New Android Game ”Pizzaverse” Download Game apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by Epsilon Software

by Epsilon Software

Get some Rocket Boots, and let’s go delivering!

Swiping shoots the jet!  Swiping after flying into space shoots the jet and allows movement. Pass through stars and planets to look for the delivery destination.  But be careful of the gravitational force of planets.  You need skill to accurately travel to where you want to go!


Pizzaverse android app

Pizzaverse android app


Make lots of deliveries and get items!

Providing a great delivery service increases your customer feedback.  Accumulating feedback gets you items!  By doing this, you can deliver efficiently!

Who can get the goal first?

Time until delivery completion is recorded.  It’s a competition amongst your friends of who can get the goal first!

All levels are free!

Play for free from start to finish! Can you conquer all 60 levels?

Download Pizzaverse from Play Store :-


Download Pizzaverse From Play Store

User Reviews :-

Strangely addicting. Some levels feel like bullshit, but the in-app purchases are appropriate, and the ad system is completely avoidable… If you don’t suck! Gameplay is simple and challenging, and has a basic story enough to make it lighthearted. Nothing bad to say.

-Work on dominos pizza true story

-Please updrade the level … What are you doing man .. I am very upset

-This game is boring and super easy!! Please make the levels abit hard!!

– It is a fantastic game

-It’s nice but the graphics are awfull hi guy

-Best games

-A Google user

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