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Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS
by Gameloft


War has evolved, and so has the best online FPS on mobile!

Step onto the battlefield and answer the call with the title that raised the bar for first person shooter games with its great graphics, high-powered guns and intense online multiplayer action. Create a squad from 9 classes, add your friends for team play and test your skills in dynamic warfare against online rivals from around the world!

Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS game

Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS game

Prefer to work alone? Then feel free to step into the thrilling solo play campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situation after another to save the world as you launch an attack against a lunatic’s apocalyptic plans.

You won’t find more first person shooter fun in a free game anywhere!

> Customize and level up any of the 9 classes across solo play and team play modes.
> Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, or Kommander.
> Activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points.

> Watch players engaged in live online FPS battles and eSports competitions with all the great graphics you expect in the new Spectator mode.
> Epic guns-a-blazing team play in Squad vs. Squad matches.
> Talk to other players to plan your online multiplayer strategies and coordinate an attack in the Global and Squad Chats.
> Top the individual and Squads leaderboards as you master your eSports skills.
> Win free rewards and cool prizes in limited-time events.

> Accumulate XP and level up by playing both solo play missions and team play matches.
> Unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons by mastering lower-tier guns.
> Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachments and jump straight into the free game action.

> Engage in fast-paced story missions where the call will take you from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of first person shooter challenges.
> Play the new Spec Ops missions for a real online FPS adrenaline rush.
> Great graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted for a first person shooter game.

> Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can play the game just the way you want.
> Modern Combat 5 supports HID game controllers. MOGA Pro is also supported, in mode B (HID Mode).

Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection.

So if you’re ready for the online FPS of your dreams, dive into this unparalleled free game that takes online multiplayer to new heights. Perfect for anyone hungry for solo play first person shooter fun, or team play eSports competition.

Download Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS from Play Store:-

Download Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS From Play Store



User Reviews:-

-Fantastic game! It’s by Gameloft so it’s bound to be a good phone game. It’s not unfair, but you do have to have some skill. It doesn’t hold your hand but it’s not hard to learn the controls. Despite the fact that you’re also playing against people who are on their computers as well, it’s definitely not unfair. One request: maybe add more options for your killstreaks. I would love to have my drone and turret on the same killstreak for my sniper class but I’m stuck with recon instead. Still love it tho 🙂

-I really like this game, I’ve just started playing it and love the graphics, the storyline of the game is also very intriguing. Although it does have a bit of ad pop ups, its still an awesome game. The controls are easy and very adaptable for your greenhorn to veteran fps player. If you’re up for non stop action, this game is definitely a must have. Also it doesn’t take up allot of memory. Enjoy fellow gamers.

-Pretty good game, but there is one problem….. matchmaking. I get it, to get players around my skill level you need to put players of varying levels together but, come on. I, a level fifteen, was put in with a gold rank level 145. Seriously?!? After five rounds of this I’m finished. It puts me in as silver one. I’m like okay, I’m good with that. Then I get on some time later and matchmaking starts again! P!ease help. Is it because I bought the morph class and watching a lot of ads and playing alot in one day?

-The best game i have ever saw in play store but….if you add some new background music and ZOMBIE event for team battle like PRESTIGE WEAPON TRIALS… It will be more fun.. Because now the game is boaring with old music and old maps….

-HTC DESIRE 530 and lg aristo processor is not fast enought to play the game. Can you please specify the specifications of what kind of phone processor thats fast enough to play this game. Hopefully you can it will be great for business if people know your product instead of guessing what it needs to work properly. Thanks have a great day

-It’s changing. Now it do not hangs much. But yes, the game ALWAYS loads files in beginning which we have downloaded at starting. Like verifying files. Which is little annoying because everyone it happens, it causes multiplayer data to load after some minutes. So we can’t play it for some time.

-It’s good game.. to kill our times.. this game like COD version in multiplayer mode.. so that why.. this game fmiliar with me.. to upgrade our weapons.. we can play multiplayer or campaign, or you can buy credit to upgrade or get new weapons.. but if you patient person… i think better patient and raise your skill, score, grade to get new and upgrade our weapon..

-The procesing of league match in multi-player or in tournament does not work properly. When the league reset then 5 time play hone Ka baad dikhata ha rating par mera vo 5 Wale mein 1 pe he rahta ha hmesha chahe kitna bhi khele jldi update nikalo mein update dekh ka dobara download kiya nhi toh mein delete kr chuka tha aap game ka response ko ya defect ko seriously nhi lete kuch kro Thik kro

-The best game ever for IOS version. Android version is so poor m unable to buygolden coins from Android m using Google pixel 2xl. 128 gb. N still lots of game stuck I don’t understand why u made this difference as we r paying money more then IOs. For Android pls fix it and update Android version and pls add game recording option like u gave in IOs

-I used to play this game on my iPad but the game crashes often. But now I downloaded on my phone and no crashes! The control are not hard to master and the game itself is so fun, especially the multiplayer match. Thanks.

-This game is so cool. I am addicted to this game. But please just add auto lock. Its very difficult to aim on enemies. Like if you press zoom aiming anywhere near an enemy it aiming goes on the enemy. Although still love it.

-Guys this game set a standard in android games where it said how a game should be but so sadly to tell u that game needs to be fixed as I am not placed in any league after playing many games and also the download issue is still there. I am also not given any kills in the squad league. Please fix this and I will change my review Thanks

-WOW!I Loved this game and request you to install this game and play it has inner downloads but the game is amazing. It deserve 5 stars . Its gameplay is tooo good . Please add some new things in this game and fasten it download . We could take many guns and bombs. It has some abusive language but the gameplay, sensitivity,graphics,and its multiplayer mode are tooo amazing. Please add some new feature and difficulty to the game.

-This is a great game without a doubt!! But the game crashes and the error massage appears on screen “connection lost and disconnected from server ” and game restarts and my whole progress gone. I updated this game twice but error note gone so anyone can help me to fix this error?? I’ve tried 100+ youtube (fake) videos that cant work to slove the error plz help me.

-Calibration is not increasing….even after playing 20 matches Squad effort contribution also shows 0 countribution…. Score is not increasing in events also… My friends also having the same problem… Mailed gameloft but they didn’t reply…. Changing my vote from 5 stars to 1 star… Hope this will open your eyes

-All the game is awsome .i really like its graphics also but the only problem i fact is with multiplayer connection. I was unable to play multiplayer matches .the gsm e allways show me that the system ius overloaded please try after sometime. But it never commects a multiplayer match Gameloft please fix this issue . My device is samsung j7 max

-Tillvto last month the game doesn’t work properly. All the things in game are stuck. Calibration, event scores, squad efforts all are stuck. Please gameloft solve this issue so we can play this game…

-Calibration freezed even after playing more than 100 macthes. Iwas placed in diamond league but removed. Don’t know why? Even UI is freezing. Fix those defects. Even my squad contribution shows zero. Otherwise very addictive and nice game.

-Hello! I love this game. I play it on my SP4 all the time. However, on my Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, it assumes I’ve connected a controller (which I don’t have) and will not let me change the controls to onscreen, leaving me unable to play in my phone. Hope this can be resolved soon!

-The game is very good with amazing graphics but however with the recent download whenever i start my game a message floats on the screen “Your game has been downloaded” and after that the screen goes blanks… please solve this problem or else i have to uninstall the game with v minimum rating along with very negative remarks.

-Since yesterday my multiplayer is not working.. i am not getting any points after the multiplayer matches finishes.. it says it is calibrating.. Also my bonus events are not working, even though i have played the matches i am not scoring(getting) any points.. basically nothing is working.. Please fix it.. I would give it 5stars but the above mentioned irritants have held me back from doing so.. Hoping to hear positive results from your side..

-Guys the game is full of glitches…. The multi-player rating is not functioning…. Sound does not function occasionally…. No rewards after multi-player matches etc…. Please fix it asap

-I really like this game, but I wish it had a way to select the map and game mode in the multi player homeroom. Also I wish you could transfer diamond dust to credits, or diamond dust needs to be an alternate form of payment on stuff. I would like it so that my friends playing on apple products would be able to play with the people on Android products. Another complaint is that there is no offline mode or a simple training mode. The maps are a little small; if you get a on a server with lots of people it get way to crowded and not fun.

-Good game I’ve tried playing so many matches but it still says you need to play 5 more matches to get ranked. Can you please fix this issue I’ve not got any rewards for almost 3 batches

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