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Marvel Unlimited
by Marvel Comics

Get Instant Access to over 20,000 digital comics with Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s digital comics subscription service. Members of Marvel Unlimited can now experience over 75 years of Marvel’s greatest comics like never before – with our patented Marvel smart panel technology, and the ability to read up to 12 issues offline when not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Start reading all of your favorite Marvel digital comics including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Black Panther, Star Wars, and more!


Marvel Unlimited android app

Marvel Unlimited android app



Not a Marvel Unlimited member yet? No worries! You can read select full issues for FREE to explore the benefits of Marvel Unlimited before you join!

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User Reviews :-

For the price I really expect more. The concept is fine but the app is a right pain. The download for offline never works correctly. Also you should put things in a reading order. I want to read all the ultimates series in order. I have to refer to a differnt list to do so.

-Although the app glitches occasionally, it’s steadily improving, and it’s much better than a year ago. The library is what makes it all worthwhile – I’ve read more comics in the last year than in the previous 47…

-Terribly curated. If you want to read all the comics that a particular character has been in (like every appearance of spiderman) you will have to do an internet search for the titles. A search in the Marvel Unlimited app for a character’s name will only yield comics with that name. (I did a search for Iron Fist and it started me at Iron Fist #1, which is actually 16 comics into the iron fist story line. Iron Fist’s story actually starts in a comic series called Marvel Premiere, so a search for “Iron Fist” fails to show that series because the comic isn’t actually titled “Iron Fist”.) Also poorly laid out. The interface is not convenient or simple. No check boxes to select multiple comics at a time to add or remove from library or downloads; no way to tell if you have read a comic at a glance: you have to select the comic and open it to see that. The app does have a ton of great comics in it. More than anyone could ever read in a lifetime, probably. It’s just too bad the crummy app really doesn’t want you to read them, or so it seems.

-Fff. Why do you need money?? Cant you give this free?? You are alrady consumed a lot of data… why do you need money?? give it free please!!

-Great content, but unfortunately navigating through it is a pain. Definitely needs an overhaul to make it more user friendly and give us more control in the app and make it easier find comics, read series and so on.

-After some early (2016) glitches, Marvel now has an incredible app to match their incredible Marvel Unlimited service.

-Very nice and useful I like it because In this app there are so much comics of BLACK PANTHER

-This is a great way to read all my favorite Marvel comics and to catch up on early releases. However, the organization could be better. Sometimes I have to look up the comic I want to read on the Marvel website to the have it take me to the comic. It’s also really annoying to have to wait 6 months to read the latest comics. I understand you want to make a profit, but 6 months is a little tedious. Personally, I think 1 or 2 months would be better.

-Overall pretty good. I’d like to mention some improvements I’d like to see, based on the x-men series of comics I’ve been reading. 1) Most of the uncanny x-men spinoffs have issue gaps. It sucks to skip over stories. 2) crossover issues like Legion Quest or Operation Zero Tolerance don’t have much or any guide to what order to read the comics in 3) The issue description should be utilized more to guide the reader. Example: notice to read x-men annual or perhaps other relevant comics to read beforehand, or explanations as to why a series was rebooted or restarted. These changes could really enhance the experience.

-Only problem I have is that some issues aren’t fully uploaded on the app. Reading a series I really like and it turns out pages are missing. Please fix and put all the pages from an issue on the app. It’s 5 stars besides that. Just can’t ignore it since your paying a fee to read them

-Great service at an unbeatable price. Panel view is great but a little behind comixology. Some old comics should be re-paneled. Reading lists are great. The app is not perfect but it gets the job done, and the ability to find comics by creator, characters, etc is great. It keeps getting better all the time. If you ever liked comics try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

-Although there are a few bugs, in general this is a great app for accessing hundreds of Marvel comics ! The library function allows you to store comics for offline reading, & an annual subscription is great value for comic fans ! Although there is a wait of 6 months for the newest editions, the vast archive more than outweighs this price for a comic addiction.

-Great app, awesome interface. I think a main issue is for new readers is how that overwhelming sensation you get with so much content. I hope Marvel fixes that.

-Love the app! Love Mavel comics. One thing that I would like to see in a future release is to able put a series into my reading library and read them in order. Especially the big events in the MU.

-It’s a fantastic app if you ever want to catch up and read on any of the greatest superheroes before they come out!!❤💗💗💗😵😮😍

-Love the service. The app needs work. It should sync with the website and there should be an easier way to keep track of what you read/want to read.

-It’s a good app but since the last update I can’t see more the front page in the listings of series. Please, fix this

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