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Rise Up
by Serkan Özyılmaz

App Category:- Arcade

The most challenging and fun game of 2018! Protect your balloon with your shield while it’s rising up! Beware of the obstacles.Move your shield with one finger to protect your balloon. Clear your way as you reach higher and higher! Shield control is very easy but it’s very hard to reach high scores! Challenge your friends for the highest score!

Game Features:
– Free to play
– One finger control
– Different obstacles and experience every time
– Endless gameplay

Rise Up

Rise Up


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User Reviews :-


Dmitri Robinson
This game is super fun and good for extra time. I love it. For the people who complain of too many ads, there is a skip ad button. If that still isn’t good enough, just turn on airplane mode. No wifi or data? No ads. Just remember that the ads support the developer and all his hard work though.

Harry Colman
All in all, a very good game. Well designed and imaginative levels that are fun to figure out. I would say however that the latency between your movement and the blockers movement is quite agitating, and personally I’d like for it to follow my finger instead of being dragged. It would be good to see a toggle in a settings menu to change the blocker to follow your finger.

Alaina Davis
WORST APP EVER!!! Please never ever ever buy I’ve literally spent more time watching ads then I have playing. Honestly it’s just add after add after add… With no reward! It’s fun and addictive when you can actually play!!! But literally I’ve NEVER gone on an apps reviews and wrote a bad review let’s put it that way. I will NEVER play this again

Cai Noble
Oh my goodness, whaaaa!??? 🙏🖖😜 Once you think you’ve seen it all…..a new game comes along that blows your socks off. Lol. Great work! So much fun. Simple and yet increasing strategy is needed.

App User
The game is far to hard at the beginning considering you would be a beginner, the controls are so bad, the game is just STRESSFUL, AND it Isn’t even a fun game to play so I don’t even have a reason to look past all the other things. In conclusion, I think if you get this game, it is a useless waits of phone storage. ALSO there was WAY too many ads. I will say it was a cool concept.

App User
I think it’s a good game pass out time. If someone is tired we can play this game it’s a good game because there is a skip button we can skip every add. But I think if it had a score saving app it would be super fun. But you should play this game. By VEHAAN GUPTA 9C

Disappointing and repetitive but it was fun for the first few minutes. Also, they bombard you with ads. Even if I didn’t want to watch a video to continue, they gave me one anyway. 🙂 How generous. Don’t waste your time, plenty of better puzzle games out there.

Eh, it was ok, but some things did not work properly, and it froze a few times. I say put more effort into the physics.

App User
This game used to be cool. But now it’s so laggy and it wasn’t long before the game froze. My tablet’s low on battery 16% and I don’t want to waste my time trying to get rid of the lag

Xydtipaht Boonyavanich
While the idea sounds good the execution absolutely sucks. Jittery and ridiculously hard to control the ball. Cannot get more than 3 levels in 1 go. Not worth my time.

mila krstic
I started playing this game and it was pretty boring to me.But,when I closed the application there was a mark of sorts on my phone with the design of the app logo.I got really scared so I rebooted my phone and uninstalled this stupid app.Thank God it was gone.

Music Lovers by shivesh
This is the worst game ever I have played. Please don’t waste your time in downloading it

Dalibor Rusevljan
The game was all glitchy when i pl7ay. Or things dissapear or lunch up or baloon pops for nothing. I like those glitches and they are funny but iwould like you to fix them

App User
I love this game I guess you guys literally need to download this it’s so amazing💕😍 it is super easy I love it. I knowthat as others told me I saw the reviews they are mad and I didn’t found any any ads while playing the game I guess they are having any errors in the there phone or anything I don’t know what the hell but I love the game I literally love it.

Bijoy George
Not user friendly game, the curser is moving very slowly, may be because of the ram speed. But I suggest don’t download this game

Chris Newman
Worst game I have ever played. The “watch to continue” videos don’t let you continue and they can actually get in trouble for doing that. Levels don’t save and it’s too redundant.

App User
Its the BEST!Soooooo ADICTIVE too.My sis downloaded it first and covinced me to download it too and I said its so simple…😐But then she told me her high score and I tried to defeat it and then as she saw me struggling to beat her she said: “I TOLD YOU YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!! If you are a simple person looking for a simple but ADICTIVE game this is the app for you! WARNING: Simple but… ADICTIVE!

palwasha qaderi
This app is very good! Good job on your creative work and customizations. I love the gameplay and controls, everything! I love how you used your own imagination to create this wonderful game! I’m sure everybody will love it! Just see your own game! Check how creative it will be. To: Serkan. From: Palwasha Qaderi

Timothy Cox
Fun game, but ads are excessive. If you fail which happens a lot you get hit with ads like every game, and theyre mostly forced 30 second ads. I find myself closing the game and reopening it, which results in me not playing more than Im playing.

Ender Leader
When i press the play button nothing happens so when do i actually get to play. Its a complete waste of space if your game is more buggy then bethesdas console freeze from all there games 👎

Stevonnie #
Dreadful. Don’t download this dumb game. Doesn’t even F***ing work. Waste of time and space.

Ka Phinney
It’s just too hard, and then there is: “Want to watch an ad to continue?” “No thanks” “WELL WE’LL SHOW YOU ONE ANYWAY, AND MAKE SURE ITS EXTRA LONG :D”

App User
Terrible performance for such a simple graphics, other than that it’s a great game. Also you should make the pointer more smooth. It’s too slow.

Marin Anderson
I liked it when I first got it, the game got super hard to control!! It’s always so glitchy! I hated it!😡

Thomas Agudo
It has way too many ads!! Every time I die in this game there’s an ad and this ad is like a minute-long.I think that you guys should just start to get rid of alot of ads.

App User
Its great! But really hard and that makes me sad and not confident

Just sparkle
It was fun at first but way too many adds IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME also very glitchy to where I wouldn’t move and immediately die. Not worth the time or storage space

App User
Ad ridden junk! A good idea, but undercut by the spamming of ads, whether you choose to watch a video to continue or not. When you click close in the end of the video it almost always throws you into play store. STAY CLEAR OF THIS gAME AND THIS dEVELOPER!

kapil joshi
The game itself is actually pretty good but the controls are very hard. The controls are really confusing. There is also way too many ads

App User
Its a mediocre game which you can tell the creators didn’t care about the game, they just wanted to be played. The ads are insane and the game is not great honestly if it had less ads I would give way more stars. I am disappointed.

Allie Terrill
This game is the worst it has you go through a whole bunch of stuff to start playing and then when your done with that its really slow

App User
This is a good, addictive game but there are way too many adds. It’s relaxing too but the adds just get in the way and it makes it really frustrating.

T nunfela
Unnecessarily too much of add, there is even option to skip it. Have to be patience with Dhoni’s add.

App User
I love this game but the reason I am giving it 4 stars is because, on the challenges, once you have died if you use a life to receive start then you balloon disappears and it will just keep going untill you close down the game and start it up again. However tjis dose not happen in the normal game; only in the challenges. Please may this be fixed.

Simply, Meant To Be
Well I was playing it on the bus and the guy next to me says ” You playing rise up? Cause I got something that rises up when I see you, too” so I can’t give this game a really good review

Louise Land
The game NEVER WORKS!!! I try to play the game and it doesn’t let you play it I’ve tried everything to get it work deleting it and getting it back again, I even restarted my entire phone

Too many’s too disturbing.overall good game.please fixed this Ads problems.please do something. -Thank you.

Anna Weise
I hated it. It mad me constantly rage and even if you due and don’t want to continue, you still have to watch an add.

Naman Nawhal
Please don’t download cause the cursor isn’t smooth and too many ads . I don’t understand why the maker is promoting others games through too many ads …….it just suckss!! Worst game

Devany Walker
Its a very challenging game which is very good to be used for killing time sometimes I want to burst out in rage but ig its a consequence of playing a great game

Bambang Durrani
there are too too many ads. So do something about it. Also when I go on it the loading part is too slow to wait for. I am UNINSTALLING THIS GAME NOWW.

App User
This game sucks it’s terrible I don’t get why u put a game lol this, trust me it’s horrible never download this game

Rubangakene Pius Piru
Installed the new update and now I can’t play the game. Every button is unresponsive…. 😒

David Thomas
Its not that good, and easy. The levels repeat and there are too many ads. Its a great concept though

App User
This game is so ugly. The controlles are wacky. How am I supposed play this game

Linda Adamson
I hate this game to many ads and when u playing in yhe middle of the game a ad forces u to lose

Becky Smith
I hate this game! To many ads and it’s the worst game ever! Why would anyone want this game!? Booooo! I hate this game more than any game ever 💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💔😠 terrible! 👎👎👎👎👎👎💩 way you to gli Chyna I hate it doesn’t not get it it stinks

App User
I hate it.Every time I fail it says “want to continue?” I press it and it’s always a three min long ad and it doesn’t even let me continue.Also there is a very big problem with all the ads.There are way too many ads!!!I decided to rate this app as a 1 for all these problems and there are many more

Martha Coronado
Este juego mata el tiempo y es muy divertido… pero tambien es estresante cuando pierdes, de echo mi hermanita de 3 años se traumó cuando accidentalmente “mato” a su globo. Pero para mi es muy divertido👍🏼🎈🎈🎈

David Pelcha
It is pk but i get frustrated at some point because it’s hardp

GeorgeandSpaz Williams
The game is well done but the ads are horrible. I even paid for “no ads” but it still plays ads if you want to “continue” instead of starting over.

chris fletcher
This game is really starting to get me annoyed I mean it’s kind of fun I guess but this game get me really frustrates and there are even some things in here th at are impossible I don’t know if I could put up with this game it is really annoying and it has way more adds than it should have

Mehul Vadaliya
Not bad, but optimization is very bad, phone heating badly, battery consumptive, sticking problem. Because of graphics IMG.

App User
It’s very frustrating and the ball keeps on glitching so when ever am trying to protect the balloon the ball flyes way over there and I can’t pass no levels now

Karma Reid
I have never seen a game that I hated so much. It has too many ads and I can’t get back to trying to figure out the game.

App User
Its very laggy and so many ads, apart from that the game is really nicely designed. Its fun and addicting!

Dulce Zumaya
Probably the best game of the year. It’s challenging ,fun . Yeah it has a lot of adds I hope they fix that.

App User
Isse bakwas nonsence isse toh mera dog bhi nhi pasand karta jis group ne iss game ko banaya ha na wo bhi bakwas bloody compy bloody bu…….. game please mat download kijiye💣😤.

Cjob Drums
It sucks, i boughy all the balloons and then i got a call from the IRS Saying they were suing me because of my purchase. It Sucks

James Denham
I paid to have no ads but they Still keep coming !!! Also it is hard to figure out what things mean or how fast they come or what you can do about a new challenge, often they are not repeated.

Rozafa Neziraj

Nick Preston
Fun game but way too many ads makes it not even worth it so I’m uninstalling

likhith devadiga
After update, ads started….. Taking long time to load…… Hang in middle 😃

Jorge Andrés Solís
It’s entertaining at first mostly. But there are SO MANY ADS! Weather you chose to watch them or not, there’s no choice really, so many ads. I won’t be bullied into paying to remove them

Shayan Chowdhury
I like this one game and it is a great game to play with and because you have to know how to or what ways to go and there is so many rounds also there is all different problems that you have to try to complete and my best is 39

App User
Honestly if you have the game downloading right now stop it installin waste of space too many ads cant even play the game there is no time to even play the game its just adverts also the game is so sensitive like even if like the smallest ball in the game touches it and also the game isnt fair because the objects come from all different angles whoevermade this game needs to stop making games This is just my opinon but i wouldnt download it if i were uou !!!!!!

App User
This game is completely BROKEN. The point was out if my control, and it was terrible. The other glitch was that instead of rising up it just dropped down!!!

Crissy C

Shalu Jain
Hey guys I said this game is amazing I just love this game we just need to protect the balloon and it seems easy but it is really hard

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