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Stick Fight
by TNSoftware

Welcome to the Stick Fight!

We are giving you a basic 2 key fighting experience with sweet, sweet animations and endless action.  Your objective is to fight the never ending waves of stick figures.Super easy, Super addictive! You should not waste your time looking for others, here is what you were carving all this time! Wait for the enemy to aproach you, tap on screen and boom.  It takes just one punch man !


Stick Fight Game

Stick Fight Game



-Easy Control:

*Stick Fight has the most basic control ever!
*You have only need to touch your screen when an enemy is near.
*You only have 2 choice right or left, can’t go wrong with it!
*(No, you can go wrong with it!)
*Play it with one finger or two finger! No restriction there! Just punch them and enjoy the action!

-Timing Based Gameplay:

*You’ll need to be careful with the range of your attacks.
*If you miss in Stick Fight you will be staggered and vulnerable to attacks!
*Fight bosses! Time your hits get your rewards!

-Non-Complex Progression:

*Every time you start a new game, you will start from normal speed rate.
*As you go the speed of your enemies will increase! Damn, this is original! Kappa
*Select from different variaty of weapons! Get your self a hat and you can upgrade them both!
*Check your scores on our leaderboard! There is always competition!

-Good Looking Animations:

*Ow punching your enemies over and over again is boring?! Do not worry young fighter.
*We got many different cinematic animations that are designed to be accurate to the various types of kung fu!
*Or are they? No, they are not accurate; but we have many!

-Facebook Connectivity:

*Man.. I wish this game had Facebook support so I can throw my new best score to my friend’s face..
*Well It does! Connect to your Facebook and challenge your friends!

Available by In App Purchases:

-No Ad:

*Also them advertisements! Right??
*You can shut them off and support us make this game better at the same time.
*Proven that; this is the most efficient way to get more games and more content out of us! <- Yup a fact.

-Buy Coin:

*Get your weapons faster!
*Get your hats faster!?
*Get everything fastest possible!

-Unlock All:

*”I want to have everything!!” option.


Download Stick Fight :-


Download Stick Fight PlayStore


User Reviews:-


For such a simple concept of a game this has amazing graphics, on top of that the simplicity of it makes it quite addictive. If I had to choose a feature to implement the only thing I can think of is a way to adjust the touchscreen sensitivity in the options. I say this because it is the only game I…

-The graphics are great, and the animation? Just perfect. I do have one suggestion. If we can have multiplayer mode by playing with different devices connecting it with Bluetooth. That way, we can play with friends and don’t have to play with the same screen because, it’ll be hard. And the controls a…

-I think the game is really good and other people should really get it! One thing to ask tho can you add costumes

-great time consumer… but it lags for no reason sometimes… who tf am i kidding im just doing this for free 1000 souls

-Gameplay-very cool! i wish you dont need to wait if you attack early(∩▽∩)

-BRUH the game is beast. I recommend that you make more of these games but try to make the weapons more affordable cuz yo boi be broke on souls

-This game is just great. You get to mlg combo enemies but i think it needs a dodge feature


-The game is soo good but the flaw is we cant beat those guys continuously

-I like every thing in them game ,but there are no much weapons please in the next update add more weapons and thank you.

-The boss creature in this game does not appear at all even after ive slayed multiple minions. I have an oppo f3. Please help…

-Great game for a mobile game, most games like this on most phones are trash. This is a good game tho. Great job.

-Best game ever made!!! !like I’m blown away by the way the rage is!!

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