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Racing in Car 3D
by Actions

Enjoy the ultimate racing game! The expressway traffic gives you the world’s most eye-catching and satisfying traffic escape experience!

Racing In Car 3D

Racing In Car 3D

Rich road environment. The game started, through the endless busy road and the highway, be careful! Roads and highways are filled with high-speed cars. They can interfere with you! Only the best racers can perfectly avoid all the vehicles on the road.

Make sure your skills can face all the challenges. On the asphalt pavement, endless traffic racing. Each model will become a new experience. Every place has its own atmosphere and feeling. In the perfect environment to face the complex traffic on the road, to become a real racer!

Beware of the police car hunt, if you speed, then the police will come to follow you. Ready to flee the police. Keep the speed of their own cars, to avoid the police hunt. No one says it’s easy to win!

High-performance racing car. Go to the garage and choose a high performance racing car. Adjust the vehicle and customize its appearance. Choose your favorite body color. Give your car your own style. Make your car by adjusting your appearance.

Avoid vehicles in traffic. Get endless games on the road and let yourself release yourself. Break the rules, challenge the speed, win the victory.

Rich road environment. The traffic highway is setting a new standard for traffic racing cars. Enjoy very impressive graphics and experience high speed racing! It would be fun and compelling game that we guarantee!

Racing In Car 3D Feature:
– realistic game scenes
– to avoid the police catch up
– show your driving skills and face challenges
– a number of cool and high quality car
– adapt your vehicle to your liking
– shocking music and sound effects
– enjoy the extremely colorful and exciting visual effects
– Enjoy fast traffic racing action

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User Reviews :

-Well you kind of have put that cop car in there and make it cut in front of people and you could have have put those other cars in there but you should put them in there but don’t make them go slow and don’t make the road get cut off

-I actually LOVED this gets one star becauae ever time I crashed I got an ad.Thats the stupidest thing ever.

-It’s a good game. I enjoyed it very much but some time I bored from it. Say anything but I really liked it. You should also install it and enjoy the race with a colorful car.

-Terrible dont know why in top 10 free racing game so stupid

-The police car is annoying and it pushes through and way to many adds

-Its ok but at the same time I did not like it cause. ……….I can just say it was kind of boring

-Ya game kush ziya acha nahi ha par i like it esmay itnay add atay ha uf i hate add 😒👅but ilove it esay manay bohot kayla ha🤗🙃☺😇

-Lol I like the game because it’s fun and we get to drive the car and I can see the roof

-This game having a flood of adds,so when playing make stop data connection otherwise adds will come one by one for every half minute.🙂 boring 😀

-Good game but way too many ads. Played for about 5 mins had 7 ads even while I was driving! And some of them you couldn’t skip so were forced to watch. Uninstalled. Ads too anniying

-We should not drive cars so fast

-Best game ever but u should start updating it would be awsome

-The is game is very nice I love this game and I want to open the last car it is my aim for this game

-Far too many adds and the cop car is only there to block the view and cause you to crash otherwise it’s a good time waster

-This is her son and I’m with her phone and I think that I loved it 😁😂👑

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