New Android Game ”Romance of the Three Kingdoms” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by NEXON Company

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
by NEXON Company

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao is now available on mobile platforms around the world! Come play the timeless SRPG classic!


Romance of the Three Kingdoms android

Romance of the Three Kingdoms android


■ The strategic tour de force “”The Legend of Cao Cao,”” remastered for mobile.
– Join Cao Cao in his legendary quest to dominate the Three Kingdoms!
– Assemble a team of elite commanders to conquer your foes!
– Reenact the tales of other legendary characters in [Story] mode!

■ The KOEI [Romance of Three Kingdoms] that you know and love!
– Put your tactical talent to the test against AI and other players alike!
– Complex strategy, simple controls!
– Build the perfect fighting force for every challenge!

■ Brand-new content to usher a retro favorite into the modern age!
– Jump into asynchronous PVP with [Annihilation]!
– Fight the pivotal battles of every Kingdom in the robust expanded [Story] mode!
– Cooperate with other players to build your empire!

■ Mobile application permission guides

The app requires certain permissions deliver a few key services.
[Key access permission]
Picture/Media/Save File: Save game/update files and attach screenshots for customer service.
[Turn off permission]
Android Version 6.0 and above: Settings > Apps > App permissions > Choose specific permission > Turn permission On or Off
▶ Below Android Version 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to turn off permissions or delete app
※Some apps might not allow you to opt into permissions individually. In that case, permissions can be turned off using the method outlined above.


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User Reviews :-


Really good game. The “stamina” used is provision for you army which are abundantly avail so you can play for long times. Solid turn based strategy battle system with good use of unit types and strategies. Well thought out such as having water tactics be stronger in rain and fire not available. Levelling generals can be slow and any new generals you recruit start at lower level. Plenty of daily quests to level them and you can use jade seals to speed it up too. This is the ROTK game I’ve been waiting for on mobile.


-Everything was great except the open world pvp of holding and defending castle.. every castle i hardly won lost in secs.. and the amount of silver to use is so much for everything.. when you only can generate so little in the beginning. The big pocket hardly need any skill if they just use money max everything. Not recommended for non payers unless you only plays story mode.


-I’ve been waiting for this, really anything from the three kingdoms is my jam. Something I’d like is to have the dialogue be tap instead of auto run, it’s easy to miss some stuff and the story is one of the greatest aspects of the three kingdoms. Over all really fun and interesting, love it. Haven’t got to far into it yet so maybe I’ll edit this after a while. As of today, this 5*


-Like the concept…i still have a love for the original nitendo version but this is great. I wish the dialogue was able to be skipped. The game is ultra-deep in its customizations. Different units, leaders, skills for units and for leaders, special weapons and artifacts. ..and so on. Very well though through design. If i had one small thing it would be to lower the silver cost a little for upgrades (NON real money )….the gold (real money) is surprisingly reasonable


-Good game over all. However, there are some scratches that could be fixed. 1. This game has Traditional Chinese text, but no Chinese voice? I think adding Chinese voice would be a great idea. 2. Some text looks strange. For example, no body would call Cao Cao “Cao Cao” in front of him except his enemies. “Meng de” or “Lord Cao” would be the proper way to speak. 3. Text goes too fast that I can’t even finish reading some time. Thank you


-It’s a great game with easy controls and and a great story from one of my favorite games ever. The problem is though, it closes on me for no reason at all and I can’t really enjoy it. I don’t know if maybe it’s just my phone or if anyone else is having this issue.


-I havent played it because i cant, but i realize what a bad review might do. So i’m giving it 5 stars because i like 3 kingdoms. Please fix the screen overlay error as of now, i can’t even get into the game. Thanks


-Would be better if the match up were more fair , have only won A single siege to date, is ridiculous… Overall game play is great but need to balance Else perpetually cannot win and earn money will stop playing after A while.


-Easy to play but it requires 48 hours a day to play this game. If you say it is pay to win, I will take that excuse and bring my Guo Jia to blow your castle no matter how strong you are. Bye Lu Bu, I am your fan but you are the enemy on battle field.


-The messages in game scroll without you tapping. I don’t finish reading before the next one appears. If you look away from the screen for ten seconds you miss several lines of dialogue.


-It would be great, but in just a matter of months it will be unplayable for f2p and non whale users. The multiplayer is literally just griefing new and less powerful players. It has the original game it was based on (I think, never played it.), but that isn’t and won’t be enough to keep players. It needs a major overhaul or barring that they need to learn that if they want to make real money they need to actually make a balanced game that is fun for everyone the entirevtime that they play.


-I cant control when to read the next dialogue. It is frustrating that i cant read finish the words before the next one. The gameplay is kind of complicated to me. Otherwise, i think it is an interesting game with RotTR theme.


-Fascinating story line. However the dialogue play will be interrupt or speed up when touching screen. Isnt better to only placing 2 option manually click or skip function??


-I like three kingdoms games, but this one is not one of them. Probably the dev pick the wrong series of RTK to be remastered. RTK IV Wall of Fire would be much better than The Legend of Cao Cao. The fact that you can only control Cao Cao in the battle is too boring. 10 minutes into the game I got so bored I decided that I will uninstall it. Also, like most of the people here, I don’t like the text being auto run without the ability to control it.


-This is wonderful, I wish it had custom officers but that is truly my one and only gripe. This game deserves it’s 5 star rating.


-The overall game is great with several minor issues that should be easily fixed. (1) The Chinese style name shouldn’t be combined with self name like Cao Cao Mengde. It’s either Cao Cao or Cao Mengde. Maybe it is better to be written Cao Cao (Mengde). (2) Why in such a wonderful game should there be an open world PvP? I think PvP should be optional.


-Very well designed game that reminds me alot of the older ones, all of the special items cant be aquired over time it seems and doesnt seem like a pay to win game so far. The only thung its missing is the alliances, im not sure if i just havent unlocked them yet or if they are coming in the future but overall a great game to me. I dont EVER write reveiws for games but for thus one i had to.


-Game play is like 80s & 90s console play. Controls also very easy to use. Instructions are clear. But as all had mentioned, coins generate slower than we can use. Hope more prize award to use to cover the time taking to defend our land.


-Story is fun thus far. Simple to understand, control and function. Havent tried multiplayer yet. But would love for a more expansive choice play like the other Romance series games. Playing from a foot soldier and up can be rewarding.

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