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Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show
by Team Loco

Loco is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 10 pm sharp. Weekdays also at 1.30pm. Download the app and tune in it at 10 pm sharp to compete in a live quiz with thousands of other players as our host takes you through the show. Feel the rush of playing in real-time as you race to get the right answers in under 10 seconds. 10 fun questions thrown at you one after the other – one wrong answer and you’re eliminated! Unless you have an extra life.


Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show android app

Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show android app


Refer all your friends to earn extra lives. If you do manage to answer all 10 questions correctly, you take home real money! Cash prizes range start from Rs 10,000 and keep going up depending on the total number of people playing! Winning money has never been this fun and exhilarating! Loco weaves together the interactivity of mobile, the rush of gaming, the engagement of live video and the allure of real cash into one explosive package. All timings are in IST (Indian Standard Time). If you are a lover of any live or trivia games then this app is for you.


Apart from English we also support Hindi. We are also planning to include other regional languages soon like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc. The trivia question’s topics covered are general knowledge, current events, technology, crickets, food, sports, religion, politics, music, Bollywood, Hollywood and history.


Download Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show from Play Store :-


User Reviews :-


-Earn.Unlimited!! lnstaII ‘VEARN’ App Refer: LENA for Earning Money Actually, I tried to download other app but when I saw VEARN with high rates of so I got interested because I only downloaded a high rated apps and VEARN is one of it. Just by signing up I immediately earned and redeemed it was so amazing. I am just happy it is legit because I have been looking for an online job for another income to sustain my family financially. It will be a big help for me. So Im counting on you VEARN and God bless.


-The app is good but it contains a lot of bugs. At times the life is used even after giving correct answer. The answers are also wrong at times, like today the answer for first indian ever to take 5 wicket haul in t20 is yuzvendra chahal instead of bhuvneshwar kumar.


-It would BE/could be better if we could later review the questions or read a little more about the question that were asked. And it the APP had any other use too, than just sit around till the next quiz starts. Hey no complaints, these are just suggestions.😋😝😜


-Inspite of having a life I was eliminated in the 9th question on the loco game on 22nd of February at 10 pm. Even if i answered the question wrong i was supposed to move ahead according to the game rules as i had a life present but i was eliminated. Really disappointed with this glitch or mistake from the app. Dissatisfied.


-Edit: after few games loco became the best in town Use code Renok to get a life and earn. think first you should focus on your server. Waited for almost 45 mins today to play the game and wat I got is a black screen with a buffering symbol. Game is just postponing to next schedule without providing an actual opportunity to play.


-I plan to uninstall it. The level of questions is sad. There is an undue profusion of cricket and bollywood questions. There are indians who dont give a damn about cricket also…..the app is quite glitchy too. Overall , not impressed. Could have been much better. It was an interesting premise


-Today i was playing this quiz and i accidentally touched an option which was wrong, i knew the correct option and there enough time for me to select it but i couldn’t. So please let us change our option before the TIME RUNS OUT!!!! Please do this loco other wise its a great app


-Please vo females anchor ko nikalo… Question kam Read kar ti hai… Aur Bakwas jadha.. All guys are dam good…keep them… It’s a quiz games I don’t think we need glamour…


-Excellent game. Use reffral code “saahil01” to get 10 extra lives and 1 live perday. This live will help you when you gave a wrong answer. It prevents you from elimination. Thus increase tha chance of your winning. This game is very good but these lives will make your experience more happier. So use reffral code saahil01. Good bye


-Cool concept & cool game!! Just one suggestion that the game should allow us to change the answer during the 10 sec window… It happens some times that we click wrong answer by mistake and we can’t change it.. pls give a thought to my suggestion.


-The game is really good and helps you improve your gk with the lure of receiving money. But is it only for people with Indian mobile number? I face problem signing up with non Indian number. Also, is the payout only INR?


-I like the game. But i have some issue like you give life on sharing that is not much how. How one can get so many life by sharing. So give something extra option to get the life. And second is please give money upto the game i played that can really be amazing and people will love to play


-The game is good … But I have a request… I tapped a wrong option by mistake.. and I had no lives left…. So here is a suggestion … We should be able to change our selected option until the 10 second time does not gets over… Pls consider this suggestion and make changes … Thanks


-Apart from just winning, there is also those facts and general knowledge being served to you. Also it is a bit more tough since you don’t get the LIFE again, untill you ask someone to install the game.


-Really an awesome game!! A must to be downloaded. Helps alot in increasing the general awareness and the fun part is, we can win money too with it!! Use my referral ‘Shivaholic’ to get a life when you download the game!! All the best!.


-The app and idea are good, but while playing live, sometimes it gets stuck(it is definitely not due to network error), and time runs out. Also, I had 3 lives, and it didn’t use it when my answer was wrong, then what is use of lives. Video streaming is also not nice. I hope you will resolve these issues.


-Good game . Inspite of having life I got eliminated in the 6th question. My balance also turned 0 today when I had ₹55/- in it. Fix such problems. Otherwise it’s a good app. Informative and entertaining.


-Edit 4: Super Awesome platform, I’m liking the app. It’s getting better day by day. Edit 3: It’s way better now. But need to be worked on graphics. Edit 2: Now I could log in but still can’t update my profile. Hope the bugs will be fixed soon. Edit 1: First time I used to get wrong OTP error although I was entering the right OTP. Later when I asked to enter the username, server busy error used to pop up. After trying several times it got open but crashed. And now it’s asking to signup with the username again.


-The game is very good.. Increases gk.. But there is one problem once an answer is selected it is not allowed to change the answer even if there is time.. Please allow this. It will help a lot


-India’s 1st live game, its concept and the game is very nice…. ^#^#&$&—–Ab to saale sab copy kr re hain is quiz app ka pr jeetne k bad baki aap wale paisa he nai dete—-


-Hey it’s an awesome game.. download it and get a chance to win prize amount. Insert my referal code __ankit97__ and get an extra life.. it means if you get wrong then you will get an extra chance to be in the game.. enjoy ✌


-I really enjoy playing Loco. The developers need to work on the optimization though. If you dont get extraordinary speeds it lags a lot. Also, as the number of users are increasing prize money seems very less. I won a tough quiz and still got just 17 bucks which is close to nothing. Guys level up the money


-The app has gotten a lot better over time.I like the trivia game. If you can answer all the questions you can go home with the money. If not go home with the knowledge. Referral..AshishSNair


-Refer my code “ajinkya.borade.ab” and get 1 extra life! . Nice game but little tough questions! They give you 5 seconds to answer a question but don’t know why they say 10 seconds


I wasn’t even displayed the Brahmaputra question. Thought it was too good to be true. Either there are serious glitches or you eliminate people randomly from your end


-Use my code ‘Pulom’ to get an extra life and you must play this game it is completly awsome and a very good idea by the team loco . Once you play the game and win you will get highly addicted to it.😊😊


-The game is good…but its only good for those who are actually knowledgeable… It cannot be won by just doing a guess mark.Till now I didn’t win anything.. But the game is a good one. It is very challenging.


-The game is good…but its only good for those who are actually knowledgeable… It cannot be won by just doing a guess mark.Till now I didn’t win anything.. But the game is a good one. It is very challenging.


-Nice app. Helps to enhance your knowledge while also providing you an opportunity to earn some bucks. But clouding needs to be improved to have better connectivity. For new participants, please make use of my referral code – krazyKarim. Thank you.

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