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Stickman And Gun

Stickman ans Gun is a simple gun shooting game. kill monsters! Always they need your blood. Buy a variety of guns, just feel the excitement from HEAD SHOT! You must kill zombies, evil wizards, giant worms before they attack stickman.  The only way to survive is your ability headshot, powerful guns, skills.


Stickman Revenge 2 game

Stickman Revenge 2 game


※ How to play
Touch the screen or use the virtual joystick to move and jump and Shoot.
Collect money for buy some guns, upgrade.
Distribution of skill level goes up-to strengthen your character.
You can get more money and score when kill the monster with headshot.

※ Game features
Global ranking system without any account.
50 more stages
10 more Boss stages.
Low-end games

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Usewr Reviews:-

Amazing This game is a great game if you just want to pass some time but at the same time it challenges you with harder enemies each time you start the next level. I recommend this game to other people. Tip: a load out i recommend is the mal4 and the shotgun (it works).

-More guns I have all guns and please put more people like a Kung Fu person or something like that is all but the levels are challenging but the gameplay is awesome though put a GODZILLAAAAA aND a big nuke monster AWESOME GAME YOU HAVE MADE ME PROUD.

-My son started playing this game first. And I never really played that much attention to it. But one day he got stuck on a harder level, and asked for help… Lets just say that I have fell in love with this game, and have taken the game over!

-Great game but what’s so special about the wizardry staff? Does anyone know why it’s so expensive?

-A mistake you made is when you get the chest there’s a 10000 button if you click it more then 1 time you get more money.

-Perfect shooting game. Great variety in the weapons, the 3 characters and the equipment. And plenty of cool looking enemies to shoot at.

-Its awesome you go bang bang and shoot the bad guys

-Does anyone know what the last level is for? It has the image of a hammer and wrench.

-I think there should be more levels in the game and more guns!!! or be able to restart. 😀 and my favorite guns are FAMAS,Bazooka,Laser,Dp24 and my top favorite is flame shot.

-Nothing to say other than that it’s a good game & passes time realy well.

-I think that the creators should edit the opening of the bags because players would spend more time opening each bags than actually playing the game.

-The aiming controls are godawful. Please fix that

-Best game ever 1000\1 Better download the 2nd one.

-Simple, but entertaining. Very easy to pick up and put down at a moments notice, but a level of challenge is still there.

-I love this game it one of faverit.

-The game is great an for a free game it has barely any ads which is amazing. It is fun and a great concept executed extremely well

-This is such an amazing game😄The controls are so easy and it’s a bit satisfying when you shoot😁

-It is a great time killer, it makes you want to just keep going.

-This game is the definition of fun great grafics amazing controls and awesome upgrades download for sure.

-The Bestest game and only game i love i dint care what other people think about thos game its the best.

-can you add multiplayer & 1 vs 1 & team vs team PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

-I love this game because I played it on my old phone and it was awesome.

-I had this when i was smaller its the best game everything in the game is awesome

-Loved it no internet required exept for ranks

-An awesome game with simple controls.

-It’s brilliant make more levels


-I love it so much

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