New Android Game ”Sky Ball” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by Ketchapp

Sky Ball
by Ketchapp


If you enjoyed playing Balls Race, you will likely enjoy this brand new ball game experience! Roll fast on the platforms! Take boosts! Fly in the air as long as you can to improve your score! But don’t fall down!


Sky Ball android app

Sky Ball android app


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User Reviews :-


I will just give 4 stars because there’s just one problem. Its that the second time you play the ball doesn’t show up but still I LOVE THIS GAME! But way too easy for me because my high score is over 7300. BUT STILL! I LOVE THIS GAME! I BOUGHT THE LAST BALL AND THE LAST BLOCK IN THE GAME!


-I’d give it 5 stars buttttt there’s a problem….. like the other people said theres a glitch. If that vets fixed it would be awesome. Until then its pretty bad for that glitch… but I waited and ate my pizza and then the crust fell on the floor and the dog got it… sad day……


-It’s actually really fun, but every time you die it doesn’t start the next run correctly. Like for me the ball just doesn’t show up, it’s weird. But since I’m enjoying it, I just press the pause button and then restart. Once they fix this glitch, it will be a great game!


-It’s alright. It gets repetitive and a bit too easy after a while. Also, it’s kind of laggy. It’s hard to imagine they missed the restart bug, they probably just didn’t care. Not one of their better games.


-I am having the same glitch where the ball does not show the socond time you play it. Pls fix this, but other than that the game is still fun and addicting 😂


-The game keeps glitching out because when I click on play it shows no ball so I have to restart then it works then it doesn’t. It’s a cycle you need to fix. Besides that it is a good game


-It’s a good game but there is a big glitch when you die for the first time and then restart you fall infinitely and I waited like a half-hour sorta and got 10151 points xD but they seriously need to fix this glitch


-Great Concept! But the game is so “slow” and laggy. Sometimes I have to restart the game Because the ball doesn’t show. Plz fix and I will be happy to give 5 stars.


-Great game, I’m really loving it. However there’s a big bug for you guys to look into; after you die, the first time you try to restart it you don’t have a ball and you just sort of fall indefinitely. If you pause and restart that one though the next game is like normal. Overall a very fun game with a lot of potential!


-I really really like the game super fun and addictive, played it too much that there is a image burnt into my screen of a advert at the bottom and the pause button on the top corner. Edit: after like 5 mins with the screen at a lower brightness and watching YouTube it cleared xD


-There’s a huge glitch and it stops you in mid air and then you just haft to sit there but it only happens some times


-This is something wrong where whenever I replay, the screen freezes and the points keep increasing although i am not doing anything.


-Like many users mentioned, every second time you start the game the ball is invisible and can’t fall so you achieve records and fly for an (unlimited?) ammount of time.


-I think u need to fix one thing sometimes I go to start the game but I just stay in the air follow me on Instagram rymerryme666


-This game is fun, except there are plenty of glitches and errors. If they fixed it, I would give it a 5 star.


-Very good. Second time round ball doesn’t spawn but the when you restart it does. If you fix this I will give this 5 stars


-It’s a good game but super glitchy. Whenever you die, and press restart, the points start, but the ball doesn’t, so you have to go back to the menu and press restart. Please fix.


-My brother found a glitch and his screen is stuck but his points are going up and he got to like 23000


-Good game, but there’s a glitch. Sometimes when I spawn into a game, the ball Isn’t there, and free points. Please fix this glitch.


-Ok I like it but there s two bugs for me 1 is that sometimes my ball does not appear but my high score still keeps going and my 2nd bug is I keep going through the platforms, so can you guys fix those


-The game was great… the first round I played. Every other time, the ball wouldn’t move, no matter what I did. Please try and fix this.


-It’s a great game, very addictive, good for boredom, no glitches whatsoever


-It glitches a lot but would be a fun game when it is fixed, also a little too easy for me


-Buggy as anything. After you die, and hit restart it just freezes though the score increases.


-Very good but there is a glitch every time i restart there is no ball so i have to restart again please fix this. 😁😁😁😁😁😁


-Have to restart every other game due to glitch. Counter starts, motion does not.


-Love the new release ketchapp looking foward for new games

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