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Score! Match
by First Touch Games Ltd.

The Road to GLORY awaits! From the award winning makers of Score! Hero & Dream League Soccer comes the real-time multiplayer soccer experience you have all been waiting for! Dribble, pass, tackle and shoot your way to the top with Score! Match! Play YOUR way! Recruit your friends, customise your team, choose your tactics and hone your skills.


Score! Match android app

Score! Match android app



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• Real-time fast-paced 1 on 1 matches against players from all over the world!
• Addictive, easy and fun Score! engine gameplay
• Advance through multiple arenas on your way to the top
• Earn packages to unlock new player types, formations, boot designs and much much more!
• Upgrade players to reach their full potential and showcase their skills on the pitch!
• Stunning 3D graphics, intelligent AI, and hundreds of unique animations
• Recruit Facebook friends to join your team!


Match, Score, WIN!

Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money.


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User Reviews :-


Very good game. Something that is an upgrade from Score hero. BUT. 1. The controls -The range u can pass in is very limited and would be better if we could ass anywhere we want. Also, if there was a power bar for how fast we want the ball to go or a ground pass or cross etc. 2. AI – Sometimes they would go for a tackle and completely miss the player or ball. Also, They run so aimlessly and quite annoying. Please fix this so that this game is more enjoyable. I feel like much is to be improved but this game has potential


-Started off ok but all luck dependant. Opponents can score straight from kick off without your players even attempting a tackle. And then your instantly tackled and from kick off and score again. This has happened to me and for me. Ok if your on the lucky side but infuriating if your not. Players wander around aimlessly as you await for the tackle button to
reload. Could have potential but too many problems at the moment. Connection issues a big problem too . Cant connect to a game or your opponent disconnects..


-Amazingly evocative and addictive football game – up to level 4. After that it gets frustrating. Your own team AI suddenly seems gimped, with players making bizarre mistakes. Makes the game feel more about luck than skill. I’m guessing one has to grind out better players at this stage – or buy gems to buy them. But the frustration is so great, I’m not sure I want to keep playing. Could be so good if it felt more fair.


-I really really like the game, I feel that it is better than Score! Hero. But the one thing that itches me is that you have to pay to get into a match. If I do I big upgrade and I want to play with the player, I don’t have the money to do so. It would be great if you made the match fee free.


-Really infuriating at times because so much of it is luck-based. You can’t control your keeper and you can’t control power on passes or shots; only distance of them. Means I lose the ball all the time and the keeper won’t make saves. And don’t get me started on the tackling system


-Very luck based. I’ve lost games without hardly touching the ball and not even being able to get to try to tackle. They may tackle when there not even near players. And if you win the ball from a tackle, at least half the time you don’t keep the ball. SORT OUT TACKLING!


-It’s a good game though if you just improve your AI to make it better on tackling and run for the ball… The AI is not good at all sometimes they tackle but didn’t hit the opponent. And why high level players can play with low level players? That’s just unfair. Just fix it!


-The game seems to be awesome, but there’s a glitch where mid-game screen stops responding, it just freezes and in the uppre-left corner appears a square or other shape, it looks like the screen is broken. If you fix this I’ll give you 5 stars!


-The game is great except a major problem that ruins it. I am currently at level 4 (65 games. W43_l22). Most of my players are at level 2. Since I leveled up, the game only matches me to other level 4 teams with most of their players at level 4 or higher in all arenas. That makes it almost impossible for me to win more games and advance. In other words you are punishing me for being a good player and managing to level up faster than others (ie. Not having enough time to level up my players). I suggest that you should match teams not with their team level but with players level since the players level makes the real


-An alright idea but the ai is downright moronic half the time, turning round when there’s a clear opening on goal and deciding to pass when there are clearly no friendly players even remotely near the ball. The defining moment for me was when I had an open goal staring me in the face, only for my player to promptly turn away to pass back. Maybe when it works properly it’ll be fun, but when the ai is as shoddy as it is now it just isn’t worth it


-I usually acknowledged First Touch as a fairly decent football game creator, but after playing this, I was obviously mistaken. This game has the same concept as Clash Royale off the pitch, it’s just that you’re playing football. The controls are just plain silly because of the luck involved, especially tackling and the goalkeeper. There are many improvements to be made, but personally you guys should just bring FTS back. At least in that game, it wasn’t so full of luck


-This game needs sofware improvement. I was playing on meizu M5 and after every single online match my phone restarts. The gameplay is quite good but the soft needs to be impoved. I believe i will be able to play after the next update


-I think overall its an OK game. However there are needs of improvements in this game like the AI-its not my standard. In addition the control of the players is so poor. And I think to improve it you should have table standings to see which position you are. Except for this I think this game is great.


-DISAPPOINTED & HELPFUL to “HHERO-CREATOR” because you must go on online first. *This game is interesting fine. 1} SUSPENDING GAMES & CANCEL 2} UPGRADING PLAYERS 3} INTENSITY Excuse me what difference dose it make between HERO & SCORE HERO. I’m not happy about this game, is all about luck. *NOT: 1} TACKLE EXPIRING TOO EARLY, BUT SHOULD REMAIN Game: you said is free but not free, I have wonderful games and super power games that are offline. I’m a great fan of #HERO. *ADVICE 1} FREE 2} PLAYERS SUPER UGRADE 3} WIN OR LOOSE MATCH GET ‘A PAY’


-My god the stutter in this game is so much. I have a powerhouse of a phone yet the lag is just too much. This needs a lot of polish, a lot better servers, but the idea is there. Just improve it. A Lot.


-Ok so first off it’s a very good interactive soccer sports game for mobile and it’s very fun. However the amount of rng in where your players face when hitting the ball, when players decide to actually play defence, and goalie action is hard to get by. It’s frustrating seeing the ball being dribbled all the way back to your goal and scored because your players refuse to do any pressure unless you use your 1 tackle button that still takes too much time before it actually kicks in.


-Side note: I currently have an issue with my crates where I have to wait 420,000 hours before I can open any of them


-Liked Score Hero like this one have work to do need tournaments global leaderboards, maybe prizes players, coins etc for achieving certain things 10 wins in row for example lots of potential would love to be involved in developing this one possibilities with this is endless 👍🏻 thumbs for good effort just needs more work


-Only real issue I have with game, is if someone quits, game sometimes awards them with win. Most recent time had “opponent reconnecting” with a timer, I was 1 nil up, just hit the final kick and yet they were the ones awarded the win. This issue gets solved, I’ll give it 5 stars


-It’s good I was score hero fan so this is a good follow up, it has its problems, I wish it had a local multi-player along with a single player but it’s new so I won’t judge it too much, still though 5 stars.


-It glitches alot the AI system messed up and now i gotta wait 422467hours 34 mins and 30secs for a box that usually takes 4 hours this game has so many bugs but overall a good game

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