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Racing Moto
by Droidhen Casual

Game Category:- Racing

Racing Moto is a fast paced racing game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world! Control your moto with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Also enjoy beautiful view during the journey – desert, city, bridge, sea and forest!

Intuitive game rules:
# Tilt phone to control moto direction
# Tap screen to accelerate

Tips to win high score:
# Keep accelerating moto so that the score will be boosted. The boost factor is shown on the right top of the screen.
# Watch out indicator light. Vehicles may turn left or right.


Racing Moto

Racing Moto


Enjoy feeling super speedy moto racing! Please give us your feedback, rate or comment if you like this game!

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Download Racing Moto Game


User Reviews :-


App User
Very nice this game is very good and I think it is a great idea 💡 you can make the best app for your business and you should be able to use it for the time pass and it is an awesome way to start your day with this popular game

Vishnu Nair
Suppose to Give 5 star rating … .Game is Great…..A perfect Time Killer….And size is very small…..Thats a very big Advantage……..Im recommending everyone to download this Game….. But there is Big Problem….Add More Bikes…. Game is Great But We want more Bikes And Players .. In this Game There is Only One Character…And Three Bikes….Add More Bikes And Characters.. And New Memes….Player is Only Laughing Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Add More….. Thats all Except above problem Everything is Great….

App User
I really love this game. I’m not a fun of motor racing games but this game got me addicted. I’ve downloaded it many times and I’m not tired of playing it over n over just to beat my scores. Everyone should download this. You won’t regret it. It very easy to play but challenging to.

Nevil Crasto
It’s ok…. not good but not bad also….I disliked it though. Will give a better rating if I get to play an improved version. Wish u guys best of luck for working on this game’s improvement 👍

App User
It ‘s game very interesting a perfect time killer it game is very easy to play lm recommend to everyone download this game the player is only laughing ha ha!! ha ha!! It game is very addictive those who are saying that is very bad game they all are wrong first a fall see a MB requires to install this is very less

Aaron Harris
Just another game that is just made for ads. Even if you try to pause it an ad will pop up. And really is annoying playing games that are this easy and the only reason you die is because it also cheats and kills you off if you haven’t dies so it can throw another advertisement on the screen. I’m deleting it, and recommend that you don’t even waste your time on downloading it. Probably one of the worst games (as far as being over run by ads) i have ever played! Hands down the worst.

Joshua Shannon
This game is awesome. It has an arcade vibe to it and can get very challenging at higher speeds. Just an overall great game I’ve been playing since my dad’s first phone to my first android phone.

Mia Sharma
Wonderfull!!!! It is a very good game and very addictive also. Those who are saying that this is bad game and worst game ,they all are wrong.First a fall see that the M.B required to install this is very less.If u want more bikes or more graphics then install other app this is not for u . OVERALL THIS APP OS GREAT..

Mahesh Sabat
It is the worst game I have seen in my life. Don’t download bcs ur mobile get hanged and earlier it is little addictive but after some days it becomes boring

ravi datt
READ. IT PLEASE Who KNOW HINDI!!!!!!!!##Bakwas game boring hai. halki Si bike kisi aur vehicle ke sath thodi Si touch ho jae to out! Borrringgg faltu game ads bhi bohat hai not tipe of my!#### old lagti hai jinko achi game pas and hai vo mat karna dounlod baki Kar lena Jo. Boring game khelte hai ##OK by”!!!!!!#$# city racing is best game ever download marna jaroor ye !!!!!sabh jhuth hai mast game ever popat banaya

Mohin Mandviya
400% good and 60% bad..good sound no lag hang no heat issue graphics ok.. advertise ..end really bored after 10 mins I m uninstalled this game

Adriana Theverizon
Used to be 5 stars. Now the ads interrupt the crashes

Yash Gupta
Amazing game but i got a problem at 62000 score i have been surrounded by approx 3 cars in each lane and no where yo go…. kindly update the necessary changes

the challenger
Amazing game different bikes and gets pretty hard after a while. The graphics are not bad but could be better. Could be amazing if first person

App User
It’s very easy to play but less moto (bikes) are there. If more than 6 bikes,than it wdould be awsome.😉😉😉

Amberley Nair
Some people give 5 stars and say game is bad put 1 star if game is bad

akshita roy
The best racing game I love it. It is to interesting. Who say that it is boring and not give 5 stars they are imcotect

App User
This is a very good game 😍😘 But have so many adds😣😣 Please 🙏🏻 download this game It also work as a freshner of mind This game is best those who are ready to beat their previous score And made a new score Just like me😳🙃

App User
this game is supper for me best game I ever played well done actually I normally do not like motor bike games but I loved this so much because this game is so interesting there are lots of zones in this game but it is bit hard to get a best score but I am trying my best to be the beeeeeeeeeest I like to tell others to install this game

App User
Thanks again and have me on the list for me to come in for a aur S me to come in and get it done before me and I can get you a copy of my CV for the position and I am so late but I just wanted me to ask you if there is kutte ka me know when you a chance and I have to go to work and come to the office to get a new phone and I am not able to come to office today due to

Ravi Kumar
Some ads have abusive contents, how can we let children play this. You all should be ashamed of yourself by letting such ads sponsor you. You should take some responsibility of filtering out those 18+ contents like Hypstar app.

reema kosa
Nice but very very bad This game is very nice but the moto is not tilting. That’s why i hated rhis game.

App User
Not good game and when we going to unlock last Moto then three or four cars block our way. This game is so hard please don’t download this app.

App User
I got to I amet I like the is game but it is a cheater plus sometimes when I’m not even controlling my bike it speeds up tip use the first bike to beat the last one I mean the second one is fast and every thing but it won’t win you the third one I really think the person who made this game invented it so that when your winning good the vehical’scan purposely hit you and trap you.

shreyansh verma
The computer is cheating . Whenever I have to cover 1 or 2 meters, the cars come in a line and my bike crashes . It is just a game be angry.

App User
it is a good app or game I think most of people loved it or liked it but not hated it or dislike it 4stars are good but 5stars are prefect for this game the racing moto does not diserve 1 or 2 stars ok bye

JIMMCNoida Accounts
Ahhh…Worst game I had ever installed ek to itna time laga or barr barr s teen black ho jati he… Please update this app

Bhaskar Mohanty
Super cool! Very nice racing game I have ever played but the frequent ads are disturbing. Still the best racing game.

Prince Christofer
Plzzz do not waste your time this game us very bad who are create these types of waste games plzzzzz do not play the game🤔🤔

Parth Mehta
Bhajipabu despondent soda bottle opener wala Awesome

Valamji Patel
Very bad game because there is only 3 bikes inside friends please dont play thease game very boreing game 😡

App User
I’m Peter Parker, Doctor strange o you are using made up names then i am Spider Man.

Vimal Dugar
I love this game this is just for master minded people .But I hate one thing there many ads in between of the game .never mind but this game is very realistic. Thank you

Piyush tech
Hey! If I going to score 70000 all three platform get locks very bad and wrost app

App User
Those who r telling that this game is bad r wrong bcz it needs less mb s compare 2 other games

Pragna Dey
This game is just so amazing I just loved it and recommended it everyone this game deserves five stars also the graphics and sounds amazing and the quality of the game deserves 5 stars any short review love it and recommended it to everyone😁😊😁😃😄😇😐😯😉😎😪😏😪😎😪😎😪

Ranjita Kour
It’s a world😠 stupid game ever seen There are only 3 bikes inside it is very mad gane

Nitish Thakur
I am using this game for more than 3 years..Nice game.! You too can try it.! Though I request the developers to upgrade it with more enhanced graphics,sounds,and 3d qualities..With a lot of more vehicles and bikes.

Ishaan Sharma
It’s difficult after 6000 It’s moderate…. We want more bikes…. Graphics can be better….. Controls should be better……

App User
It is very worse game don’t download it

App User
It is good game but so many bad bikes such as caredvills yellow colour wala

App User
This game is very good download it not delete Chaman se start kiya toh Achanak se aa gaya Aur Main Chup Ke lki Dekha Toh bahut accha laga

Amir Gouri
Is this like enjoying game and i got a clear graphic i just not give five stars because its ads disturbs me to play and its should be more developed

Nidhi Shrivashtava
I want to tell that racing moto games are boring and i really dont play the racing games ever after.but after playing this game iam fan of this game .Completing the games target and coming at the top of leader board is amazing.I recommand this game to everyone

Amit Shrivastava
Although game is good, there are some issue that can be fixed like speed up msg should not come at the middle of the screen and indicators of white and yellow cars are not visible.

Jonathan Rebollar
Its a good game but its the ads that majes thius game annoying and wished y’all add like coins or like nitros or gas or something like that but other t han that its good but y’all add more will play believe me 😉

App User
It’s a very good game you must have this if your child is have a problem of you can solve this while playing this game you must have this app and this was not like other games you can learn the rules of many things thank you and have a good day Jai Hind Jai Bharat bye

It is a nice game for time pass but it graphics need to be more effective I would like to give it more 🌟 but it is not like that it has too many ads so don’t download this game.

App User
Racing Moto Sana marami akong pera sa larong ito pero wala eh konti lang ano ba kailangan kapag may pera ka sa larong ito at gusto ko sana matataas nayun level ko saro kong ito thank you sa inyo

Pramod Kumar Chaube
It was fabulous game there was bike in this game that wechave to drive but it was not possible to drive it freely there were some difficulties that we have to while driving but it is joyful and also it is endless game my highest score is 91500 can you beat this if yes write in comment .Last but not least please play this wonderful game . Thankyou

App User
Nice game but not nice control matlab poora freely hona chaaiye ye game to mast hoga na do better next time

Kim Larsen
I really like this game because it is simple and quick. Sometimes I just have a few minutes to veg, and this is perfect. The kids and I will just pass around my phone and have tournaments.

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