New Android Game ”Plumber Game: Water Pipe Line Connecting” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by Mitchell Winer

Plumber Game: Water Pipe Line Connecting
by Mitchell Winer

Warning! Addictive water pipe line connecting games, play if you dare! No need for complex gameplay, excellent logical thinking, our water pipe game will still give you the most relaxing time with simple gameplay that is incredibly attractive. Make sure you get caught up in the spin of this addictive plumber games. Simple but challenging, that is what you will feel when playing this plumber connect pipes game.


Plumber Game Water Pipe Line Connecting android app

Plumber Game Water Pipe Line Connecting android app



How to play this master plumber game?

– The game plumber is extremely simple. You simply rotate the different pieces of the tube by touching them and joining them all into a complete pipe.
– Your goal is to connect the pipes and create a water path from the valve to the container. Pour water into the container to finish the level.
– During the pipeline games, you may have difficulty knowing how to fix pipes, you can use the hint.


Interesting of the pipe logic puzzles game:

+ 35 different plumber repair level packs
+ 560 unique, challenging plumber pipe levels
+ Daily challenge to get 100 coins
+ Amazing game of plumber graphics
+ Easy to connect pipes
+ Hint for players to connect pipes easily
+ Suitable for all ages
+ Loved in over 20 countries
+ User-friendly plumber puzzle games interface
+ Small pipe logic game capacity, fast download
+ Plumber games free

The higher the level, the more complicated the water pipe connection, but the more challenging connect dots pipe lines game is, the more attractive pipe repair game is. Play water pipe connect game and have great moments of relaxation!

Do not forget to introduce to your friends this pipe connection game! And please rate 5* to support the pipe connecting game and encourage developers to create more great games! We thank you for loving this pipe connect game!


Download Plumber Game: Water Pipe Line Connecting App :- 

Download Plumber Game App ( 29.9 MB)


User Reviews :-


This is a awesome game and it is helping in mind sharping For this game my feelings are good

-Superb game we want brain to win the challenges

-Very attractive. I play all day 😀

-Game quá hay, giết thời gian tốt

-this plumber game is so FUN and challenging

-it’s awesome. Super game


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