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Sky Kingdoms – Castle Siege
by Seven Pirates

Seize your kingdom in the sky!

– The new fantasy strategy game Sky Kingdoms is now available!
– A new fantasy world filled with dragons, knights and floating castles are waiting for you to conquer!
– DOWNLOAD NOW and receive new player packs valued at $10. There’s a limited supply, get them now!

Construct your unstoppable mobile castle that will project your dominance from the sky!





The Ode continent is in peril, fragmented, with the many lords fighting amongst themselves. As a lord of a floating kingdom in the maelstrom, it is up to you to reunite the continent and claim your heavenly throne!

Build a floating castle
– Construct your unique floating castle all your own.
– Command it to & conquer the whole entire continent.
– Control your clan and chase to force your enemies to flee until they are crushed

Train elite troops
– Play the game and liveLive your dream of having owning a pet dragon!
– Collect, train, arm, evolve brave Heroes from all over the fantastical world.
– All knights, mages, and machines are at your beck and call.

Real-time Global Battling
– Compete with players from all over the world to become the Imperator
– The Trading System allows you and other players to trade in the game.
– An accurate simultaneously translated chat allows you to communicate with players from all over the world.

Download Sky Kingdoms – Castle Siege from Play Store :-


Download Sky Kingdoms – Castle Siege From Play Store


User Reviews :-


just another Ark of War with cute theme. nothing new. just like wanna grab another cash with less effort. why bother making new game if you can “re-skin” your old game… genius.

-Really good game. Has a lot of nice featured that other games in the genre should take notes on. Only compliant is not being able to set custom profile pics. Would really help make people stand out more in global and allow for more player identity

-Love the graphics and smooth style of the game.overall.thumbs up to seven pirates. Hoping this does not come to like AOW!were as it became pay to win…hoping this game all of us could play fairly. Thats all. Anyways, love the game! And hoping for new updates..

-Boring as hell. The tutorial is so pushy you cant do anything you like and its the same ol’ game as 100 more out there

-I love this game. I thank them who liked this game.I’m Pratap’s daughter.💋💘❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣💌👑.

-It’s not like any other game I’ve ever seen Music’s good graphics good game play is good great game

-Awesome but change how long it takes to upgrade like I’m trying to get something that is level 6 and it takes 40 minutes

-I still not understand to play this game btw

-Cool graphics and good quality of the work. I have played many of the most this one is one of my favourite games

-Good game but ark of war is basically the same but better

-make it more intense but overall its good game

-So far it’s alright. Graphics could be better

-Nice game. Sooo entertain. Keep up the good work dev.

-Slower than most in this category, more p2w also

-I liked the game case you fight and there’s dragons

-It’s a best game there is much fun and liked this g@meeeee……..

-Give it time Its a great game

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