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Real Cricket 18
by Nautilus Mobile

Real Cricket is here and here to stay! For the first time we bring to you our hit cricket franchise and rich cricketing experience with Real Cricket 18! The most complete cricket game in the world!  For all you cricket fans out there, Intensity of a Real Cricket game, now on your mobile!!! Welcome to the most authentic, complete and surreal Cricket experience on Android – Real Cricket™ 18


Real Cricket™ 18 android app

Real Cricket 18 android app



A Brand new game engine developed from zero and optimized to provide the most authentic experience ever!

For the first time, feel the difference between various batsmen and their styles of play with Batting Types – Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Brute, each with their unique cricket shots and aggression levels.

Now have an arsenal of bowling deliveries to choose from such as Off Spinner, Arm Ball, Top Spinner, Doosra, Leg Cutters, In-Swingers, Slower Balls and many more.

Experience the most real and live stadiums. Each stadium providing a unique feel and guaranteed to provide an experience different from the other.

Play from the eyes of the batsman and feel the thrill of the ball hurtling towards you at 90 MPH. Bat yourself into form and show nerves in crucial moments!

Now unlock game modes and items by playing the game and levelling up. The higher the level the more of the game you have to enjoy.

Experience the game with television broadcast level presentation and a brand new look and feel.

Get stuck in and grind out through the tough moments. Hitting sixes in no more a piece of cake. Master Cricket simulation at its very best.

Be part of key battles between players. Engage the opposition players with some mind games.

Get unique player faces, great looking team jerseys with numbers on the back!

The best in class and most authentic Decision Review System is now included. Also Experience Third Umpire referrals for Run Outs and Stumpings.

Authentic Cricket equipment provided by legendary manufacturers – Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket.

This app offers in-app purchases.

To deliver the best experience we would need some permissions from our users:

GET_ACCOUNTS: This permission is required to access Google Game Play Services including Login, Achievements and Leaderboard.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: We need these permissions to cache and read game content during the gameplay.

READ_PHONE_STATE: We need this permission to serve you relevant notifications on various updates and offers.

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: We need this permission to detect your location so as to provide region specific content as well as analyze your regions needs and feedback better.


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User Reviews :-

Best cricket game I’ve played by a mile. However to elevate it from 4 to 5 stars there has got to be a significant difference in how the game plays out depending upon the pitches u play on. They all play the same. But the biggest fix needs to come from the ability of the teams u play against. I played as the West Indies masters and Australian masters against Zimbabwe under 19 side and the under 19 side were hammering sixes left right and centre against holding, Lillie mcgrath, Warne, ambrose, Marshall… This simply wouldn’t happen. Please correct this.

-This is a very good game but only a few problems that you fix are…. 1) Please add auction 2) make the bowling a little easy…. just do this and the things that others are saying…. you can make like PC game don bradman cricket 17….. thank you and plzzz make it a little more better in the auction, it should look like you really in the auction present there…. very well done nautilus… of luck for the next update and dont forget to make the bowing much easier….

-5 star for hard work.I am sure your team will make this game much better in future update.Overall it is best cricket game.Like all features the graphics are not up to the mark.If graphics will make more realistic surely no cricket game will beat real cricket series in future. Some small bugs as of now- 1.poor fielding animation in boundary. It means fielder not try to catch hard ball i mean if it close six too. 2.fielder immediately goes to the bowl and bowler too. 3.I think more shot need to add because legacy swipe only some shots working i mean the shot is not in the direction where i swipe.i will again review some bugs.please reply.

-Lots of good things but bowling is been not at its best computer batsman are hit any n every ball for 6. Bowling should be more real too. On batting many time perfectly timed shots ends up in catch. Also some times shots are played on the square of wickets still it a catch on long on n long off how come so.

-This is awesome game.. for those who say bowling is hard please try different variations at dfiirenet places… and for those who say hook and pull shot is noth there please play the game and check the lofted shots towards third man and fine leg you will be able to hit hook and pull shots .. for those who say shots are not going the way to hit it towards itx because of timing and placement of ball.. For more queries join the group on FB “android crickey Gaming you” you will get all suggestions and answers thankyou..

-Graphics are good but there are a few things that need significant improvement. 1. even on easy difficulty the AI can score 12-20 runs every over no matter where I pitch the delivery. 2. while I was batting I tried to hit a six but the ball was caught outside the boundry line and I was given out. It was a very crucial moment in that match 🙁

-Don’t worry about the game size.You can go beyond 500 mb.Camera work is nice and definitely a lot to be improved in graphics and game play.Make it more interactive and interesting.We would like to see many fielding changes,stadiums and good gameplay and test cricket too. Hats off to your work. We hope that you listen to us.

-There r very less options that u will not find in this Game.This Game is very much different & unique from other Cricket games. It has lots of lots of options & features in it.U will find all the features u need as a Cricket/Game lover in it. Which u will not find in other games. It has very very good Graphics as well. It also has lots of Variations & difference than previous versions of Real Cricket Games. As a Game lover u shd definitely Download this Game. Really,loved this game.

-Everything is fine but sometimes even if the batsman misses the ball if we are bowling it is considered as wide ball, but if opponent is bowling and if we miss it is not taken as wide. Even if the ball is perfectly timed it will be a catch by the fielder, sometimes if hit the ball oneside it will go otherside and taken as catch. They need to work more harder but it is very good to play I loved it so much than any other cricket game

-I have no words about how great this game is… Thanks a lot developers for making this realistic game.. Please its an humble request to implement an “online play feature” in this game so that one can play multi-player cricket with his friend anytime Plus please implement test series Thank-you

-Disappointed totally, looking overall though it might be a great experience but need alot working on the it. 1.i will suggest to make the camera view of the gameplay to same as Real cricket 2017. 2.improve the control of ball placement which is not accurate. 3.make the batsmen movement a bit smoother. 4.even a ball hit for six is caught on boundary. 5.also the bowling speed meter is not accurate and works so fast mostly a no ball is bowled. have to wait for long to make a selection of speed. And need lots of working on graphics .

-Loving this game, graphics are amazing. Just need a few tweaks and bug fixes… And guys also make bowling a little easy as the batsman are able to hit every other ball for boundries.. even the difficult deliveries are being hit easily… And fielding level should also be improved…👍

-Its a nice cricket game it has great new features like free hit, DRS, inning break, extra time, presentation etc some bugs need to be fixed like sometime it asks to send new player even when no wicket is fallen. Bowler can fields ball which is way away from him, fielders sometimes fields from outside boundary, bowling needs to be more realistic as batsman can hit any good balls, need guide for different available shots. Not able to use earned coins anywhere need this things to be fixed quickly

-Best cricket game ever.. Thank you developers.. Really fantastic game.. But plz imorve the graphic also plz imorve the overall fielding also add test cricket mode and new bowling actions, new animations, new commentaries and new stadiums.. If these things will be done definitely this game will be treat to all cricket games fans.. I hope In the coming updates u wil come up with more new features and make this game more realistic and entertaining.. Once again thank u so much.. Keep up the great work..

-real cricket 18 is best cricket game in play store.RCPL is the most excited tournament.overall game is too good. Please remove the adds from rcpl.It is very irritating.Unlock the all tournaments .No overthrows no miss fielding and step out no ball is also not there in match from the opposition team.some features and graphics should be updated.Thanks

-There are some bugs.need to fix it soon. about the game some parts are good and some parts are worst.when i want to play loft short it confirmed got catched even no matter players present there or not. Some time fielder catched which is clearly sixer short. It makes me panic. Lots of time when i play in gap area didn’t know from where filder come there and catched the ball. Thats are main bugs need to be fixed. otherwise it is a great experience.

-Good game but need to fix some issues like catching the ball behind boundary line I’m totally mad with that thing as my batsman are getting out even though the shot is perfectly timed. If you fix it then I’ll give you a 5 star in gameplay

-Game is super, graphics are beautiful but you need to change some game features those to remove the payment mode to tournaments, and the playing controls, timing Meter, third umpire review system worst please work on it, and in some replays if the player caught out but in replay it is going to four please work on it. Otherwise game is super. Please remove payment mode and come fast with a bang update.

-That’s a fantastic game. Thanks to nautilus for making such a good game. But there are few problems. 1)-We can not change opponent squad.2)-Fielding animations in the boundary are very poor. Please verify this problems. I am expecting these problems will not be in the new update.

-Please add test cricket and allow us to download the other tournaments instead of unlocking them by gaining XP. Add different bowling & batting styles. Add Outside/inside edge to stump out. Increase the movement speed of players. Add diving catch. Add different camera angles in analysis of run out decisions 👍

-I love the graphics of this game, it is really nice… The important demerit is bowling, which is really tough… Batsman scores fours and sixes almost every delivery… And almost sometimes the boundary fielders catches the bowls outside the boundary line… Please take note of this changes.. thank you

-Please imorove your gameplay. There are many glitches in the game. Player gets run-out even if he is inside the crease. Game lacks of smoothness as well. Hope you will improve in coming updates.

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