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Ludo All Star: Online Classic Board & Dice Game

Ludo All Star Online Classic Board & Dice Game

Ludo All Star Online Classic Board & Dice Game

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Ludo All Star: Online Classic Board & Dice Game


Ludo All-Star is a real-time, family-friendly, online board & dice game that will revive your childhood memories.

Ludo, a simpler version of another Indian cross and circle game called Pachisi, is a classic strategy board & dice game played by 2 or 4 players. Players roll a dice and race their four tokens from start to finish according to the dice roll.

Along with the the usual gameplay, all-new online ludo game, Ludo All-Star has come up with an interesting twist that will make you a king of ludo. You can now place bets online with in-game currency to add more thrill to the classic ludo game!
The game also has a Raid Mode, which makes the game further interesting.

Classic Ludo also goes by different names & variations in different regions like Uckers, Griniaris, Fia, Fia-spel (Fia the game), Non t’arrabbiare, Fia med knuff (Fia with push), Cờ cá ngựa, Petits Chevaux (Little Horses), Le Jeu de Dada (The Game of Dada), Ki nevet a végén, برسي (Barjis/Barjees). People also misspell Ludo as Loodo, Lido, Lado, Ledo, Leedo, Laado, or Lodo.
Generally confused with other classic strategy board games like Pachisi, Parcheesi, Trouble, Sorry, & Aeroplane chess, Ludo is much easier to understand & play. So, get on board and start your Ludo adventure with Ludo All-Star right now, and be a Ludo star!

Ludo All-Star Highlights
Regular & Arabic theme
Play online in 2 player & 4 player modes
Play offline
Raid Mode
Place bets with in-game currency
Undo your dice roll and be the master of your own luck
Roll first after a 6, and then select tokens to apply the rolls to
Chat & make friends
Get lucky daily with a daily spin wheel
Earn coins by winning games. The more you win, the more you earn.
Spin wheel for daily rewards

Rules of Ludo

Players take turns to roll the dice. A player will have to roll a 6 before he or she is able to navigate a colored piece from its starting point to the starting square. After that, in each of the subsequent turns the player navigates a piece forward for one to six squares as indicated by the dice roll.

When a 6 is rolled, the player may choose to advance a token already in play, or may enter another staged token to its starting square. Rolling a 6 earns the player an additional or “bonus” roll in that turn. If the bonus roll results in a 6 again, the player earns an additional bonus roll. If the third roll is also a 6, the player has to forfeit his/her turn which then passes to the next player.

In cases where the player has rolled a six, the player may also choose to separate the chances if both pieces are active. For example, he or she can navigate one piece by 6 houses and another piece by 4 houses. Conversely, both the chances can be played using one single piece only; i.e. the player may navigate one piece for 6+4=10 houses.

Players may not end their move on a square they already occupy. If the advance of a token ends on a square occupied by an opponent’s token, the opponent token is returned to its owner’s yard. The returned token can be re-entered into play only when the owner rolls a 6. A player’s home column squares are always safe.

When a piece has navigated the board, it proceeds up the home column. A piece can only be moved onto the home pocket by an exact roll. The first player to move all 4 pieces into the home pocket wins.

Get ready for the crazy adventure Ludo All-Star is going to take you on, with it’s best ever in-game features.

Download Ludo All-Star now! Master the game and be a Ludo Star!

Stay tuned for more features!


Download Ludo All Star: Online Classic Board & Dice Game:-

Download Ludo All Star ( 34.6 MB )

User Reviews

Kunal Singhania
What a beautiful game! Also I have played it online with other players, used chat and have added a few people on my friend’s list as well. Definitely an online game. I think this is the best Ludo game right now.

Sheikh Huzaifa
It’s best game for free time

dullah bhai
It’s a very good game for spend extra time

App User
I just love this game

App User
This is the good games and fantastic game

Danial Tariq
Love this game

App User
Very nice game.

Kashifblochkhan Khan
wonderful gam

Umer Bin Shoukat
I really enjoyed alot……App is good maybe best

Saurabh Salame
excellent app.. enjoyed playing seamlessly..

Alex Hunter
This game reminds me of my childhood time and is fun to play this again. I always wanted to be a ludo star and winning this game make me feels like one. The concept is simple yet fun.The interaction system is awesome . I would definitely play this more than other ludo games out there. Everything looks awesome about this game, a big thumbs up to this game 👍👍👍

Muhammad Asif
Awesome, a good game for best time enjoying

George Bhandari
awesome game

Tahir Iqbal
like a real game

App User
If you feeling bored then open this Awesome Ludo All Star Game you will enjoy your time 100%. I use to play Ludo king and Ludo star but this is Amazing. I am not comparing though each game is good in there own way. Still I will say thankyou so much for such exitement.

Abdul Majeed
dear game r very beautiful graphics r vary vary high class 10 star from me but some extra emoji some diffrent music plus.than extra beautiful.

vishal sane
amazing Ludo All Star game is fun and hilarious to play with friends and family. Quite addictive but very fun. Enjoying it! 😊 it is better than other ludo games when compared with graphics and features 👍 a very big thumbs up for this Ludo All Star ✌

Heer coolgirl
back ground music is very owsm

It feels awesome to play old childhood game back on smartphone. Ludo All-star is very impressive game with its outstanding graphics, layout and design. Different types of game modes make it more interesting. I would like to write some of its Great work that I like. (1) Concept Same old retro con…

Vignesh Krishnan
An incredibly fun take on the classic board game! Especially the multiplayer aspect, since it allows us to play against other random players or friends. Great for making new friends as well! Love the game modes too!

App User
Its has awesome graphics and very eligant design and color combinations, good game!!!

Tahir Iqbal
like a real game

App User
ludo all star game is very classical

Gaurav bagal
Really interesting way to make ludo more challenging and fun. I really love the concept of coins and leaderboards in ludo which was not seen in other simple ludo games in google store. everything works smooth and looks attractive. props to game designer 👍

Ahmed arif noorani

muhammad ali Imran
Interesting game

Aditya Janardhan
Finally the best Ludo game is here!

Ravi Muchapotula
ludo all star team apprciated your team work , thanks for giving such a wonderful game. love this games and refreshe childhoom moments with ludo game

App User
very nice aap i love it

App User
I feel awesome to play old childhood game back on smartphone. Ludo All-star is impressive. Different modes makes it more intresting.

Abdul Majid Shah
This is Amazing Game! must play 😎

App User
Amazing app with great features

priyanka singh somvanshi
it’s my favourite game ludo 🙂

Prerak Doshi
Really addictive and fun to play. ad free unlike other games on the store.

Salman Ahmad
best game ever!

Anshuman singh
Great game , cool graphics ;D

Shantanu Madane
Excellent game loved the undo feature

App User
If you feeling bored then open this Awesome Ludo All Star Game you will enjoy your time 100%. I use to play Ludo king and Ludo star but this is Amazing. I am not comparing though each game is good in there own way. Still I will say thank you so much for such exitement. 🎉

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