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MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited
by Gameloft

App Category:- Action


Collect and unite every Spider-Man and Spider-Woman to fight the ultimate threat in a story-driven endless runner!

Experience a story that feels like it jumped straight from the Marvel Super Hero comics as you recruit an army of amazing Spider-Verse champions. Combat the new Sinister Six, who have opened a dimensional portal in New York to summon endless versions of themselves! This exponential evil is moving from dimension to dimension, destroying each one. But their sinister games end here!

THE GREEN GOBLIN (ISSUE 1), THE VULTURE (ISSUE 2), ELECTRO (ISSUE 3), SANDMAN (ISSUE 4), DOC OCK (ISSUE 5), AND MYSTERIO (ISSUE 6) ARE HERE! What awaits you after the Sinister Six? Maybe you’ll swing with Venom, team up with the Avengers, have a homecoming with Spider-Gwen, help fend off a Civil War, and much, much more!
• Enjoy the thrill of the first Spider-Man web-runner! Swing, run and fight through a chaotic Manhattan in over 7 different Marvel environments!
• Go beyond a simple run with unique gameplay! Fight in battles against dimensional super villains, swing, wall-climb and skydive!
• Play Story mode games with 5 boss battles and 25 missions per Issue! New daily and weekly events with spectacular rewards in Events mode! Or climb up the leaderboards in Unlimited mode!


MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited

MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited


• A continuing episodic adventure: The Sinister Six are moving from dimension to dimension, destroying everything in their path – and our world is next! But it ends now… with an army of amazing Spideys, Avengers, Symbiotes and other Super Hero champions!
• Dive into an amazing Marvel Universe spanning over 50 years of Spider-Man movie and comic book content with iconic characters, including dimensional Spideys, multiple variations of each villain, as well as Nick Fury, Mary Jane Watson, and Black Cat!
• Written with an experienced Spider-Man comic writer to ensure a faithful recreation of the Spider-Man comics!

• Summon, collect and run with a nearly endless number of Super Hero champions featured throughout the Marvel Universe, including Superior Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Ultimate Spider-Man and even Nick Fury from the Avengers comics!
• Collect, fuse, and level up your Spidey cards, each with its own unique in-game benefit. You can even send them on Spidey Ops missions to free the men, women and kids of Manhattan from evil!

For fans of endless runners, Stan Lee comics, the Avengers movie and free Super Hero games – both kids and adults alike!


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User Reviews :-

Elijah Mcclain
It is a nice first person run game where you can beat up bad guys. Plus it has a sweet storyline. I just widh that you could run just to run. Also the cut scenes are amazing I wish there were more so it could bring out more story aspects of the game. That way you are not only watching a good movie you are a part of the story. Basically making a merge of playing a video game and watching a t.v. show.

Sathvik Potlapalli
Lemme tell you, when this game first came out, it completely sucked. The game wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that it was designed to take your money. But with every single update they made, the game became more playable. And now that they finally get rid of Spidey Energy, I actually like playing this game. I don’t feel pressure to buy stuff just to progress. Looking forward to to future updates. 8/10

Richard Wozniak
I changed my rating for this game because of the changes that were made with the latest update that quite frankly suck!! There are no more duplicate Spideys, they automatically rank up that same Spidey, I don’t mind this because I used to synthesize them anyway what I hate is they are converted into vials instead of DNA. When they were converted into DNA it was a lot easier to rank them up.Now it’s a lot harder to rank up coz I have to keep getting duplicates to rank them up now this is BS!!! Finally the new packages now I have to either buy a new Spidey package multiple times or buy a rank up pack to fully rank them up, I think this is BS too!!! I don’t expect you guys to care or change the things I don’t like but I felt that I had to let you know

Austin Green
After they added stamina, all my spideys have Negative Stamina and I can’t play the game for days at a time. I have tried to contact them twice about this occurrence because it is an awesome game but have yet to hear back or be corrected so now I sit here with -124/20 stamina, missing all the events. Unable to play. Asked for help and received no reply yet. Since the update has come out, I have only been able to play one day. I even tried to buy stamina with money and ISO 8 and it still doesn’t correct the balance. Please dont make me delete this game.

Rob Holmes
It was fun again for a short time, after the lastest update it’s become more confusing to even understand what is going on. I liked the fact that one of my Spiderman characters was in the high 70’s for a level. But that’s changed after the update, so there’s really no reason for me to even want to play anymore.

Anti Venom 0804
I used to love this game. It’s all I’d play. But after the new update, with the stamina for each spidey, I’ve never been able to play due to having NEGATIVE STAMINA! It’s obscene. I want to play events I want to play symbiote World, and I want to play the story. But I can’t, all because I have NO STAMINA! CONGRATS, GAMELOFT! YOU SCRREWED UP ANOTHER ONE…!

Joe Boswell
I downloaded the game and begun to play, however my Spider man’s energy the next time I played was minus 247 and won’t fill up unless I pay! I tried to contact the customer services but no one got back to me! Disgraceful

Cale Marxsen
Very disappointed with the Aug 2018 release. First, there is a glitch that started to occurred where characters energy is -360 when it should be 20, so you can never play those characters. Second, collecting ISO 8 use to mean something in previous versions. Now I am sitting on a pile of 10+ million and can’t really do anything useful with it, until I have collected enough duplicate cards to enhance a character. Until then collecting ISO 8 is pointless.

TBH, that thumbs up that appears in the middle of the game when you reach the 2nd or 3rd (star?)is so fucking annoying. It gets in the way of the play. Its covering the screen and you know what? Sometimes i fail the mission because of that fuckibg thumbs up.

Ed Milkow
New update took away all duplicates. Very frustrating. Worse, it makes you work to hard to upgrade cards. Should have button to do it automatically. Spending too much time managing cards instead of playing game. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!

App User
Been here for 3 yrs. Update 35 has finally provided my freedom from this game. Rewards are horrible, no motivation to earn stuff I can’t use. No more IAP for Gameloft. They’ve killed the community. 6 months and this game will be dead.

William Parish
It’s a great game with loads of collect and progression features. New update is okay but has some flaws. Still worth playing for sure though. However after newest update I’ve had several problems (negative stamina on spideys and sometimes won’t let me play a spidey with full stamina?) I would wait for a patch before playing

brandon valenta
Big fix needs to happen now! Do 1 run and now its says i have to wait 7 days til the engery fills back up. Everone in the chat is having this issue. Not fun to miss out on all these events

Kate Faccenda
Let me get this this straight developers I absolutely hate the new update with the stamina. It has completely ruined the game I was on the special event and I have negative 109 stamina and the game doesn’t count time away from your phone so that’s something to be immediately fixed I’m just angry at this stupid update .

sid dring
Been playing this game for a while and absolutely loved it. But after the newest update, I can’t even open the app. Crashes every single time. If the issue gets fixed it’ll probably go back to 5 stars

Aigars Usāns
The latest update robbed us of our time & money spent to get duplicates. Event milestones became impossible because of that and most of the rewards/portals are greatly imbalanced right now as they give us ridiculously small rewards. (VIP portals, gives us 1 spidey piece for example). This update was a bad decision – more info from players can be seen on the forums.

Meis Azrie Mohamed
The games update wipes out most of my Spidey team and it cost too many vials to recruit Spideys and rank up your Spidey. Not to mention the rank up system is troublesome especially if you want to rank up Legendary, Titan and Inifinity Ranks because those cards are very hard to get. Why can’t use the previous rank up system?

It’s overall a great game. But you guys need to dix it. Everyone keeps getting negative energy and it’s annoying. I have to keep uninstall ing and reinstalling just to fix it

Jacob Greenawalt
I think that new update is decent. I enjoy the new stamina system. However, I’m not pleased with the fact that I need duplicates of Spider-Men to rank them up. It doesn’t help if it’s something of titan rank that was earned by paying for it.

Awful Walful
This update deleted all my spider men! I have been playing for along time and now it’s all wasted. Don’t waste your time with this game

The latest update seems to refine the rank and exp mechanic to the point where DNA is irrelevant. Spider energy is also removed, streamlining the game further. However, I am slightly annoyed over how hard it is to see the levels of my troops. TLDR this game is now simple like it was the day it was made.

Hashim Jamil
This game owes me so much lost iso for the amount of times it buys power ups when I’m just scrolling through the shop. Completely put off seeing the deals there now. It’s not like it’s easy to come by and save up and you make the game spend it WITHOUT confirmation!

Adam Walker
Its essentially a clone of every other endless run game. The cool part is being able to collect all the characters from the spider man universe. However the controls are frustratingly unresponsive at seemingly random intervals compared to other games of its type.

Alonzo Roberts
I used to thoroughly enjoy it a few years back. Now I do not (I recently installed on a new phone). I understand that developers need to make money (I spent money on other games) but this game is too much of a cash grab and it waste too much of your time if you are not spending money. The fact that you have to use energy before getting to the intermediate stage to me is just ridiculous.

Utkarsh Talwar
I was super excited to try this game after getting my phone, but I’m disappointed to say it is very buggy. I’m using the new Zenfone 5z with top of the line hardware so there’s no reason it shouldn’t run well. But for some reason, the game just doesn’t register some swipes I make, resulting in immediate death. I am not new to infinite runners, so this isn’t an issue of not understanding the game mechanics either. The game just doesn’t run smoothly so I am keeping a one star review until the issue is fixed.

Andrew Renfro
The admins have made a game that’s less and less fun as you go. They disguise it as a test in determination and skill but what it really is a trick to get money. To get through the game without spending money requires inhuman amounts of determination and patience.

Jeffrey Fike
It’s way to hard to focus when the enemy talks over you running, trying to focus on not running into walls is too frustrating. To be honest, the concept is nice and all but spidey shouldn’t have to worry about running into things when he’s strong enough to lift everything basically.

Angelo Ramirez
Please fix the negative stamina problem. For some reason, all of my Spider-Men have stamina in the negatives. We’re talking negative 600 and such. Please fix this so I can continue to play this game I truly enjoy.

Obafemi Bababode Akindele
I played it this morning and it was fine with all my spidey when I reopened it just now all my spideys were gone and over 1 million vals too all gone for no reason leaving me with only two 3 star spideys. Can it be fixed or I should just delete it.

Gurpal Johal
The update took away all my Spider-Man characters and I didn’t get the rewards from the updates. I was hoping the update would be fun, but it just erased my progress and I can’t even play the game.

Pearl Koranteng
Since my last update, it doesn’t work anymore. My feedback has received no response and now I don’t know what to do. So frustrating because it doesnt allow you to play until you update and after updating, I can’t play anymore.😡

Erik Sala
New update, new bugs. My ISO worth spideys, all duplicates, all max levelled up, all gone 🙁 lag is back, and the worst of all (no matter how much I restart, clear cache, restart device and WiFi, etc.), UNRESPONSIVE SWINGING ACTION!

Loved this game until 10 minutes ago. When ALL of my characters are gone. But my progress is still the same level. Not happy. It is a 5 star game but not right now until I get my characters back.

Gianluca Pollacco
It was an interesting update at first. Was really surprised to see all the duplicates just disappear. But what was unacceptable is the fact that this update has incapacitated all my spideys. They have negative 1307 stamina and can’t play the game anymore. A fix IS REQUIRED and compensation would be appreciated.

Aaron Bartlett
Latest update is terrible. The levelling up system was fun but now is rubbish. An event you can only play if you spend real money on a new spidey. I’ve got 20 keys for loot box but can’t use them. The previous update was amazing but now I would say avoid this game.

Andres Mancera Barreto
What is going on with this update? All the cards have -100 + stamina. So I can’t play the game. It’s been two days like that and nothing has happened

Nathan Emmert
Why is my stamina for every spidey NEGATIVE??!! I did not use up all 200+ of my spideys’ stamina in one night! This doesn’t make sense, now I have to wait 3+ hours to get 1 stamina. You need to fix this!

App User
Was running fantastic before update, HOW CAN ALL MY SPIDERS HAVE STAMINA OF -45 AFTER PLAYING ONLY 3 TIMES? Absolutely ridiculous … the bugs are so bad you try to swipe and it doesn’t pick it up … my tablets is brand new and haven’t had a problem with it until now with this game … please fix

Zafar Rakhda
Love the game. Just got a few issues like every morning my lives go to -54 for no reason. It’s annoying as I can’t compete in events.

Austin Bates
Was fine before the update. But now… For some reason, my whole team has -1000 stamina. I haven’t even played the game in two days! So it’s basically unplayable for me for the foreseeable future. Please fix!

Chris Bayer
Completely stuffed the game with the latest update. Years of work down the drain with the idiotic changes to ranking up. Not worth the effort anymore.

George Stephen
Love the game, love the new update but im having an issue with my spides. There energy is taking to long to replenish and also its saying there energy is -475 out of 20

Jason Duenas
Was a great game, latest update screwing me over due to bug with stamina. All my spiders are unusable and just when they will recover, they are apparently use. This is killing game.

Louis Diaz
With the update there is something wrong with stamina. My characters where good but out of nowhere they become negative 70. It has not let me play for more than 8 hrs. Please fix and you will get 5 stars

Alejandro Jimenez
Why put in stamina?!? How is taking away duplicates good when it helped with bonus effects on missions?!? Sooner or later they will “correct” this terrible discussion but we all will not get back a lot of our progress that they have stolen from us.

jun norman puerto
-1079/20 stamina for almost all my characters. Waited a day or two then it went down. But now stamina’s back to -1079 again. Can’t play it. What’s the deal with this new update?

Miguel Lozano
I hate the new energy system it keeps showing a glitch where it says I have no energy even if I wait hours. It says I’m missing 1,560 energy its so dumb.

Luis Aguirre
Since the current update cant even play the game because it keeps force closing and crashes on my galaxy note 8. Please someone fix this. Cant give a higher rating until this problem is fixed.

Alex Martinez
The new update has erased all of my data putting me back to square one. All my spidermen, gems and vials even my alliance was erased. I really do love this game and I want to keep playing but if i can’t at least get my spidermen back than I might drop an otherwise great game. I know that you guys at gameloft are swamped with negative feedback from the update. But I please ask that you do your best to resolve this issue not only for me but for all the veteran players. Thank you guys and have a great day

This was a lovely game that I actually thoroughly enjoyed the reason I gave it one star is because after about 10 ish levels beaten it said all of my characters were at -1500 stamina and this would take over 24 hrs of being logged into the game to actually play it.

James Carl Adornado

Amazing game! I love the events and getting a bunch of spidermen! Although I do miss the old version, the new version makes a bit less fun but nonetheless it is a great game.

App User
New update robs players of cards they purchased. Developers think this is ok and will not issue refunds for duplicate cards you purchased. I recommend new players to not even bother with this game.

Jonathan Hobart
Great game! Its a fun game! The only reason the rating is so low is because my recruit button crashes my game every time I tap it. Gameloft! Fix your game so I can recruit spideys again!!

Tina Stanley
I really do not like the new update. I am having a hard time playing because of the new stamina things I need to actually play the game. It has been 6 says now and I haven’t played the game because of it.

Jacob Riggan
You guys need to fix the stamina system NOW. Every single last one of my characters has negative stamina and I haven’t even used a number of them.

Sourav Sen
I have been playing this game for the last 3 years and spent quite a lot on it. Now, with the new update, they literally have erased all that money that had gone into the game. I tried raising refund requests but apparently i won;t get a refund! Why is that? When they can just delete all your hard earned money and rob you, and don;t even issue refunds.. just don’t bother with this game anymore.. I’m gonna suggest users to not spend a single penny on this stupid game. Gameloft is only interested in making changes so that they can make money. Absolute trash!

Bryan Cutler
It’s impossible to complete the Mysterio level rising action I defeated him 3 times now and it registers as mission failed please fix it. This also means I can’t complete the the story mode I’m not very happy right now Gameloft please

Andy Sanchez
Good game Update…sense the last update I have not been able to play AT ALL…all my spidys have negitave energy…when this gets fixed I will change my review

Neil Petterson
Currently have an issue where my Spider-men all have negative energy/stamina. Hence, I’m not able to play anymore. No matter how many times a restart the app, it’s still the same.

The game is good, even after the update. But there’s a slight glitch, after an event that i ranked 1st, my squad that was used to get that score now has -7000 stamina. Can you guys please fix this?

Muaaz Khan
The game is good but now with the new 4.4.0 update the game has started to glitch again I am not able to play with my characters is saying that the stamina needs to be recharged but its not getting recharged everytime I try to recharge your device with the action does not take place and its around -1000 stamina is left to recharge the game is not working and I cannot play the game

Josh Haggerty
Ok i love this game for a long while now but im getting quite annoyed with the new update because almost every 5 days all my spidys start to have negitave stamina from ranges of 85 to 600+ and i cant play yhe game at all

Gamer 61379
I think the new update is great and makes a lot of things easier, i just wish 2 things would change; one, the game is a lot slower and that needs to be fixed. Second, when we select spideys in our team, its be nice if it was not zoomed way in so we could actually spin and view our spideys like we can when we dont own them

Mike Ramos
A lot of fun to play, but have experienced some bugs playing on my S9 Plus. However, with the recent update, it seems that many of the games problems were fixed and is even a more enjoyable game overall. I wish there was a way to organize the spider-men the way I want to or at least be able to save the spider-man groups I play with, I always have to manually look for each spider-man amongst the 50 different ones I have.

Eric The Truck Driver
latest update, you have destroyed one of my favorite games, and stolen 3/4 to of my collection, taken years and now gone. unforgivable. very sad

David Suttie
I have been playing this game, pretty much on a daily basis for over 3 years. This latest update is a tragedy for those of us who have invested time and in some cases not inconsiderable amounts of money. I now have no insentive to play a game I used to look forward to competing in. It strikes me, that there may even be a legal case for compensation against GL for deleting the characters that have been paid for either directly or indirectly with real money. I guess new players may still get something from it, but we long term players have been totally let down. So GL can you answer the simple question.. Are you legally allowed to take back items that have been purchased?

Yannfarel Limen
I love playing this game for so long and I think you should add more characters to it’s and those random and mitatlical spider Man I saw in the background great job last I think you should make another one and add more spider Man and the sybiote

Elena Macias
I love this game is the beast game I ever played I know this game just been updated but I will really like if u guys change the color of the spider web depending on the spider and give spidermans special ability depending on their name or bio I understand if u guys can’t do this love the game already : D

Greg Mann
Upped my review from 3 to 5 stars, I love the newest update. The energy system is a lot better, and i no longer need to level up my spideys, the new ranking system is a lot better as well.

Abdullah Aly
After the last two updates it became worse before I could play almost any event without a specific Spider-Man but now it requires me to have a specific spiderman. Then the problem of ranking up characters before it used the genome system which made it easier to rank up characters. I hope gameloft fix it.

Dhillon Patel
Can’t even play the game. For some reason, all my spidermen have negative stamina. It’s been 2 days now

Tristan Conway
This game was really fun and I played it all the time but the new update that just came out got rid of all the characters that I spent hours leveling/powering up and replaced them with the basic spiderman that you get when you start the game with. If you’re just starting the game then I’m sure you’ll have fun with it but if you’ve been playing this game for a while like me you’re gonna feel like you just got robbed especially if you actually spent money on character packs.

Matthew McKnight
The game is brilliant. The story is cool, the controls work mostly, but the most annoying thing I have encountered is the energy. First off I don’t like that there’s a limit of plays before you can’t do anything but wait. Also it doesn’t recharge most of the time which is very buggy. Fix it and I’ll rate it higher. Edit: After the update the energy problem is much worse. You changed the type of energy, (cool i guess) but now if i wait for it to recharge from 5/20 to 20/20 for a few hours it goes to -32/20. Then i have to wait for 32 to refill PLUS the 20 needed to play. I have now rated it lower and until these problems are solved I ain’t rating higher.

shashi prakash
Whenever I want to play the game after new update the game crashes automatically even can’t open the customer care from the game. When you fix it I will give you 5 🌟. Thanks

Wayne Mallett
Played this game for years and had hundreds of Spideys but now the duplicates have gone making the goals hard to hit as you can no longer have 4 Spideys with a x7 multiplier. Also the ranking system has taken a massive step back.

Hey, the game is crashed, I just started it, and every single one of my characters has minus 111 energy to play with, and I closed and then started the game again, and it was the same, please fix this and give more energy to the characters and more gems, you need a lot of gem to get the best spideys there.

Mitch Clarke
Great Game I love playing it, however when I go to play it most of the time my energy gets put into the negatives meaning that I can’t actually play. I don’t know what causes this but it would be awesome if it could be fixed.

Heath Carpenter
If you want to play an game that you start devoting too much time to and grinding toward better characters. This is the app. Once you start feeling like you are finally making progress, the developers update it and make the grind even slower and lower the rewards and odds on the rewards from the loot boxes. Here a a few more of my biggest issues: 1. When you make an achievement during a run the thumbs up symbol comes up and blocks most of the screen while you have to keep running. 2. When you are in the recruiting store it is incredibly easy to accidently purchase characters that you don’t mean to and waste gems. (This has happened to me multiple times). 3. There are multiple inconsistencies while you run, you figure what sections you have to avoid because they are glitchy. Now I get to add that they have updated the game and made the grind longer once again. Seriously guys, it’s like you are trying to get people to quit playing the game.

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