New Android Game ”Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by BitMango

Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle
by BitMango

Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle is a simple addictive unblock puzzle game, keep you playing it!

Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle

Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle

Do you like the game genres as below? Great! Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle has all the elements. 😉
• Sliding Puzzles, Just move and move!
• Puzzle Games, Thought-provoking fun.
• Maze Puzzle Games, Escape the maze.
• Brain Teasers, Test yourself. Exercise your brain.
• Physics Puzzler, Physics-based gaming.
• Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn but hard to master.
• Retro Games, Revisit the classics
• Exam Prep & Tutoring, Practice makes perfect. Train you brain to active mind.
• Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy the game with your family.

Move the blocks with your finger to create a path for moving the ball to the red GOAL block. But riveted blocks can’t be moved. Are you ready to play? Download and start solving puzzles now!

– An essential is for the adult to kids of all ages.

– You can enjoy the game enough.

– Play at your own pace.

– Games you can play offline.

– Moving, Rotation mode to challenge & Star mode to relax.

– RESTART: Just restart a level quickly.
– UNDO : Have a mistake? Don’t worry, just put it back.
– HINTS : It’s a good friend. Of course, it may be wrong.

– The Santa may give gifts to you. Check a message box often.

– Buy AD FREE(USD 1.99) or Participate in ads improvement program by in-game Email.

– Support both PHONES & TABLETS.
– Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.
– Support GOOGLE+ recommendation.
– CLOUD SAVE: Your game progress is being saved online with Google Play. You can sync your game progress between devices, phones & tablets using the same Google Play Account. It’s support game progress only, not hints, not auto-save. Be careful, if you tap the “Save” or “Load” button, it will works at once.
– MULTIPLAYER GAME : It’s required to sign-in Google Play Games. It consists of Basic, Star and Rotation modes. The Star mode in multiplayer game is fake, easy to say, Ignore the stars. Beat the other players worldwide. Invite your friends and enjoy the game together!


• Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle contains the ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
• Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle sells In-app products like AD FREE, Hints and level packages.
• This app requires following permissions.
– Modify or delete the contents of your SD card & Read the contents of your SD card
– Full network access Google Play billing service receive data from internet view network connections view Wi-Fi connections.
– Prevent tablet from sleeping

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User Reviews :

-best puzzle game

-Just way too many ads. Eventually you start having to watch an ad after every second other level. Its a free game, so I get it but the levels are so quick sometimes I’m watching more than I am playing. Fun game, though. Easy controls and great graphics and sound.

-Just way too many ads. Eventually you start having to watch an ad after every second other level. Its a free game, so I get it but the levels are so quick sometimes I’m watching more than I am playing. Fun game, though. Easy controls and great graphics and sound.

-Good fun and very addictive. I see people moaning about the adds 😧 but what can you expect from a free game? You get an add pop up after about 5 puzzles and to be honest it is only for a few seconds….just close it if you don’t want to see them.

-This game is outstanding. Love the graphics, simple to understand. Some appear quite easy and then you suddenly get a level that looks like it should be but has you scratching your head for AGES!!! Love it. I can live with the adverts, just wish i could put the phone down.

-Wonderful game, excellent graphics, its a free game, I solve 2 puzzles and a video ad plays I cant get over it, ad’s are repeatedly played and I can’t skip, but uninstalling cos too too much of ad’s… after 2nd level game is very easy didn’t find much interesting..

-Agree with other comments. Great graphics, fun to play, but the ADS!!!!!!!! eventually destroy the fun. Very repetitive after a while and challenge levels seem quite mixed. Have decided to delete the game mainly because of the ad onslaught. Other games have a much better ad/play psychology approach.

-Great time killer and keeps the brain ticking good fun. Ads are annoying but it’s free and you can pay about £1.50 to get rid of them if your that bothered 🤔

-Too many adds. No paid version which I’d probably buy because the adds get ridiculous after a while. They start popping up mid level which is a major put off. Game is really enjoyable without the adds.

-I usually can find something “wrong” with almost any app or game, but this is about as close to perfect as I’ve played or used. I did not find the ads to be *nearly* as bothersome as most games. Good stuff!!

-Great idea, works well but dull. Not challenging at all, I assume difficulty might increase eventually. But I got bored soooo fast as it’s way too easy! 🙁 Shame because I think I’d love it otherwise. How about adding a hard mode?

-Game is good… knowledge doesn’t improve but good to play as an time pass.. one draw back which is common mistake in most of the apps which is irritating a lot that is Ads..

-It’s a great fun little game but I think there should be more bonus coins or power up levels or some kinda special thing like maybe a break away wall that give you extras star bonuses. Something you know more graphics design

-This game is really easy to me. I can do level 32 in 30 seconds. Never needed to use a hint. Another thing, is that when your making it you want all the stars, and by accident you make the ball roll. I think there should be a button that makes you to roll the ball when you’re ready, instead of a aut…

-I saw this game on a advert on tap tap dash and started playing the advert I became obsessed with it and felt that when it finished I would have to get it. Ever since I downloaded it I became more and more addicted to it. I highly recommend this app

-This game is sooooo frustrating that the game made me through my phone on the ground. If you are good with controlling your stress then you should try it. But if your not good at controlling your stress then do not get it.

-Love the game but WAY to many ads. Not bad the first level. A 5 sec. ad every 2 or 3 boards. But by half way through the 2nd level it’s a 30 sec. ad after every board. Definitely going to uninstall it. Too bad.

-Saw it advertised and gave it a go. Pretty fun, once you understand the tactics it’s pretty easy but I still like it. If you want to waste time, but not on a Candy Crush rip off, this is it!

-Aaj jab me yeh likh laha hoon tab date thi 11 MARCH 2018 pata nahi ki aap sab yeh padha ya na bhi padhe mene is game ke sirf 60 level hi kiye heeee vaise mene yeh game apni behen ke kahene par download ki thi but mujhe yeh game itni zayada acchi nahi lagti bas thik thik hai mene aaj hi is game …

-It’s great that I can play offline, and the game has a good pace, not too easy, but not too frustrating either. So it’s just right for taking mind off of things, and just relax with a good, fun game. Really nice graphics, too!

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