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Mob Show- The video quiz game
by Mob Show app

Mob Show is a LIVE quiz game show where you play against others for real cash prizes. It is free to signup and free to play with prize money of INR 55,000 up for grabs every day. Quizzes at 5 PM, 8 PM and 9.30 PM IST. Answer the 10 questions right and share or take home the prize.

Mob Show- The video quiz game

Mob Show- The video quiz game

Sign up with a referral code to get a free lifeline which will help you correct an answer automatically. Use ‘facebook’ as referral code to sign up.

The more questions you get right, the closer you are to winning the prize. The player with the highest score wins the prize. In case of a tie, all winners share the cash prize equally.

Get a lifeline by sharing the app with your friends. Your lifeline is used correct a wrong answer.

There are trivia quiz shows every day at 5 PM, 8 PM, and 9.30 PM IST. Check the app for latest timings.

This is like playing KBC on your phone every day and winning!

All timings are in Indian Standard Time. This app is for lovers of KBC, HQ trivia, Quiz Up, Trivia Crack, Kaun Banega Crorepati & Jeopardy. The quiz topics covered are general knowledge, sports, bollywood, hollywood, comics, mythology, movies, music, & history.

GK and trivia questions also help aspirants of UPSC, IAS, Civil Service, IBS, CAT, GATE, SSC CGL and banking exams.

Download Mob Show- The video quiz App : 

Download Mob Show- The video quiz game App ( 10.6 MB)


User Reviews :

-Earlier it was a good game. But now all it does is cheat us all with the false promise of getting monetary reward. Always crashing at the last question…. Congrats mob show developers. You win the grand prize… Your app users are shifting to loco, brain baazi etc. Enjoy!!!

– Well the application managers and owner! YOU DESERVE STANDING OVATION. you make an untested app live. Call out people to play. Ask simple questions. Give enough time that people can even google the amswer. So audience is thinking thy are winning with their smrtness but you clash the gam each time by the end.. you get your profit and audience is well scammed.great work.

-This game was good at the starting. But now it constantly stops working, while I’m in the game. It’s happening a lot these days. Plus, the amount of money distributed among players is hardly more than ₹15 ever. Sometimes, it’s 3 or 4 rupees. IQ Live and Brainbaazi are much more challenging and rewarding.

-I have always give this show a thumbs up and a five star. But in the last two days half way through the game the app stops. Today I had answered all the nine questions correctly but before the 10th question the app crashed. What’s going on guys. Either you correct the issues or you are surely going to loose some regular gamers

-I know it takes time to fix bugs we should have patience BTW excellent app. people are giving 1 * for just app is crashing. As they don’t known the real cause. They are just pessimistic person ignore them guys.

-I play this contest with fun, but it has very taken load & there were questions not clearly… Some times answer wasn’t show & next further question was seen on screen… So, I was bored with this problems… I will waiting for your help… Please, be needful.

-The app is okay types. It was good initially but now a days the question quality has went down. Moreover the users have increased but not the prize. Off late several technical glitches have been faced by the users. Please look into it. Thanks.

-Apart from a little hickups from the beginning, this trivia game show stands at top among the contrary Trivia shows. Because these guys selects sane questions in their game show while others not and the best part, i can transfer my money instantly. Good job guys keep up the good work. But please try to reslove the bug “unable to submit answer” which appears sometimes.

-Very unstable app, frequently the game is stopped due to technical issues. Otherwise the concept, host and questions are really good and prize money is also transferred immediately. Please solve the technical issues and I would love to rate 5 stars.

-Idea is great but takes lot of time to select the answers. Whenever there is an interruption such as message or call, it automatically disqualifies your given answer. The team needs to fix this as soon as possible.

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