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Magic Rampage
by Asantee

Exciting new platformer that combines the RPG genre with fast-paced action gameplay. Magic Rampage features character customization and dozens of weapons to wield; from knives to magical staves. Each dungeon introduces the player to new obstacles, enemies and secret areas to explore. Search Bonus levels, strive in Survival mode, join forces with friendly NPCs and battle it out in challenging Boss fights.


Magic Rampage android app

Magic Rampage android app


Magic Rampage brings back the look and feel of the very best classic platformers from the 90’s, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplay mechanics. If you miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and think games nowadays aren’t that good anymore, think twice! Magic Rampage is for you. Magic Rampage supports joysticks, gamepads and physical keyboard for even more accurate gameplay responsiveness.


Download Magic Rampage from Play Store :-

Download Magic Rampage From Play Store

User Reviews :-

Fantastic RPG Platformer. This game will hook you and never let you go. My only complaint would be the size of the control buttons. Some of us have fingers small enough to miss them at times. The graphics are entertaining, gameplay is challenging, and you don’t need to spend any money to have fun playing. You can switch to survival mode if the primary adventure starts to get boring, and they’re preparing to implement a PvP mode! BEST GAME EVER!!!

-It’s quite a good Action Platformer. I would like to add some suggestions: Why axes and other weapons are so inferior to Swords? There are no class benefits to such weapons. How about Slower Stronger? Why bother in designing every class outfit if best armors an suits cover them completely. I would love you included shields too, even lite shields for non warrior classes.

-The game play is solid. I only have an issue with the fact that the game is almost impossible if you don’t buy better loot. Also, I like the fact that you can upgrade equipment, but the feature is almost rendered irrelevant because it just easier to buy better equipment. This game would be greatly improve with a lower power ceiling and making it so lesser equipment can be bought but better equipment must be earned either through exploration or upgrades

-Wish some reason f the features were available sooner like the class specials and bank access. Bank is also silly pricey to use. Gameplay is great though, easy to pick up and play or return to master levels when you have more time. Classic platformer feels with smooth contols, some customization and upgrades.

-It’s a reeally enjoyable game and quite addicting to be honest. The coins cost of just about everything is a little troubling but everything else is really well done. Smooth gameplay and graphics, cool story and quite challenging overall. I’d just really love a seperate button for the powers. It’s just way too muh of a hassle to tap 3 times in one direction. I can’t even count just how many times I’ve died trying to use a skill..

-I absolutely love this game. There’s always room for improvement. It would be pretty nice if there was a button that activated ur ultimate move and adding a 2 second delay instead of the combo. I’m not too fond of the prices, but it’s manageable. It would be cool if there was another ultimate move, but it’s not necessary as the game is already pretty awesome for me. Good luck with the development nd keep up with the great work.

-So much fun. You would think it’s a game that you can play in 5 minute increments. And yet every time you pick it up at 5 minutes turns into 20 without you even realizing it. So much fun. My only criticism is that there seems to be a lien in the fighter Direction. This being because of weapons that are magical in nature but also offer armor boosts so you benefit more from having a magical sword with such boosts and then equipping a ring with a plus to sword and magic. There is no such dual benefit to any magic class

-One of the best Android games I’ve ever played! Smooth as butter, excellent controls, perfectly fitting music and FX, beautiful art work and graphics. I can’t recommend it enough! Tip: always check along the top of the screen for secrets, and jump up off screen when able. You’ll be rewarded!

-Fun fun fun fun game! Very addicting! Definitely a Time killer! Characters could be more diverse in fighting styles and why does everything have to be thrown? Story could be more in depth and the story could be told more often. Haven’t completed the game yet but I’m about 50% through. I definitely don’t regret playing this game. It has definitely scratched and itch I’ve had for adventure RPG. I would love to see this become more 3D Style where you visit towns and have a world to move around in. Graphics is amazing. Overall they did a wonderful job this concept has amazing potential!

-First, amazing game, even feels like premium content. One bug is the last boss green lightning is not blocked by the green platform. Which cost me my star… An additional button to cast magic would be really helpful as there is only one magic in the game atm.

-I loved this game. It was simple but very enjoyable.😀. Lvl. 8-1 (i think) is great for getting gold, just get through unharmed and with 3 diamonds and you got 30,000 gold! Just make sure you kill all the “active” enemies too, don’t worry about the unhatched eggs. I beat the game and I’m hoping for a sequel soon. I totally want to play as that “future” knight! Plz make a sequel soon!

-Reminds me of my childhood favorites rolled into a new, beautifully designed game. No Adds!!? WOW! Thank you for making this game! I was happy to spend $5 or $10 dollars for this game, besides I even got something special for spending a few bucks! But totally unnecessary if you can’t spend any cash on the game. You can still go through and get everything you could possibly want with just regular gameplay. I might have to play the game as every single character! LOL

-A few months ago, this was one of the best games I’ve played on mobile, by far. Great gameplay, customization, good variety of enemies, good level design, cool weapons. But now, you guys added tons of ads. It gets annoying. I would rather you make it a paid game, than force ads or microtransactions down my throat.

-Amazing game I love the graphics and the story as well. There’s tons of diversity when it comes to customizing and Alot of fun mechanics! Great offline game I definitely recommend. Only thing I want right now is multiplayer! I can’t wait for it I’d love some updates on when this feature will be available!

-What more could you want!? Downloaded this game 4 days ago,and been playing it every second of down time I’ve had. Tons of things to find and plenty of challenges. The only thing I wish it had was more character slots so I could try em all.

-Great game w/ nostalgic side scroll feel. Why don’t more mobile games exist like this where you can equip gear you can actually see? You guys should remake this game in a sci fi setting call it like Future Rampage I would def play it too.

-I really liked this game at first but one day my game save data was gone and that really killed this game for me. It just deleted it by itself. I tried restarting but it was much less enjoyable. This was nearly a year ago so maybe its been fixed. I decided to play today just to test my new headphones and now the game requires my email address in order to sign in! You’ve got to be kidding! For what, to be sold to spammers? Please let me know

-Hands down the best game I’ve ever played. The only platform game I like too. I hate Mario and other platform type games. This game has kinda of a role playing games feel to it, it’s a very very enjoyable fantasy game with lots of different approaches and play styles.

-I love this game!!! I am totally addicted. It has brilliant gameplay. I likr the retro style pixilated graphics and the story is amazing!! To improve, I would recommend that you add other magical powers in a skill tree, which can be unlocked as you ‘level up’. I also wish that some elements will be balanced out – or at least tell the player what elements do what – I started with darkness before realising that it was overly – expensive and that no benefits are shown at my current stage. I then moved to earth, but with that you could only walk on these funny green platforms you barely see. The best elements are light, air and fire in my opinion and I wish that I was told what did what so that I could have chosen my element/s more carefully. But these are just minor adjustments, I cant stop playing and I would recommend this to everyone. Great job making it! 😉 🙂

-Was getting really tired of the typical mobile game with ads and insane paywalls.. this is mobile done right. Simple but effective and enjoyable controls. Gameplay and secrets ramp up in difficulty in a smooth way. Well done. You can tell love went into this.

-LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this game!!! Magic Rampage is everything I’ve been looking for in mobile gaming, I couldn’t be happier! Will definitely be making in-game purchases simply to support the developers, y’all deserve to bank on this crazy fun game, thank you and well done Asantee team!!! ♡

-This game is good but it has a fatal flaw. After you revive your character for some weird reason the buttons don’t appear quickly therefore you can’t control your character. In my case I’m fighting the dragon and because of that I die in an instant. Its basically unplayable.2 stars sorry…

-I like the character customization and the ability to choose a class. The story is pretty neat. But I think it’s odd how no matter how powerful your armor is if you take a small amount of damage like 2 or 7 you’ll lose a quarter of a heart.

-The game is very fun and challenging. The controls are kind of strange. When you unlock your special attack, you have to press right, right, right, A to cast it. There’s plenty of room on screen for a “special attack” button. Or why not just hold down A for 1 second since that’s how long it takes to press the combo anyway. Also, you’re constantly switching gear from your inventory depending on your current situation, but there’s no intuitive way to do so. So you have to pause the game and switch gear every minute or so.

-Incredible! In the sea of all those “high budget loudly advertised” games this is the real diamond in the dust! I would rate it 10 if i could. Too bad it is too short…

-Overall great game, one of the few games that i put some money into. Only a few minor complaints like the controls locking up occasionally and the audio sometimes cuts in and out

-Shop items are WAAAAAAY too over priced and almost makes you have to buy coins. 2) Each class needs a unique starting weapon. A dagger won’t do much for most classes. And 3) Keep up the amazing work.

-One of my favourite games. great story and super game play. Love it Edit: after bank update i can no longer get prizes from prize room. I complete achievement and the icon on the prize room blinks but when i enter the room. The place when prize spawns shines but then the shining disappears and there is no prize . Same for all characters. Edit:seems to be working now

-Solid game, great artwork, looks like it would be a lot of fun. The only issue I have with it is the movement buttons are a little too small and do not always register when pressed, which results into jumping over a pit and stopping half way and dying horribly.

-This is honestly one of the best games I’ve played that are available on Google Play. Has a good combination of great gameplay and control while keeping to a relatively simple concept. This coupled with a bit if story and good difficulty progression turned it into what I felt was a overall good game.

-Its okay, feels like a different version of mario cause of jumping on a lot of things/ trying to avoid objects that could kill you. Pretty easy to increase your chars, buying coins isn’t expensive, but earning coins isn’t hard either.

-Ive played this game for a long time now (about 2 years!) and while they have made some awesome new changes… its just not the same anymore. they keep slapping ads on everything now -.-

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