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Major Mayhem 2 – Action Arcade Shooter
by Rocket Jump

Major Mayhem is returning to duty and once again must battle the forces of The Evil Villains Corporation!

The Major and his Mayhem has never looked, felt and sounded so good!

– Run, gun, and blast your way through hundreds of villains
– Adventure through 50 hand crafted unique levels of non-stop action!
– Show your force in 5 Big Boss Fights!
– Complete the entertaining and light hearted story.
– Unlock and upgrade 20 unique weapons!
– Prove yourself by earning the 150 mission medals.
– Simple to play but hard to master gameplay.
– Win spectacular rewards!
– Colourful HD graphics.
– Everything in the game can be earned absolutely free!


Major Mayhem 2 - Action Arcade Shooter android app

Major Mayhem 2 – Action Arcade Shooter android app


Nothing on earth that can prepare you for, Major Mayhem!

A Message from the Developers:
We spent a long time and a lot of effort crafting Major Mayhem 2 into be the best sequel all our fans have been waiting for. We hope the wait was worth it and we hope you enjoy it. Thank you for playing Major Mayhem and now Major Mayhem 2!

Download Major Mayhem 2 – Action Arcade Shooter from Play Store :-


Download Major Mayhem 2 – Action Arcade Shooter From Play Store


User Reviews :-


Controls were WAY better in the first game, plus there were a lot more fun power ups and and side goals in the first game. It’s very difficult to dodge the bullets in this one. I liked the first game better, it was a lot better made all around. This game is a fun time waster, but you would’ve been better off just adding these missions onto the first game instead of making a whole new one. I don’t like how there’s no way to get your armor back in a mission like there was in the first game, there’s really not much incentive to save the hostages in this one it’s easier to just kill them in order to save yourself and that sucks.

-I am a big major mayhem fan and was very happy to see the sequel. At last after a lot of waiting and numerous requests from the fans finally the sequel arrived, what took you so long rocket jump games. I have just started and like the first one it is a brilliant game with new settings and great graphics. Major Mayhem was the one of very few games I completed and I will also try and complete this game. At first sight Major Mayhem 2 looks to be a wonderful game. It will be a huge hit in the world of mobile games even bigger then the first one. I love Major Mayhem. Maybe an animation movie on Major Mayhem in future.

-The first one is better because u no need to wait for energy, get blueprints for guns, chests and pay to win basically.. And Sadly u can’t customise ur character like the first one. But so far the only thing that is good is the graphics. It has improved alot…

-The gameplay is fun but everything seems to be designed for pay to play. I’m okay with paying for a game, and would gladly pay a one time fee to do away with the pay to play, but I’m not gonna spend 5 dollars every day just to keep getting lives and speed up reward boxes. This template is getting old.

-I loved the first one, but in this one it feels like the developers lost some of what made the first one great. A simple game you could sit back and just enjoy. The pay to play features are so consuming it almost makes this game unplayable. Would have gladly spent money on an updated version of the first game, but this is set up to nickle and dime you for eternity..

-I’m waiting alot for the sequel. It is very great game in terms of graphics and concept. But gameplay is difficult… I mean to say when i tap then gun fire only one bullet..but in earlier part 1, if u fire bullet then gun continuous firing unless bullet goes nil. But still love it. 😍

-This game is harder than its prequel. I must say, I’m having fun playing the first game, and i’m having fun playing this one, too! Oh ya, one little annoying thing: The ‘first’ pistol in major mayhem 2 is really annoying, compared to the ‘first’ pistol of major mayhem 1. Yet, you’ll get addicted with this game (whenever dat loot box can limit your gameplay a little bit)

-The game is all good just like the original was, has frame rate issues so far but that’s not bothering me now. What’s bugging me is that now the game is totally limited to how much you can play it, like why RJ? this is not Angry Birds or some other garbage game that completely baffles the amount of time you want to keep playing it

-One thing to say that in my opinion is good and bad is the ENERGY. Also its good because it revives you but wastes another mission. Bad thing is How long it takes to get energy. What you guys should do is have the energy system only for revives and then you have to wait like 3 or 4 hours for 2 so its not op. Lastly what happened to the achievements from the first one.

-The first one is simply and fun. This one is very complicated. To obtain a gun, a lot of blueprint is needed. I wish I can move the ‘JUMP’ button to left side of the screen. I just purchased the carbine rifle with 500 diamonds, but I cannot sense any different from the simple submachine gun. Everyone knows that a assault rifle bullet fly faster than a submachine gun round due to the shape. Shame … I very miss the alien plasma rifle from the first game.

-I still playing the first one. But this looks amazing. Edit When i enter tutorial its so unplayable cause too many lags. Its still lag a lot after i turning down the graphic setting and battery saver mode. Pls help. Samsung grand prime.

-Everything about this game is amazing. The only thing that bugs me is that when running and gunning, the jump button is on the right side of the screen. I’m right handed so I shoot with my right hand. I know that I could just swipe up, but that also shoots. So I can’t jump and shoot.

-Been waiting this game and it’s finally out. But I’m totally disappointed because the developer being more GREEDY, they make it so hard to get chest, because the point to high. Cant even progress the story because cant get more than 1 star… BASICALLY THEY WANT YOU TO IAP

-Huge fan of MM 1 and was excited to see 2 had finally arrived. To my disappointment, everything that made the first such a huge hit and surprise, have been stripped down and now we are at the will of pay to advance schemes. Energy system also. Why? To add on to the level of frustration are loot boxes that you earn while playing, can’t be opened for 2 hours or you can watch ads to cut the time in half. This is ridiculous. I understand developers need to make money but there are better ways of doing it without ruining your fanbase. I’m just preaching to the choir and the deaf ears of the congregation.

-I love the original major mayhem. But I don’t like how this game is so fast. It’s hard to be able to dodge the bullets when the enemies are so close and the bullets are so fast. Also I don’t like the idea of having to wait for you strength to fill up just to play another level.

-Why did the bad guys on my game have like these streched guns? Its blocking my view i hope you guys could explain thanks

-Major Mayhem was the game I played forever until this day. I will never forget Rocket Jump for delivering this new game, and I loved it so much! Thank you for this game, and may the new updates come out!

-Ohh… I miss my old days, playing this game every time i go home from school, overall this game is a good sequel to the original one, and brings a ninja-nostalgic feels, but sadly where’s the costume shop, booster shop, and grenade launchers ? 🙁 Well thats all i want to say 😀 Keep it going devs.

-This game has the awesome fun of the first, but this time introduces loot boxes and play timers. While these things can be annoying, they still feel fair and don’t force the player to spend money. It’s been a while since the first and personally, I really loved it; so I’m very grateful a second game was made.

-Major Mayhem 2 = Best action game. Similar to major mayhem (by adult swim games). and good graphics! Add scar-l in the game

-The first one was way better, the second one sucks because you have to pay to play, but they have to pay for the game somehow I guess! Than at the end you have to have 90 stars to continue so I just deleted the game, good job with the game but I’m not one to spend money on a game that will eventually have an ending

-Too convoluted. Too much pay to play. Too long and tedious to upgrade. They took a good game concept and ruined it by over-monetizing it.

-Fun. But now doesn’t heal after the hostage have been rescue. And ‘Jump’ HUD should can be chang e left-handed

-Still loved it, good ol game The only downside is, I don’t think this is a very resource intensive game but gameplay was very harsh with a lot of lags and frame rate drops plus my device heats up very quickly, like literally…. Seconds. So I suppose some optimisation should be done in order to tackle the issue, otherwise this game is very good indeed.

-Too much complication what is blueprint also those mini missions have been removed enemies are too quick. Either you buy a gun or you don’t. Energy bar is a waste too

-Just noticed a bug while changing graphics quality, game only works when in high setting but when changed to medium/low, the screen gets bugged so badly and unplayable. Is this just mine?

-I miss the old major mayhem game with the unlimited plays and gun ammos but overall i want to say that even that energy is required to play the levels I am extremely satisfied due to the hard and action packed levels, keep it up, this is a very great game!!

-This game had a lot of potential. Since this game is a sequel to the first one publish by [AS] games. I hoped it will give me the same experience as the first game did. But no. You people. Rocket jump games. Has create this game with such potential, improved upon many things from the first game (from the graphical and action element standpoint of the game). But you have to ruined it. with such a lame, shameful way of wait-to-play energy system, blueprints-from-lootbox to upgrade weapons wich leads to pay-to-progress. And less mayhem including gameplay wich is what the game is all about. Shameful. Still,this game is on it’s early stage, i know you people can still change things up. But since you guys has gone this way of marketing. I can’t get my expectation too high. Or i’ll be more dissapointed than what i am right now. 3/10

-I love the game but it only runs smooth on a low quality. Could you please make it so that its runs smooth at least on medium quality for LG K8V’s. Then I will give it a 5 star rating. Thanks

-Its been a long time to wait major mayhem 2 release because i have play major mayhem 1 was 4 years ago and this game was the best and bit suprises because this game was release this year! Thanks!

-It’s not really like the other one. It’s pay for play and the coins are few and far between. It’s just not like the major mayhem I know. Hopefully it gets better.

-I love the company and the games they make so I’ll give 5 star But they really fell off with this it’s so complicated compared to the old one and don’t mention to be better at the game u need to pay .

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