New Android Game “Pacific Rim Breach Wars” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, Game by Kung Fu Factory

Pacific Rim Breach Wars – Robot Puzzle Action RPG
by Kung Fu Factory


Epic Puzzle Action RPG for PACIFIC RIM fans!

Command your own Shatterdome base and defend your district with human-piloted mechs called Jaegers against monsters from the breaches known as Kaiju.

★ RECRUIT iconic Jaeger mechs from the entire PPDC to join your Strike Groups stationed at your Shatterdome.

★ UPGRADE Jaeger mechs with new tech and weaponry to enhance their damage on the battlefield.

★ EXTERMINATE enormous Kaiju monsters hell-bent on destroying Earth in fast-paced battles that can be completed in minutes.

★ COMPETE with other players in Multiplayer Tournaments to win rewards for your Shatterdome and Jaeger Strike Groups.

★ JOIN FORCES with other Marshals to form Factions and compete in War Games for prizes.


Pacific Rim Breach Wars android app

Pacific Rim Breach Wars android app


Born into a world at war, you join the military and quickly ascend to the rank of Marshal in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. 21 countries across the Pacific Rim have banded together to create the PPDC and fight the most dangerous foe mankind has ever seen: KAIJU. These giant alien behemoths have come to Earth via dimensional Breaches and will not stop until the human race is exterminated.

As a Marshal, you along with teams of human pilots from around the world take control of a team of military robots known as JAEGERS using a mental synergy called Drifting. The only way to stop the Kaiju threat is to amass and outfit the most powerful array of Jaegers possible and send the Kaiju back through the Breach!


Endlessly challenging, enjoyable core gameplay where players mix Jaeger power with puzzle strategy.

Wage war against the Kaiju in an EPIC single player campaign featuring hundres of unique battles against over 25 different Kaiju monsters.

Missions add to the fun and adventure as you work to compete objectives for your Shatterdome base.

Take your strongest Jaegers into simulation battles against the best teams of other players.

Over 50 unique Jaegers can be collected and upgraded in many different ways. Combine them into Strike Groups to battle against impossible odds.

Compete alone or join a Faction in ranked, multiplayer leagues. Chat with other members of your Faction to share strategies.

NOTE: A network connection is required to play.

Download Pacific Rim Breach Wars – Robot Puzzle Action RPG from Play Store :-

Download Pacific Rim Breach Wars From PlayStore


User Reviews :-

This is a promising and entertaining game. For a few early battle, it was easy enough. Then… suddenly the difficulty rise high enough. Forcing player to grind patiently or just pay-to-win. Must be a VERY PATIENT player to grind, materials is awesomely scarce even with free materials every 4 hours. This game need some serious balancing if the developer want a healthy community of players

-This is my addiction right now! I am a pacific rim fan and i love how they made the jeagers look like the ones in the movie! A bit laggy and a bit of bugs, but its the perfect game! Out of all the apps in my phone, this is the best. I would rather delete all my apps to play this only! But im not going to delete them of course. Keep up the good work!! 😌😉😊

-This is surprisingly a nice mix up of different game styles to make a fluid feel play. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long to realise that if you don’t pay then the play comes to a stop. It gets so tedious saving for upgrades that may not even show up, leaving you unable to progress. Some controls are a bit fiddly also which is frustrating when trying to win a mission.

-It’s actually a pretty good game. I just can’t get past the last battle in Precursor Offense Operation 1. Then I came back today and all of my jaegers were “in a invasion” even though they weren’t. If you are able to help,please do!

-I like this game. But i just rate 4 star. I hope this game have a new jaeger like Obsidian Fury & Hybrid Jaeger(kaiju enhanced) like in pacific rim uprising movie. I think this game need more bug fixes.I will rate 5 star if this game can add friends. All the best for the next update.Thank you.

-Much like the other users have stated, this goes from pretty fun and interesting to a grindfest unless you pay up. Nigh impossible to make progress after starting leg 3. Balance ruins the fun aspect. AI will bury you with cheap moves and they seem to chain consistently even when only 1 move is available.

-Interface is clunky as hell. Leveling up and upgrading jaegers is far more tedious than force arena or marvel strike force. Copy pasting the system from those games would have been better than what we have now.

-The game freezes ip then boots me out of the game. If you fix these bugs I will go back and rate it 5 stars all the way

-Exact clone of the awful WWE:Champions and I mean an exact clone along with the exact same greed levels as the other game. Horrible leveling up mechanics, horrible health replenishment, horrible skills levelling. Avoid. Uninstalling just like I did with WWE.

-I really love the game. But it has a few bugs, fir example in the faction lobby it doesnt always show the actual power your allies top jaegers have. Also i think gipsy danger might be bugged. It shows that u can get a 1 star with 100 shards u have 125 and cant get it. Other than that i really love the game. Keep making it better also when crimson thypoon? 🙂

-It could be fun if it wasn’t a bore. Too many currencies, and too many things holding your jaegers back. Every match is the same and it takes forever to load. It bombards you with microtransactions constantly and is over priced to boot. And there’s no way to give proper in game feedback. I recommend Endless Frontier instead until this game gets it’s act together.

-Hmm.. Yes! Idk, maybe people says its a pay-to-win game. It kinda does tbh, but not really, I’ve played this game for a lot of days, i only like repeat some missions to get upgrade modules, etc and upgrade my jaegers! So the thing is, you only need to work hard, not a really pay-to-win game! Good job 😋

-It’s extremely fun for me to play and I love it, but as others say it becomes an extreme grindfest for Gear once you get to Precursor Offensive, unless you fork over some cash. It’s not exactly to pay to win, it’s more of a Grind to succeed and I’m okay with it but if you want people to stay playing this game, you really need to balance this out. Gear and Shards are pretty annoying and difficult to get.

-Tedious after the beginner boost levels. The greens seem to be predetermined to drop with higher chances for AI .Should make it randomized so the chances are somewhat equal . It’s easily recognizable as you play. Great concept but gets boring fast . Strikeforce is the game to try

-Please add crimson typhoon I know its difficult because of the three arms but please try to put him in there thanks. But i still love the game though I would love it though if i get tacit ronin because he is my favorite.

-it sucks when u get into preccursur offense because your only stuck with one purple gem Jaeger and I can’t get into preccursuroffense levels and there for don’t download this game without buying a purple gem Jaeger or else it is a waste of time

-A decent amount of the game’s mechanics are broken. Example: when your critical you pretty much have an infinite health bar until something crazy happens which ultimately screws you

-Interesting gameplay, just wish it wasn’t a gem-based game. The difficulty in this game bounces from easy to just plain cheap, especially when the Kaiju pull a never-ending combo chain right as they’re about to get killed. Really? This game is also heavily pay-to-win, because the devs force you to grind with their stupid upgrade system that makes you farm several upgrades instead of using credits. We get you want to make this an investment, but you guys should know better.

-If it wasn’t for the crashes during the fights I would enjoy the game way more, but when it happens in the middle of a big fight and it counts as a automatic loss and all my mechs get automatically incapacitated really gets on my nerves.

-Sound doesn’t work, phone gets Hot and battery is drained like mad. It’s not optimized at all. It would be fun… But it’s not up to snuff.

-This game is so great but I wish the first raijin in the hard mode in 3rd opstation didn’t have that strong of armor ability and I mean I had him down to 300 health and both my jaegers were half health and they were destroyed because of all the armor blocks that it had. Other than that the game is awesome.

-I told it beacause it has no joy sticks if you make it a action game and cut the candy crush game play it would be better 😊😃😁😂🐔🐣

-This game is darn good in every way but they should make an easier way to get more jaegers but everything is looking good so far….. Oh and another thing……… !Can the guys who made this game make leveling up jaegers easier, I mean Idk if I have insufficient medals to level them up!, it doesn’t tell how much I have or need!, also yeah decrease the difficulty in the campaign!… !Its ridiculous!.. This is such a pay to play game(so ridiculous) but anyway the game is great, just fix those things. And I hope you guys agree with me😄

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