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Knife Hit
by Ketchapp

The ultimate knife challenge is here!

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss – beat them to get exclusive knives! Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!Can you beat all the bosses?



Knife Hit android app

Knife Hit android app



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User Reviews :-


-This gane is great over all. Its fun and addicting. I just have 2 problems with it. 1. I think that after each boss there should be a check point instead of starting all over again. 2. To unlock certain knives you have to watch 4 ads I think it should be changed to 1 or 2 ads instead of 4 that’s kinda annoying to watch 4 to unlock 1 knife. Other than that its a great game!

-Tha game is great in its simplicity. I gave 4 stars only because i paid for ad free version and still get ads. Also, you guys should make a check point thing so you dont have to start all the way from the beginning if you fail at say level 20, that gets annoying. Plus you only have one extra life whicb can help sometimes but you have to watch a ad for that… And ad free version still had ads… I think if those were rectified the game would be more amazing than it is and id rate 5 star… Oh and have a pause button pls!!!!

-This game kills time. I also love the currency its fair, other games make you buy items just to have skins. This game is different you get a daily reward and you can earn some in game, and its fairly easy to get skins. Really hope you guys can update with more bosses. Keep up the good work.

-I love everything in it from graphics to gameplay, but if i may suggest some change, you should add some kind of checkpoints in between levels so that we do not have to start every time from the 1st. Its annoying sometimes.


-game is good. but the ad placement is very annoying. it interrupts the game. ads should be placed before or after the game. not during. are you kidding me? this is just a desperate move to advertise. its starting to get frustrating than entertaining.


-The game itself is fun but DO NOT waste your money on making it ad free! The main reason being that THERE ARE STILL ADS! I wasted 3 dollars on the ad free that I can’t get back! The only thing gone are the small banner ads, not the full-screen, 30 second long, game ruining ads I thought I was paying to get rid of!!


-1. Bad placement of ads 2. No removal of ads even after buying ad free version 3.No checkpoints 4. Insanely Repetitive 5.Good gameplay


-I’ve been playing this non stop for hours now…There are hardly any ads inbetween games… You can watch them for extra knives or apples or to continue but they aren’t annoying at all…. Highly addictive… Love it!

-I love this game, but I’ll admit that I’m disappointed in the AD system. I paid 3 dollars to avoid one ad every, what, fifteen minutes? It should give the one continue per round without an ad for 3$. The price is simply too high for what few ads are removed. I really like this game and didn’t mind spending money for it, but I would really like that continue without watching an ad. I don’t mind watching for extra apples.


-I like it kills time but I don’t say this about a game but it has way to many ads. When I start a game ad when I log on add I wish the adds we’re timed better.


-It would get 4 stars but the fact that there are no checkpoints is terrible. Also lemon boss and the other earlier bosses are way too hard


-The game lags so much. If I throw 2 knifes in 1 second then it automatically hits each other. So I have to throw super slowly.


-The game itself is fun, but every time I play, a lag will happen at some point when I press the screen to launch at an opening, the screen hangs, and then the knife launches too late, missing the opening and hitting a knife. Especially when there are already many knives. It is so frustating and prevents me from continuing with this game, since most of the time I lost because of the lag


-I don’t want to say that is looking like the game flappy knife but it looks like it but in rest is cool good luck Ketchapp with your games


-Changed my review to 5 stars because they updated the app within a day! Coincidence or not, great game!


-I love that game but their is a problem l play this and my friend also but their is no trading of knives my friend wants the wooden knife and i want the rare lolipop knife from him how do i trade that? please update your game to trading knife


-There is ads while you are playing a game to get you to click it it’s really annoying I don’t usually mind ads but not when I am playing


-Best game ever of course my opinion doesn’t matter I guess it was nice to leave an opinion haha


-This game makes me want to kill small children in their sleep when the targets slow down and I accidentally hit another knife and it bounces off. I’ve cracked the glass on the back of my phone from throwing it after this happened.


-I f****** hate this game it is trying to promote the harm of trees and I am a tree hugger I mean I once had a tree f*** my ass while because I wanted to carry its child so these people promoting people to stab trees this f****** awful so I want the game deleted off the market immediately or else I’m going to anally rape another treat until I get what I want understand me?


-Good and fun game, maybe add a feature that lets you equipd random knives


-It lags during gameplay when there is and ad pop up during the game and when i watch an ad for apples or a continue sometimes it does not reward me.


-I just don’t get it, I keep winning and I don’t know where I reached am I close to finishing or what I don’t know what’s the point of the game, I keep winning and fight bosses but I don’t know what level am I on or should I beat a high score or what

-Lame, one might play it only a few times, repetitive and just knife skins to unlock, nothing new or innovated here…..

-Good idea but such a low way to make money from ads,being forced to watch ads without asking,and the games freezes intentionatly so you miss and start watch ads


-Where a video gives you a second chance, the game most of the times stops there and doesn’t run, fix this, great idea by the way, really addictive, and easy to master…


-After a while it lags and slows down making it next to impossible to play


-The game is glitching/lagging on me and I’m not having fun no more

-After a while it lags and slows down making it next to impossible to play

-Awesome, but when trying to beat someone’s high score, well, thats when the rage comes in. IT IS SUCH A RAGE GAME!

-Thank you for such a nice FUN Game short levels full challenges i loved it and i recommended it specially for those who want to play fast short games 🙂

-Love this game except the fact that it pulls up ads when you have to click the screen, I understand you want us to click the ads but it’s very annoying


-Game is awsome but ads are to annoying, they are literally interrupting the game play :/

-Totally not what I thought but still very fun


-O ptn trop enorme mon record est 26 avec juste au total 15 couteaux menquant donc nikel eazy


-It’s an amazing game but every time u lose u have to start again why Is not their any around chance


-Its good its just that ever time I try to continue my game by watching a video it doesn’t let me retry😡


-Way too many ads for a mediocre game


-Its good but u should be able to do randmon knifes so u get a new knife every stage or game


-Its a cool game and verry nice to relax but can they make a update that you can turn off the fibration


-Another “product” from Ketchapp. The game’s fun, but Jesus Christ, there are TOO many ads.


-Too many adds and they take upe the view of the game and appear during gameplay.


-Its a fun simple game but there are ads that pop up in the middle of the game.

-Made that i cant keep my knifes 🔪 i got on my tablet and play it with it my phone


-I like how u got to doge the knives on the wood

-Loved it but it would be better with less ads and checkpoints maybe missions but was great.


-Great job at making a classic gameplay mechanic look so visually appealing


-I love the sound that knife makes against the wood. Super easy to play.


-I think this game is awesome it plays fair and it doesn’t make u start from the beginning 👍


-Nice game some more changes should be added


-It of a fun game and it is relaxing like it make be quite.


-its a brilliant game with a unique concept.its a great passtime.


-This game is all over nice from all of others games & entertainmently game

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