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Race the Traffic
by Play365

App Category:- Racing

Race the Traffic is one of the best racing games. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speed up to the limit. Race against the AI in an outstanding Racing Face-Off and try to earn the respect of your fellow drivers.
Take your car and race against everyone in 3 different game modes… day or night!
Race the Traffic has lots of cars to purchase. You can also upgrade your ride with your hard earned money. Get the best car money can buy and beat everyone in this amazing racing game.
What are you waiting for? Download Race the Traffic now!


– 3 games modes.
– Lots of cars.
– Great 3D graphics.
– Awesome music.
– Endless fun!


Race the Traffic

Race the Traffic

Download Race the Traffic App  :-


Download Race the Traffic App (26 MB)


User Reviews :-


uhin roy
If there is negative star I would give that such a bad game I had never played in my life👎👎👎👎

uhin roy
If there is negative star I would give that such a bad game I had never played in my life👎👎👎👎

App User
Nice Game (But in one on one the car which is playing with us is getting crashed more than 10 times so why that car is not loosing the game and if we got crashed more than 4 times we looses the game )

App User
This game was not very good and very bad. This game is simple.

isha’s life hack house
its awesome game just loved it plz download…bt there is something to change that the arrows of moving left and right should be a little bit closer and in one on one the car cheats sometime because I have experienced that when I was forward and the another car was behind me at last of the whole race it that you lose please improve this yet this is awesome game

Anuradha Saha
Everything is good but need some improovement 1.u should bring an interior camera 2.u should give the rear cameras 3.uvshould add more cars and bus racing would also be there and the last thing u should improve the graphics

Philip Musa
It could be the best endless racer ive ever played but a few issues . Firstly it doesnt actually have an endless mode . Just timed . Second the audio and music is terrible . 3rd the menu presentation is really boring and gives the game a cheap feel . It would be nice if you could customise your car with more than just paint or vinyls . Lastly if you could add abit of a story id be in love with it .

App User
I have downloaded this game 3 times in the past 2 years and it is not a scary game if you think it is (no efence) you are a idiot and a ssicopath.

Devanshu Agrawal
I have one question in one on one level only I have the life and the opponent don’t have any life I want that the opponent also have a life I want the answer

App User
Very moja game .I and my sister loved it. From Kunia kuni and ghuguni ☺😊👭

Mel Barnhart
Time to take out the trash I love this app so much that I want to hug you two hundred times and give you two hundred kisses

Kim Miller
Its stupid The reason why I say it’s stupid is because it has to many adds and when I race someone and it gives me an option to double the money/points I watch the add and it says “sorry race the traffic has stopped” and I ok I put the game back up and didn’t give me my money except the money I earned from doing the race NOT the add money it is just a waste of time and the prices are to you have to get 150000 thousand dollars for a bugatti varon super sport and you might say we’ll that’s not alot well actually it is b

Dupsy AA
This game is so cool. It kinda reminds me of fast and furious. Love the money system. The 1 v 1 is hard but addictive. So exiting. L

App User
The game is cool, but why is there only 2 minutes of driving. If the options on have endless road then there should be an endless amount of time. Let the life meter dictate when our time has ended. (When the life meter deletes then it’s game over).

Cherry sweets
I love this game It has dates of times like night or has choice of cars red or black . And its a race so more fun.but it could be imporved with mulityplayer so if you were red an online player could be black

App User
Dude when you go one on one I hate it because when I am in the lead a car crashes into me so they should take out the traffic from one on one

Jesus Duran
Cool game If you need a time waster this is the game

Love it People say no this game is stupid because of ads but they don’t put ads every game has ads but this game is amazing so download it

ambrose rocha

Jaidon Alexander
October 18, 2016
This game cold When i go against that computer i make him crash into other cars

Bad and boring Is like Traffic racer Is bad a hate this game like Traffic racer but yeah it’s a rip off

Awesome sauce Its a great game and a time waster when you’re bored. Very fun

Mn Fibin
Bad So bad unfortunately close in some tab like HCL v2 v1 tablet

Urish Guyton
OMG I’m speech less!!! I love this game so much its just literally AMAZING🙌👌👌👌 and people are saying that “You die after crashing 3 times” that’s kinda the meaning of the game like you need to CRASH for fun and just PAY ATTENTION… and the way to beat the other car is to push it into other cars and stay ahead of the other cars and u should/will win!!!😊😊

Edgar del Mar
Great game! But.. It could be better if you add one more camera angle to it like you’re driving in a real and add some backgrounds.Thanks to the developer!

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