New Android Game ”Robot Shark” Download Game apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by Naxeex Corp

Robot Shark
by Naxeex Corp

Special mech under your control: half submarine, half bot. Walk or swim!
• Open world: ocean area with island town ashore at your disposal. Explore depths or sun your irons on the beach.
• Different enemies and quests on the seaside and under water. Don’t let police, military and bandits stop you!

Robot Shark android game

Robot Shark android game

Imagine that you’re a shark with terrible jaws, but you don’t feel hungry and don’t need to eat somebody, just need to change batteries, that’s only the simulator!
Show your animal instincts anyway! Control mechanical shark, search for treasures and attack hostile robots. Real future pirate action!
End fishing break and start epic sea battle, be raw fish with attitude!
Tap and dash!

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User Reviews:-

– I think its cool ,more animals please make a bug transformer like a spider or beetle or mabye a rhino,ape,cheetah,rat

-Thank u can U make more animal transformers like grimlock or one of the other dinosaurs transformers

-Could you make a wolf transformer plz i love wolves and this shark game is absolutely amazing

-The graphics are okay im not going to good but it like any other game. Another thing im going to say is the game reminds me of a game named Rope Hero Vice Town.

-I ever don’t play these games I will play today it is very useful game for everyone

-The game is good but there is lot more work to do on this game

-Cool can you make another game like this except its a human being able to go underwater

-It’s cool every one play it now wow I’m under the say

-Could you please do more games of this game and A Basketball one plz

-You cn make different world’s like the jurrasic age or any world

-I like because i played this plz like me and subscribe to my channel best game tv

-Good game and more things can be added

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