman and other it will becom awsom plzzz realise new update for tbis game no work in tbis game no players to gave job for my player only 3 jobs thats alll


-Very cooooool awesome game i swear its one of the best games ever please make more like this kind human transformer to monster its very fun thank you naxeex


-Very good game but when i see ads my game stop i can not do any thing just joystics move plezz move that gileth then i will give you 5 stars


-Iove it just one thing can you guys take the topper off of the pickup trucks they look really ugly with the brown topper


-i love ur game!!!! naxeex, are u gonna make this into a series ??? (i mean like with diff chars turning into diff stuff like dragon, griffin, human torch, etc.) this is near perfected 😆😆😆😆3


-This game is good but make the night version in the game.Add some supervillains also,make more missions.


-I am reading the reviews but when I downloaded the game and when I was clicking the start button it was not working


-The game is very good but please get rid of the timer I can only be in giant mode for like 10 seconds its very annoying


-Best game ever😁😁😁.But you should make one when you have super speed,super strength,flight and telikenesis all at the same time😈😈😈.


-It’s a good game but it’s slow you guys need to upgrade your game is this very slow this game is very slow you guys need to upgrade it and I play missions on it it’s in very slow motion


-In this image there some changes in game not the powers


-But stone men in one time only transform but nice game 👍


-It’s very nice game.Will you make a ghost rider game next.


-It takes much time to regenerat after becoming stone man to become once again


-The features of websites that are not sure what to be done by star


-Put off the timer for the transform and put of the stamina


-Best naxeex game I’ve ever played it revolutionary


-Super but these game not coming to me

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