New Android Game “Stick Hero” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, Game by Ketchapp

Stick Hero
by Ketchapp

Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out! If the stick is not long enough, you will fall down!


Stick Hero Game

Stick Hero Game


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User Reviews :-


Amazing game…nice timepass.. I love this game.. It is good for kids and I enjoy playing this.. The game doesn’t hang and I can’t just stop my fingers writing the review.. In the first level o thought it’s going to be hard but to my surprise it was easy and smooth… And I loved.. For hours I kept …

-I loved this game. It’s a great time killer and challenging. I love the new level too. Oh and for all the haters of this game I just have to say to all the haters of stick hero that it’s a great game and u didn’t make it. U probably couldn’t do better that take a screen shot of some picture put it …

-Addictive game I have been looking for an addictive game for ages and this is the icing of the cake. I cannot stop playing. For some people that’s a bad thing but i’m really bored with my other games. This one is the most fun and really tests your ability to judge correct length. An awesome game.

-EPIC BEST GAME EVER Like I said it’s epic and the best game. You should get it! So addicting! But there to is a lot of pop up adds after you die. There is an EPIC AWESOME EVEN MORE ADDICTIVE mini game

-This is such an amazing game. It’s like best game for playing in your free time. It’s a really brain exercise as you have to beat your own score. You have beat yourself. Every time I just reach my high score I just get a relief that finally I’m gonna fix another high score. Actually there are a lot…

-AMAZING!!!!😻😽😍😇 I really recommend this app because you can never get board of it there’s two versions ones the normal way like you press down and it makes this brige and you climb it and you keep going in time you die and the other version is kinda the same thing but with watermelons you have the latter but you us…

-Great but dont get it cos it is too addictive This game is so fun but im starting to regret getting it coz now im hooked. I play it all the time and my eyes r starting to hurt. However great game and heavily recommended.

-I don’t know about u guys but I love kecthapps games there all so creative so I play like all there games I never seen one bad game they made so all of wanna say is. …. kecthapp U DID A GREAT JOB DUDES 🙂

-Addicting!!! It is so addicting and fun. Every time I get a high score I try to get even higher. I can play for hours. My high score right now is 40 because I just started but my goal by new years is to have 55.

-I love this game! The only thing i don’t like is all the lag and ads. Other than that this is one of my top games to play! I just got a top score of 25! This game is definitely really challenging and makes u think about how long u have to make it to get across

-Simple yet difficult Very addicting and a great game. However, my only complaint is the ads. They sometimes pop up in the middle of the game. If I tap it by accident, my game is lost. Can you please make it so the ads pop up before Stick Hero begins or right after a game over?

-Really a good game I liked beacsue its fun and it takes up time like if ur waiting for something or your bored. It can get boring after a while but its still a good game like all the games that kechapp have made.

-An enjoyable game to me I like this game very much as it is exciting and experience game to me. Its also game without internet that thing I like too. When I got bored I play this game in my holidays so my time pass easily. Thanks for making this game as it put lot’s of efforts to me

-Very challenging I like this game because every time you want to beat your high score and it is so hard not to lose

-So Good I love this game so much! I play it at school when we are in the computer lab doing math. Me and my best friend are really bad at it but it’s still fun. But now I can play it anywhere I go!!!!!

-Super fun At first i thought it was super boring but the more i played it the more addictive it became show i showed it to my mum and now we always compete to see who can get a higher score 😀

-Really good game Probably the most entertaining game I’ve had on my phone so far. Can get annoying sometimes, but it’s quite addicting. Absolutely great!

-Goodbye candy crush! This is fun, addictive and, best of all, not frustrating. Definitely worth $1.99 to avoid annoying ads. Love to support apps such as this one. Keep up the good work 🙂

-Sumpah geregetan gue… Ini game keren.. Simple yet cool. Seriously I like it. Haha… Itchy many times when I can’t get the stick to the next tile. Haha. Nice job….

-Omg. Literaly The BEST GAME OF ALL TIMES. Everyone should like some of the bazaar things in life… Like Chopping Watermelons. Ketchap I loved it and I hope to see more games from you.

-Love it ❤ It’s so a dictive. I love it 💕. OMG U HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT. Don’t listen to other comments. I’m nt messing I swear 💖🐬

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