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Masala Express: Cooking Game

App Category:- Casual

Priya is an ardent cook who loves to serve food- not a food truck, she runs her own commercial kitchen to fulfill her dream to become a master chef. She wants to leave her mark and be amongst the top chefs in India and then the world. Live her journey to make it big! So, this is a fun-filled emotional journey, not just any cooking game.

Cook a variety of delicious Indian recipes and & serve quickly to win your customer’s heart!
There is a hidden chef in each one of us. Masala Express gives you the complete gratifying experience cooking the most famous cuisine in the world- Indian Food. The game simulates your cooking, time management & serving skills.

– FREE to play!
– A fast-paced Desi cooking game!
– Cuisines from all over India!
– 100+ of delicious recipes to cook!
– Challenging Time management simulation
– State of the art Visuals and Upgrades.
– Serve your customers faster and keep them happy!
– 4 Indian cuisines and 300+ exciting levels with a dash of challenges!
– Upgrade your kitchen and improve appliances, food, and décor.

Masala Express is fast-paced cooking game. Cook variety of dishes for your loyal customers who can’t get enough of your cooking. Prepare your dishes on time and earn bonus coins and tips!


Masala Express Cooking Game

Masala Express Cooking Game


Play hundreds of levels and cook cuisines like Northern Delight, Southern Delight, Coastal Delight, and Indochina Delight along with many other dishes to serve. Cook variety of tandoor and masala items as well as curries, dosa, appam, seafood, noodles, and the list goes on! A cooking game with a lot of variety!

Prepare your dishes in traditional tandoor or kadhai. Add our famous Indian masala to create a whole new range of dishes. Combine multiple dishes to serve customers with crazy requests! And who wouldn’t love a full glass of Lassi with it! The first cooking game which beautifully showcases the Indian cuisine.

Why be slow and why make your customers wait? Upgrade your kitchen appliances and speed up your lip-smacking cooking. Beautify your restaurant with new décors that keep your customers happy longer. Get better food items and increase your profit!
This app offers in-app purchases.

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Download Masala Express: Cooking Game Game :-


Download Masala Express: Cooking Game Game


User Reviews :-

Gunita Nagi
The game reset itself and started anew. It was connected to my Google play account so I logged in to it manually and it synced the new game to it instead of loading the previous game performance. Had 16 gems which are now down to zero and have to start the levels again. Super disappointed.

Nivedita Kharkongor Chengappa
Wonderfully made and the recipes are closer to home as compared to alot of similar apps! The wait time for the basket of goodies isn’t too much as well which shows that this app isn’t fully out to exploit users of their money. 😀

App User
The ingredients should be add more..i think it’s kinda lying to me because the time says that the ingredients will be added in 10 minuter.. After 10 minutes it change to 50 minutes.. It’s so frustrating to wait for the ingredients to be add but there’s actually nothing

vedantam kittu
Game is very nice. But watching add for every stage is too much frustrating and annoying.

Abhishek Telsang
I really want to give a 5 star, only if energy to play every level is increased, coz once your energy is full (50) you can play only 5 times, then start watching ads.

App User
It’s a typically good game in knowing more about Indian dishes. But while I’m playing it so many customers… irritated me!

Ayesha Saleem
Game is very nice. But after sometime it will be so difficult to control. So many customers ask for so many things at one time

Roshni Gangan
Game is superb.. but at each stage to upgrade powers have to adds at least lessen the time of adds like 5-10 sec is okay! Make sure the customers not ask for lot of things in less time

App User
Its a ver nice game but it can consume a lots and lots of time!so we have to ming while playing it

Upasana Bhatia
Fun game and well made. Fun to work with indian recepies. However upgrades are very expensive and the daily reward is rigged to give 100 rs.!

Ratna Dubey
Loved it! Authentic Indian game. Interesting, amazing graphics, not heavy on phone storage. The more you play, the more you get to learn new recipes.. It’s must try!!!!

Aasthashree Mudgal
Being an Indian, I really loved the story presented at the beginning of this game. At the beginning of every level, Priya does the “Namaste” greeting, which I found very cute and eligent. Great game, completed 13 levels with 3 stars in all! Enjoying the game!!

App User
It was a ossem game in this game there is no adds and in the starting the story was fabulous the girl in the game was move very fast for his work it was mind blowing

App User
Osssm time killer game Can kill even more time if baskets are cheap nd items as well😕😕

Kk 10101k
Short period to play. If i am choosing Ad than ads not available for more time to play

App User

akshay narula
To many ads and now its showning no ads available when u start liking the game to play

App User
It doesnt allow me to play the 3rd level.. it forces me to take a power even if i take it, it doesn’t allow me to play.. plz fix it

App User
It is very good and nice game I like it It is also a gicute girl who has lost her family and is trying to get money by cooking I love the game very much

Naveen Dahiya
Interesting and challenging game…… I like play this game. You should also download. I think you like this game. And best cooking game. But in it it’s vegetable finish very fast.

U cannot play the game with much fun due to low no of opportunity given to play game..

Saranya Rg
It’s my favorite game.. but after the update I can’t open this more than 10 seconds.. so disappointing😞

mahboobe ghasemi
it is one of the best game but in new version I cant pick daily rewards please tell me how i can pick them….

Vishal Ghag
Absolutely fantastic game.. real simple yet entertaining… Ramps up the pace gradually and it’s fun at higher levels… Make in India.. proud of u.. cheers!!!

Siddhi Vasavada
It does not allow to play level 3. It forces to choose a superpower pack. Even if it is chosen they says it is free. Click here. Please take a note to this. CYMPL


Nikunj Raval
Only ask money when you want to play ask money if your vegetables is not more than 9 stupid game

Shaima Galib
I find myself addicted to this game as I was addicted to cake mania when there was no android

App User
Well it’s like any other cooking game the girl is running in her kitchen to some extent it’s a bit amusing! But the main reason for uninstalling the game is requirement of energy!! You want 10 energy for each level and it takes 30min to gain that energy!! Not done!!

Ahtesham Ahmad
This game is very addicting and a really good timekiller i mostly spend my time play ing this game Please download this cool game ❤❤

Pravallika Anil
The game is sure interesting but once if v uninstall the game again when v install v r to start from the beginning levels… No back up at all…. Priya gets stuck but the timer goes on causing loss of supplies

App User
I love this game. It’s so amazing. I’ve had problems with games like cooking fever in the past. But this game is so much way better. It passed my expectations. The only problem I had with this game was the beginning it was too sad for my lil old heart!

App User
I have played a lot of cooking games and this one was the best. I am very disappointed to see the upgrade to gems. Update: I had to reduce my rating. I have discovered the use of gems is definitely not required to play the game which is great. However, the amount of coin needed to do upgrades is way too much (60,000 for just one upgrade when there are numerous upgrades to be done and you only receive about 6,500 coins on a 3 star level and watching all the ads but cannot get 3 stars very often without the upgrades being completed.) This game is the best one, in my opinion, out there. However, it needs improvements on the cost of upgrades. Very frustrating.

Harshi Yadav
I like this game very much but there is one problem this game is hanging not much but this game is hanging. But still I love this game.🍁 😘😘😘😘😇😇😇

Sanjay Sarma Oruganti Venkata
This is a bug report – Hope this helps you guys. I bought 20k coins for a $ yesterday. And now while playing, I realised, the coins are refilling to 20k when I re open the app. How ever, all the upgrades are intact. Which means basically, I am getting infinite coins.

positive soul
The new update didn’t work properly…it just gets stuck in the beginning only and sometimes crashes..plz do something😥i really love this game but the new update is just not working well

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