New Android Game ”Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by stickman 3d Champs

Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce
By stickman 3d Champs

On a dangerous special forces mission behind enemy lines, your elite strikeforce was captured. As the only member of your team who has evaded capture, it’s your job to infiltrate the prison, shoot & kill the enemies and free your squad!

Stickman Shooter Elite Strikeforce

Stickman Shooter Elite Strikeforce

Armed with an experimental assault rifle with ricochet bullets, you’ll use your accuracy and marksman skills to kill the enemy soldiers and free your squad from the cages in this intense, exciting new stickman shooter. You’ll only have a limited number of bullets for each stage, so use them wisely!

Shooting enemy soldiers isn’t the only way to kill them, though. Using your environment to your advantage, there are a variety of ways to dispatch your enemies. Don’t have a clean shot? Bounce your bullet off the wall to hit them!

Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce – Highlights
• 60 challenging special forces missions
• Shoot the enemy soldiers & free your squad from capture
• Use an experimental assault rifle with ricochet bullets
• Bounce your bullets off walls & use the environment to your advantage
• Kill all enemies & free prisoners using a limited number of bullets

Do you have the accuracy, skill and tactical awareness to kill the enemy and get your special forces squad to safety? With over 50 challenging levels, our hottest new stickman shooter will have you entertained for hours!


Download Stickman Shooter: Elite Strikeforce : 

Download Stickman Shooter ( 41.3 MB)

User Reviews :

-Game seems fun, but just too many notifications. Don’t need one every time I beat a level. Around five were sent right after installing, with several more right after.

-This is very good game but graphic needs improvement

-Very nice game and you should add more stages

-Awesome game

-very nice

-It’s pretty awesome and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coll

-Awwsome one …

-Nice game but not that much..

-Its good but i wish it was online…

-It is very good game

-so good

-Nice and preety game

-Very nice game

-Awesome time killer

-Nice game

-Pretty good

-I love it

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