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Smashy Drift
by AKPublish pty ltd

Get ready to drive legendary cars!

Welcome to SMASHY DRIFT, an endless drift racing game. Race through different locations: cities, uptowns, battlefields and highways.  Survive in driftapocalypse, drift on tank, destroy touge track, make wall taps and 360 spins.


Smashy Drift android app

Smashy Drift android app


Collect power-ups and see if you can beat your friends highscore in the online leaderboards!

– Over 20 unlockable vehicles!!
– Special locations and features for epic cars
– Drifting elements: wall taps and 360
– New content coming soon!

Get the racing game now for free and become drift king!

Download Smashy Drift from Play Store :-


Download Smashy Drift From Play Store


User Reviews :-

Controls are terrible please fix,control lags so much car just in wall after 2 seconds.Also add damage level to car cos it just sux to have 1 touch wall is game over.Good concept but needs a lot of fix to have good gameplay.deleted for now.I will try again after you fix everything.

-This is a great game but there is a bug when I spin the wheel, it just snaps into place and doesn’t give a prize. But still takes my in-game money. Please fix this.

-It’s ok I guess but it’s glitches a little bit and I would rather delete this game but who ever made this game at least you had a try 🙂🙂🙂

-This is one off the better drifting games I’ve ever played but if there were more control options it would be nice

-nice to play a game that isn’t infested in ads. I like the fully sick vl bt1, it’s mad bro.

-Micro transactions need to go for getting cars. And getting coins needs to be easier. Other than that the game is pretty enjoyable id say

-I like the game but i think you should work on sound of the cars and to have a option to change track and car color

-Very very addictive and fun can’t stop playing it!! Highly recommend.

-Good game but challenges my reaction times a bit much for my liking

-Love it accidently clicked it with my chest when putting my socks on 😂

-This is my humble opinion of this game I think good

-It’s good but not that much

-but still, lacks something, dunno what

-Great addicting game.

-Some people might like games like this, I though it looked cool, it was not… Gave it 10min before uninstall


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