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Ludo Mania : 2019 Dice Game

By Ludo, Teen Patti and Rummy

Game Category:- Board

Ludo Mania : 2019 Dice Game


Ludo game has the longest history for dice game and board game!
Ludo game is a classic multiplayer board game played by people all around the world. Ludo game winning requires both skill and luck.
Ludo game is widely played by all age groups, kids, young and adult.
Ludo game is the king of all childhood board games.

Don’t feel Sorry! or Get Mad in Ludo Game.

Ludo game other name is Parchís, “Parxís”, “Parqués”,
Ludo ( लूडो )
Ludo (飞行棋,飛行棋,飞机棋)

Get crazy in Ludo Mania and become the king of Ludo, enjoy never-ending fun anywhere, anytime! Start playing now to find out all the unique and exclusive functions!

Unprecedented Freebies

Daily Bonus: Sign in every day to get up to 2000 coins daily. Watch video can double your daily bonus!
Spin Bonus: Spin the lucky wheel to try out your luck and get extra coins! Add more spins by watching video to earn numerous bonuses.
Video Bonus: Watch video to get up to 450 coins. Every 4 hours you can watch 5 times!
Level-up Bonus: Once you level up, bonus coins will be given immediately. The higher level you reach, the more coins you will get.

Exclusive Game Features

Massive Bonus: Various ways are listed above to offer abundant coins that can keep you enjoying free games in Ludo mania.
Social System: Chat with other players and send emojis to each other to make the game more joyful and interactive.
Online/Offline: Choose to play Ludo mania either online or offline! Fight against computer or compete with local and online ludo masters, it’s all your choice!
Quick Match: Opponents will be assigned automatically and the game will begin right away or you can create private room and invite your friends.
Global Ranking: Challenge thousands of worldwide real-time players and get thrills of the ranking entertainment! Check out your position in the global ranking and be a ludo king.

Multiple Game Modes

VS Computer:No internet connection required! Play with the computer when you are offline. It will give you incomparable immersive experience just like playing with real friends.
Local Multiplayer: In this mode, you can play Ludo mania with real friends. 2-4 players sit together and play in one device. Face to face match makes the game more thrilling and exciting!
Online Multiplayer: Get connected to players all around the word. No matter where you are, challenge them and become the champion of Ludo!
Play with Friends: Need privacy? We’ve got special private room for you! Invite Facebook friends to your created room or share room code to your friends so they can join you.

Simple Rules to Play

Ludo Mania is a perfect time pass strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single dice. It’s suitable for people of all ages.
Furthermore, a player must roll a 6 to move out the yard and enter a token into play. However, if the opponent’s token lands on the same square where your take is, your taken will be returned to the yard.

Download Ludo Mania : 2019 Dice Game:-

Download Ludo Mania : 2019 Dice Game ( 20.4 MB )

User Reviews

gai chuang
Brought back our days memories when we were kids.

cgkoswa yehjnqu
WOW IT IS A WONDERFUL game.and i like this game very much

Abd Carty
Playing online is superb. And with friends, by sharing room code is just awesome.

lnrvz igxbe
The game too much fun Always like it

chianhuei fu
we can play it online also with our friends and other players which a superb feature of it…

uvwmte yfpjbw
This game is really a big awesome game for timepass!

imquyc tkpuzc
Excellent game! family members all fully enjoy this game

ora chiang
Great game! Best of the kind so far!

Martin Hiram
The best Game I have came across… Enjoyed a lot playing

uyuycg cuzciln
This Ludo game is simple and fun. The computer mode is challenging

leanderleonardleopold baron
This is an amazing game played by youngsters as well as old people..

waeimqu ktkfilq
Loved it, I daily play with my family at least three match.

dhlptx rdlnrw
Best game for timepaas and fun. Must download it and enjoy

txbfjn vqzdhkn
Extraordinary, It’s just beyond imagination

A Google user
excellent game it is an outstanding game of ludo

fo ya
This game is very intrested i suggest all of you this game you play and enjoy it

lawrenceleander hale
Its an awesome game to play with friends it is very entertaining game 5 star

Ken Jin
It is really an awesome game and a good time pass.

juan guai
Awesome Game………Love to play it again and again

dhdhlp xtkprux
Very helpful to fight with boredom and the online sight is very amazing.

Ce gou
Its a very nice app.Wow!It’s the best game app out of those which I have used.

Marvelous game.. Love to play with friends in lunch time..

shou qun
Awesome app and they are very unique and interesting app

Just Fu
it’s very good aap for happy family it’s very amazinge game in vacations

Good app. Till now this is the best one I could get in all other popular ludo app.

oswae odilp
Really nice game Amazing gaming experience. Awesome game.

Berg garfield
I like game so much i played freely so thank u for making this game

A Google user
nice game superb good awesome,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Beng wo
Love playing this ludo with my family. Very neat. No glitches. Lot of fun.

Nang Pi
Just go with it and enjoy your best childhood memories. Ahhhh I m loving it

Earl LeanderLeonardLeopold
ĺ loved the game because my whole family can play it and it is also not boring everyone should try awesome game

ptxbfjn wfwbdi
Nice game I like this game my friends and me play together and have fun

yue bin
This is very super. This game only is the best game of play store

Reminds me of my school days… Fun days.. miss playing with my friends though….

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