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Pocket Journey
by Maryanne Adams

Pocket Journey is a card game including hunderds of cute magic pokemons.More than 500 original pokemons,over 400 moves to collocate,60 whole new scenes, collocation and fight all as your wish! Special move effects made for every single pokemon, make sure every pokemon is a unique choice! It’s a game all about strategy not simple showing the figure! We are focusing on the 18 original attributions. perfectly showing the restriction of the moves,hightlight the classic strategy battle of Turn-Based game! 


Pocket Journey android app

Pocket Journey android app


We are going to update the Mega evolution(super-evolution) in the coming version,and the unique shiny pokemons system. All the extradinary function of the classic play: duel of the fate, wild legendary pokemon capture and union evolution!The best memory shall bring to the best of you!! What are you waiting for? come and challenge the gym,to be the great master together!


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User Reviews :-


-Pretty decent game, but the capture rate is ridiculous. Up against a lower level common grade Pokémon and it breaks free 8 times in a row while sitting at 1 hp. Maybe I’m just used to the capture system of the classics…plus, the incessant “s” at the end of Pokémon is rather annoying when the word is both singular and plural.


-When I play this game for first time I make my all pokemon at level 36 but later by mistake I rubbed my password and when I again write the password the game start from beginning I am very disappointed at that time and I was at saffalion city and I had challenged the gym leader and I want to start from jhata league please I request give us this choice so we can start from jhoto league please by 1 march or 20 feb


-Perfect game really Luke its the first ever adventure ever went on except only bad thing is that the plural of pokemon is not Pokémons


-So far so good. Loving it. Awesome how we start with the very first 3 starter pokemon and all the gen pokemon are already in the game.


-Hi this game is very good but the game is same it is same of pocket monster and if i play in this the same it is their for example if i made my Charmane level 15 in this game it is same in the pocket monster.


-It is the same game as Trainer Legend and Pocket Monsters.And please put some other mega evolving Pokémon like venusaur,blaziken and sceptile


-This game is just a cluster f**k stuff ever where extremely slow


-It keeps kicking me off fix it bit will give you a better star


-It’s pokemon game I didn’t play ever these my friend told me download these game


-This game same like pocket hunter download this and that games its like that only because I download pocket hunter and pocket journey you download


-Can’t even capture one common pokemon all I get is rare pokemon common pokemon are rare all I see is rare pokemon worst pokemon game ever


-I think it should be made for iPhone immediately because I just switched carriers and I miss this game already


-I like Pokemons I like the Mewto the pokemon is power


-One of the best Pokemon mobile games out there I really do recommend people play this


-so fun.if you love pokemon then this is the game for you!

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