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Mystery Saiyan
by mystery saiyan


Best Action Card Game is Coming!
The planet is in ruin and during the disaster you can not just stand aside. Build your unique team and try to save the universe! Warrior, your legend will be written by your own!


Mystery Saiyan android app

Mystery Saiyan android app



There are lots of exotic equipment in the world! Proper equipment will help you increase ATK, HP, Rebound, Leech, Tenacity, Dodge, Hit and Crit . A complete set can not only make your hero more charming, but also make a big difference to power.


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User Reviews :-


-So far decent, we’ll see about late game/events. I dont really like vip power ups but as long as they soly speed up progression without being p2w in fine with it


-More work to be done. Too many options, makes it complicated.


-I dont know how much time it changed name.anyway it is easier than valor of saiyan but you left some heroes.please fix it.


-Amazing Music In this Game Very Peace Full Music and About This Game Play Its Batter Than COC all The Stars Pictures are awesome in this Game I like it.


-Pretty great time killer I like the cartoonish spin on dbz xD not that it’s accurate but still pretty fun


-Seems fun enough for a time waster. Terrible loc though


-I like it right now i hope it not paid to win or progress


-Es un juego curioso como para matar el aburrimiento si eres fanático de Dragon Ball


-I think its fun but not enough characters yet, and I wouldn’t think to spend real money in the account that I’m afraid it’ll get shut down like the rest


-For a free game, it’s amazing. Little difficult at first, so much to learn but after an hour or so it’s become such a fun game


-Really fun game, shame is p2w but playing long term is still good, would like more heroes like adult gohan, vegeta blue, gogeta, broly, and more eays to get promotion cards


-There are too costly for purchasing diamond and requirement to upgrade vip user require alot to promote


-a bit pay to win give us poor folk a chance otherwise good game


-Can be improved by making it more difficult


-Same as attack on saiyans. Exact same.


-Whats the different this game and attack on saiyan????


-Game is gd bt when reached the higher levels the game got slow, very difficult to get a 7 star hero….


-too many controls provided,complicated for playing


-So I had this game before and well I just want to know if I can get my ppl back is all war pretty far! So plz help


-Nic game Plss add more character like broly, hit, jiren , toopo& more powerful characters for good ratings


-Arun kings February 6, 2018It was an amazing experience. I love it so much. My most favourite cartoon dragon ball z.


-Not Bad For graphic, but i suggest original size characters, not tiny one


-I think it reflects what dragon ball z really is with the super Asians fun and easy to love


-Just a lot of fun in the game, please add more heroes, i’ll be more addictively fun


-Tnx to this game im very happy this game pls update thd game from more tnx again


-Cool graphics with goku god but pls add goku ultra instinct


-One of the best dbz games i have ever played on my phone


-i love this game, really ! idk why, maybe because i love this character


-This game is pretty cool, nice graphics and gamplay.


-Fun game.. Definitely one of the better DBZ games


-Love the game best game i have played in months spot on


-The game is really fun. Good job


-Awesome the best DBZ game i ever played


-Pretty good same game different name

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